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Home Schooling and Schooling for Secondary Age Children In Anguilla

by Linda Bruce


I love your site - it is very informative. Many thanks for all the effort you have put into it.

I have read absolutely everything on it but though people have posted questions about home-education, I can't find any answers on this subject.

We are investigating a move to Anguilla. I have found out from the Govt 2011 education bill that home-education is legal though I need to confirm this is for residents as well as belongers.

What I wonder is how would our home-educated kids make friends? Our youngest would be at the private primary school for a couple of years. After that, is the island free of secondary age kids during the week because they are all being schooled either in St Martin or abroad?

I guess there are clubs as well as the Sailing club where they might meet other kids - are there? If so, what are they?

We home educate our eldest and of course in our Scottish city there is a wide home-ed community. Do you know if there are other home-edders on the island?

Any advice would be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


Reply by Dad

I don't know much about home education in Anguilla, I'm afraid. I'm posting this in the hope that others will, Linda.

There are public secondary schools in Anguilla. So you'll find lots of children after school hours. They seem to gather in a mall in The Valley. That's just a personal observation.

Basically, I imagine you'd find them pretty much where we used to get together after school. Some spots you'll like and some you won't. ;-)

More importantly, it may be hard to "break into" a group when you are not part of it during school hours. So clubs like the Tennis Academy, Sailing School, Basketball, etc, are likely the way to go.

Hopefully, others who read this can add to my answer.

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Dec 13, 2013
Home Schooling
by: Islander

Home schooling is governed by the new Education Act 2012. I think that's the one that's 461 pages long. I suggest you start by reading the relevant parts. You should be able to buy a copy of the Act from attorneygeneral@gov.ai or look at for free at the Public Library.

After doing that, you'll be better able to ask questions and discuss the matter with the Dept. of Education, education@gov.ai

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