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Relocate and Cost Of Living

by Patricia Hartfield
(Melbourne, FL/U.S.)

I am in FLORIDA and I am m curious to know the following...

1) What is needed to relocate/live in Anguilla?

2) How is the cost of living there?

3) I would be interested in Renting.

4) What is the language spoken in Anguilla?

As of this moment I am just inquiring.

Thanks for your time.

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Jul 16, 2016
Answers to Questions about Moving to Anguilla
by: Ken Evoy

Patricia, the first thing to do (when thinking about living in any foreign country) is to spend some time here.

No place in the world can be captured sufficiently for the actual "LIVING THERE" experience, not even with all the video, pix and descriptions.

And no location is perfect. What bothers you, others may love. And vice-versa. So visit to really know. :-)

With that caveat, I'll answer your questions in the order that you asked them...

1) You need a job (or to start your own business) to live here, although we expect there to be some form of "economic citizenship" policy introduced.

2) Cost of living is high because income and other taxes are so low. So Anguilla government collects the bulk of its income through duties on imports, pushing product prices up.

They are also high because Anguilla is a small island - so high transportation costs are built into just about everything, from food to furniture, that is imported.

If you make more than $100,000 per year in income, you'll most likely save more in income tax than pay in higher expenses. (You do not have to pay your own country's income tax if you become a resident of another one. The exception to that is the U.S., but they give you approximately $100,000 exemption on that).

3) There are many long-term rental opportunities. Contact a real estate broker - we recommend our friend Jackie Pascher who owns Island Dreams Property. Do not rent where you would stay as a tourist. Simulate how you would actually live here in Anguilla.

4) We speak English in Anguilla. It is a British colony.

The "Living in Anguilla" section of this website answers your questions in more depth. Take your time. When you visit, drop into various government agencies and ask even more questions.

Good luck - I hope it works out for you!

Warm regards,
Ken (Nori's Dad)

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