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Economic Citizenship in Anguilla

by Mark
(Knoxville, TN)

Can you please advise on the requirements to become an "economic citizen"' in Anguilla.

What are the individual tax rates are for such a person?

Reply by Dad: Different people can mean different things by the term "economic citizenship." So let's cover a simplified gamut of possibilities...

1) buying citizenship. There are very few countries where you can do this. St. Kitts is one of them. Grenada wanted to do it some time back, but I believe U.S. pressure backed them down.

Anguilla does not have this, nor will it. As a British Overseas Territory, it's doubtful that a new law on this would be approved.

2) passive investing. Does not apply. It's possible that if you invest millions of dollars into a business, you might be able to arrange something privately. But that is speculation only.

3) starting a business. You can start a business locally by taking an Anguillian partner and presenting a plan that is approved.

This last option will get you a work permit, but not citizenship, economic or otherwise.

With a self-employed work permit (renewed annually at a cost of approximately US$5,600), you can live and work here.

Here is some more information about citizenship in Anguilla...

  • Anguilla, given its small size, has one of the strictest requirements in the world to become a "belonger."
  • A "belonger" is not a citizen in name, but does have all the rights of one (i.e., can vote, does not need a work permit, etc.)
  • You must live her for 15 years before you can apply.

And finally, regarding taxes...

There is a "temporary" Stabilization Levy of 6% on total income (half of which caps at about EC$12,000 per month, which is approximately $5000 per month).

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