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Anguilla Art:
Domino Shades

Anguilla art by Lynne Bernbaum
Actual Size: 16" x 32" - Oil on Linen

Anguilla Art - Lynne Bernbaum - Umbrelle 2
I love what Lynne does with dominoes. Here's what she had to say about her domino paintings...

"I have always been impressed by the way Anguillians use dominoes as a socializing event. Gathering of players, talking about the days past, about the future days, gossiping neighbors, government, post office, airport, ferry, etc.

The idea came to me as: play or get played. Players slam dominoes. Secret sign to partner? Intimidation? Desperation? Or just tradition?

The canvas itself is of the same 1 to 2 ratio as a domino, because if you look closely, it is a domino!

Lots of fun to build the images of the players into the domino. Everyone loves them."

I never noticed! See how the painting itself is a domino? See the playing spots (2 and 1)? You can even make out the dividing line across the middle of the "domino"?

Very tricky... just like the game!

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