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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #2, September 2002

Since the last issue of Anguilla Beach Lovers, three new pages have gone up...

1) The Little Things that Make Anguilla... ANGUILLA!
The slow, relaxed pace and the full month allowed our eyes to look past the sensational (as great as that is!), and to notice the unique, charming little things that make this Caribbean island... ANGUILLA!

2) The Best of the 5 Star Hotels
In a land dedicated to tourist pampering, this 5 Star hotel stands out. (But watch for an upcoming e-zine -- we found some very nice lower-priced hotels, too.)

3) Our Family's Favorite Place to Live While in Anguilla
We were lucky to discover the concept of villas -- they are a super-bargain in Anguilla.

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(Now that I'm back to school, I hope to add one page per week, which means that I have more than enough great topics and photos to last me until March, 2003 when we plan on returning... for spring break. So please stay tuned -- I will be letting you know at the beginning of each month about what's new at Anguilla Beaches Dot Com. :-)

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