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"So What's Your Favorite of All Anguilla Beaches?"

"Favorite Anguilla beaches?" That's a question we are often asked.

We had visited all 33 magnificent stretches of sand during our very first Anguilla vacation.

Over the next several years, Anguilla travel found us in every restaurant, most hotels and many villas. Then we moved to paradise!


Our very first impression, the beaches, is still what defines Anguilla. Here is a look at some of our favorites...

It's amazing that such a teeny speck of a Caribbean island in the BWI (British West Indies), a mere 35 square miles, could have so much sand!

We did not just see all 33 beaches (more if you include the "out islands").

We walked them.

We swam, snorkeled, and snoozed on them.

We ate at the most incredible variety of beach restaurants in the world, from shacks to bistros to 5-star luxury.

What's New in Anguilla?

news 1

Aurora Anguilla

Anguilla's newest luxury hotel.

news 1

Savi Beach Club

The spot that is the talk of the island!

more news »

Of course, we photographed every one of those spectacular Anguilla beaches...

anguilla beaches

During that first trip, we fell in love with it all... the wide variety of world-class restaurants, the low-key pace, the people. We fell in love with everything about this perfect little Anguilla island.

Anguilla Love

Since that first flight to Anguilla, we've explored it by air, by sea and every square foot of it by land. And it has almost always been under clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine, Anguilla weather being among the sunniest in the world (benefits of a desert island).

We've watched the national sport, boat-racing, by madly chasing around the island with rabid groups of fans, from one vantage point to another. We've enjoyed Carnival and festivals, from the annual Sandy Ground gathering at Halloween to Festival Del Mar around Easter...

Beaches define Anguilla. Beach restaurants define Anguilla dining. There is no island of any size, anywhere, that offer so many almost-in-the waves eating establishments. We share them all with you.

Whether it's lazy afternoons on the beach, or evening eating at its elegant best (feel free to come in shorts), the relaxing lapping rhythms makes every experience the best...

Sunset Shack is one of Anguilla's best beach restaurants. It's a favorite spot for lunch.

And my dad? Well, he loves those beach bars. Something about "great rum punches." Speaking of which, there is an active night life along this spit of land between sea and salt pond...

Sandy Ground village has one of the most picturesque, working-port beaches in Anguilla

After a busy day of activities (or just crisping on a beach towel), if you're not up to a raucous night out, how wonderful is it to retire to a serene, seaside villa or hotel? There is nothing like being lulled to sleep by ocean waves every night, especially in beachfront Anguilla resorts such as this...

CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa opens up onto Rendezvous Bay's idyllic white-sand beach

Enjoy privacy? On our discovery trip, we were always amazed at how we had Barnes Bay all to ourselves (during high season!). We came to realize that it's the same for almost every Anguilla beach. Nothing has changed that over the years.

Anguilla's beaches have so much to offer everyone... warmth, sunshine, peace, parties, picnics. Roast and laze in a beach chair, or snorkel until your feet cramp (remember to put sun screen all over your back!).

So what is our favorite Anguilla beach, after years of exploration and play, and years more of living here? By now, you know the only possible answer...

"They all are!" Every beach in Anguilla is different, each with its own special qualities that makes it unique.

Enjoy Anguilla Through Our Eyes

This site grew from that simple "favorite beach" question. It is based upon our ever-growing passion for a very special place. It shares...

  • our favorite beaches
  • "must do" Anguilla activities
  • best hotels and resorts (from the cheapest to "don't ask" expensive)
  • our top-choice Anguilla villas
  • yummiest Anguilla restaurants
  • most rewarding snorkeling and scuba spots
  • why we choose to live here
  • where to go for which types of groceries (you'll see why this is important)
  • my dad's top spots for Anguilla real estate (he's always looking!)
  • totally unique "little things" that make Anguilla Anguilla.
  • my dad's #1 tip for exploring Anguilla (no, it's not to rent an SUV!)
  • and many other "Anguilla best" things to do, eat, and experience.

Come back and visit often. Or...

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OK, as my dad would say, "enough chatter." I hope you enjoy Anguilla...

Through Our Eyes Reflection of Anguilla Beaches