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Anguilla Villa Rentals...
Limestone Bay

The red pin (below) is Limestone Bay. Zoom in on the Anguilla map for more detail.

Limestone Bay

Limestone Bay has never been known for providing Anguilla villa rentals... Until now.

Once upon a time, Limestone Bay was a secret, secluded oasis.

Whenever we would visit Limestone Bay's beautiful, unspoiled shores, we were always alone.

We had the entire beach to ourselves without another person or building in sight!

Actually, that's not true.

We would occasionally see a local Anguillian family peacefully fishing off the rocky shores that surround the smooth sandy beach.

Those sure were the days... Today you will no longer find such solitude. The Limestone Bay Cafe now sits on the beach, along with more and more visitors.

The good news? Now you can sleep on these sandy shores.

Sandcastle Villa

sandcastle angiulla villa rental
Photo Credit: Sandcastle Villa

Size: 3-4 bedrooms

Location: Three yards from Limesteone's sandy shores.

Description: This four bedroom villa is big on outdoor living space. It makes sense when you think of the location... Right on the beach! BBQs, a large pool area, outdoor seating, and each bedroom has a balcony.

This villa is made to soak up the sun!

Inside, each bedroom has a television, there is a dedicated entertainment area (with all of the video games you could want). Cooking can be done inside in Sandcastle's fully equipped kitchen (state of the art appliances and granite counter tops).

The style of villa is more Mediterranean, embracing warm tones.

Price: $$$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

ARCHIVES (No longer for rent): Los Arcos Villa

Limestone bay villa rental los arcos villas
Photo Credit: Los Arcos Villa

Size: 6 bedrooms

Location: On the beach's Eastern rocky seashore (a two minute walk to the beach)

Description: Los Arcos Villa is huge. Inside and outside, you will live very comfortably and spaciously in this 6 bedroom luxury Anguilla villa.

No expense has been spared on Los Arcos Villa. Inside you will find marble floors and stone columns, state of the art kitchen appliances and entertainment electronics.

With a specatacular glass tiled pool, lush private gardens, and several separate deck areas, it feels more like a mini Anguilla resort than a private Anguilla villa!

Price: $$$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

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