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Legally Living Year Round

by Brigid
(Portsmouth, NH USA)


My husband and I have jumped through the hoops and purchased a retirement on the island a few years ago. As we near retirement (and we probably should have thought about this first) we are curious as to whether we can legally live on the island year round.

We are US citizens. I can't seem to get any answers from the government website about extended visas - etc. Any ideas?

Also, we are planning on shipping down our worldly possessions to furnish our home - taxable? We are very much looking forward to our island home. Any answers that you can provide would be very helpful.

Love the website - thanks!

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Apr 07, 2017

by: Nori


I have some good luck for you!

The government recently changed the rules. You can now stay on the island for 11 months if you own a home here. Go to Immigration and ask how to proceed.

Regarding shipping your furniture and everything down here, I hope you had better luck than we did. Our stuff did the grand scenic tour. It went from Montreal to the Bahamas and as far south as Trinidad.

it seemd to get lost there for a while, but it finallly showed up. It then did the milk run up North, making several stops until it finallly reached Anguilla. My Dad jokes that our sofa has seen more of the Caribbean than us.

"Luckily," we finished building our villa later than planned, so we saved money on not having to store it for a few months. Just to be clear, it was NOT Anguilla's fault, so there's no reason you should worry.

In fact, the folks here in Anguilla were so nice (they were helping us track it once my Mom came in, asking about it in tears), they let us store it free for the few weeks until we were totally ready to move in!

Anyway, to get to your question...

There was NO duty on used possessions. I think we had a new TV monitor, so we paid duty on that. But that was all.

i haven't heard that things have changed, but it's been almost 10 years now. You might want to double-check with a government Customs office, just to be sure.

Good luck! Hope to see you down here soon!

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