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Anguilla Car Rentals


When we're in Anguilla, we love to bounce around the backroads, even off the back roads and across the open fields.

Getting off "the beaten track" will deliver sights and experiences that you don't find in the tourist books!

But you can't do it without a car. And, you can't bring your own!

So the solution is obvious...

... Anguilla car rentals!

(Looking for Anguilla scooters? More info here on scooter rentals.)

When in need, we always rent from Island Car Rentals. They have fast, friendly service, reliable cars, and will go to just about any extent to keep their customers happy!

Beautifully Maintained Vehicles
island car rentals anguilla

For example, let's say you're coming into Anguilla later in the afternoon, after their office closes. They'll leave the car at their lot, with your name on the windshield and with the keys in the car. Just take care of the paperwork a day or two later, whenever it suits your schedule. (Can you imagine that in New York?)

Our #1 vote among Anguilla car rentals.

And they're just across the street from the airport!

Just 30 Seconds From the Airport
island car from the airport

anguilla card emblem

Now, if you're worried about reliability, well... my dad is the acid test. He's banged their little Toyotas over some of the worst terrain you can imagine. (I probably shouldn't say this because the Island Rental folks might faint). But those Toyotas just keep on rolling.

This is the car we used way back on our very first trip to Anguilla in 2002...

Anguilla car and nats

...and we never once got into trouble!

Well, OK... we got a flat once, from a very nasty rock on some particularly harsh back road.

Island Car Rental
Back in 2002
Anguilla car rental small

My Dad isn't really a handy man -- he doesn't know which end of a wrench is up! And he certainly has no idea how to change a flat tire. So...

Over to our favorite Anguilla car rental people!

Yes, we headed back to Island Car Rentals, slowly riding on the rim. Unfortunately, they were closed. And so was the tire repair shop, just across the road.

But luckily, a relative was just upstairs. So, he came down and changed the tire for us.

"Above and beyond" service!

Another thing... we've come to know the nice people there. We happened to run into them at the airport once, as we were arriving. They insisted on driving us over to their office, even though it was closed, and set us all up.

Our 4x4 Back in 2004
Anguilla car rental 4dr

They're just plain nice, friendly folks. And we'll do business with them forever.

So, if you're looking for some Anguilla car rentals, look no further than one of the first just outside the airport...

Island Car Rentals!

P.S. While you don't need a 4x4 to cover every inch of the island, you don't have to be as stubborn as my Dad on our first trip to Anguilla. (My did finally cave, as a matter of fact. We rented a 4x4!)

Island Car Rental is always upgrading their fleet. Today, they have a whole host of terrific 4x4s, including Wranglers (hard top and soft tops), Pathfinders, 8 seater Sienna Wagons and Landcruisers.

A Peek at Island Car Rental's Fleet
island car rental fleet

To book a car, jeep or bus with Island Car Rentals, e-mail the form below directly to them...

More on Driving in Anguilla

Email Island Car Rental

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More Anguilla Car Rentals

Junie's Car Rental

Junie of Junie's Car Rental
with Daughter, Keneesha

junie car rental

The Team...

A family-owned and operated business, Junie's Car Rental is run by the warm-spirited and friendly Junie himself, his partner, Nancy, his daughter, Keneesha, and a new member of their team, Trisha.

Either Junie or Trisha are waiting for you at Blowing Point upon your arrival (just look for them outside of the arrivals area near Calypso Charters).

Nancy works behind the scenes, setting you up with your booking and reservation.

And now, Keneesha has gone to pursue her higher education. A huge congratulations, Keneesha!

Trisha of Junie's Car Rental
trisha of junie car rental

Their Fleet...

They offer a variety of right-hand vehicles, including hard-top small and large cars (Cube, Nissan March, Honda Saba, etc.), convertibles (Peugot), SUV-style 4x4s (Subaru Forester, Isuzu Wizard, etc.) and mini vans/busses (Mazda Premacy, etc.).

Prices start at $40 per day for standard, four-door cars and go up to $60 per day (for the mini van/bus).

Their Location...

Operating out of Blowing Point, Junie's is an especially convenient option if you are coming over from St. Martin for the day, or if you are arriving via Blowing Point.

Just look for Junie at Calypso Charters (to your right when you walk out of the arrival area) and they will get you set up with you car right there in Blowing Point.

Junie Special Additions...

On top of that... If all of your luggage doesn't fit in your rental car when you arrive at Blowing Point, Junie and his team will personally escort you to your resort/villa!

Junie's Umbrellas, Chairs and Coolers
junie car rental umbrellas and coolers

And now they have an extra-special offer... 2 Beach Chairs, 1 Beach Umbrella and a Cooler for US $10/per day (with a security deposit of $50 that is refunded when rentals are returned) AND 1 complimentary drink per person.

More on Junie's Car Rental here.

  • Tel.: (264) 235-6114 or (264) 235-3720
  • Email: info@JuniesCarRental.com
  • Website: Click here

junie car rental logo


Andy's Auto Rentals

Andy's of Andy's Auto Rentals
andy of andy's car rental in anguilla

Operated and owned by the husband of Ronya Foy Connor, a friend of ours and a leader in Anguilla's Gender Affairs Unit, meet Andy!

Established in 1998, Andy's Auto Rentals is a well-established auto rental based out of the convenient location of the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal. Just ask for Andy when you exit the terminal.

Andy and his team offer a variety of vehicles, including...

Nissan March, Toyota Vista, Toyota Mark II, Isuzu Wizard, Toyota Rav 4, Honda Odyssey, Nissan Elgrand and Jeep Wranglers.

Rates start at a competitive $35/day (for the March and Vista) and go up to $60 (for the Elgrand and Jeep Wranglers).

They will soon be adding convertibles to their fleet (for the 2015-2016 season), and will continue renting a variety of beach gear, including snorkeling equipment, umbrellas and chairs.

For more information, visit Andy's Auto Rentals.

andys auto rentals logo


D&D Car Rental & Scooter Rental

d&d car rental and scooter rental in blowing point anguilla

Operated by the sweet and friendly, Desmond Mussington, D&D brings quality car rentals and scooter rentals to Anguilla!

Desmond's operation is conveniently located right at the Anguilla ferry. Hop off the boat and your car rental or scooter rental is waiting right for you. Their fleet is high quality and the service? Always so friendly.

Car rental options include the Suzuki Swift, Toyota Corolla, Nissan March, Nissan Note, Suzuki Vitra and the Honda Odyssey. Book your car rental here.

D&D is also the only operation on Anguilla that rents scooters. Their scooters are high-quality! For speed, rent the sleek Yamaha models, for style choose the chic mopeds (coming soon).

D&D Car Rentals
d&d car rental options in anguilla

We can't recommend Desmond's scooters highly enough. They make for a most fun and adventurous way to travel around Anguilla.

More on D&D and their scooter rentals here.


Bass Car Rental

Bass Car Rental is known as the Anguilla car rental company with the highest quality vehicles and the widest selection.

bass car rental sign in anguilla

Whether traveling solo, as a couple, a family or with a large group, Bass Car Rental has something for every traveler.

Their regular car line up ranges from the compact-sized Hyundai Getz and Accent to the family-sized Hyundai Elantra and i20, along with the Toyota Yaris and Corolla.

car rental bass

At a slightly higher end, they also offer the Hyundai Sonata, i30 and the more recent Toyota Corolla. (Bass Car Rental is always expanding their line up and purchasing new cars!)

They offer a healthy number of SUVs, too, including the Daihatsu Terios. And, most exciting of all? They offer both soft top and hard top Jeep Wranglers. Tackle Anguilla's backroads in style!

soft top jeep

The Hyundai Tuscon, Hyundai Santa Fe and the Suzuki Grand Vitara are also available. And, for larger parties, Bass carries 12-seater and 9 seater Hyundai H1 minibuses.

bass clean cars

Their five-star reputation doesn't only come from their wide selection. They also carefully maintain their vehicles to ensure top performance!

The kind folks at Bass go above and beyond, too, ensuring your vehicle meets your needs, and arranging rental car drop off and pick up at your convenience.

Rates vary by size and season, starting at $40/day, $240/week, to $95/day and $570/week, depending on the type of vehicle you desire.

    For more info, contact Bass Car Rental at...
  • Tel.:264-497-2361 / 7393
  • Tel.:264-235-6494/4801
  • Email: bass_carrental@hotmail.com

Best Choice Car Rental

Efficient and convenient, Best Choice Car Rental goes above and beyond to get your car rental to you.

On top of excellent customer service (they open according to when you arrive on-island), Best Choice Car Rental offers a plethora of car rental options.

Their fleet includes...

  • Compact cars
  • Jeeps
  • SUVs

Best Choice Car Rental Fleet
best choice car rental

    For more info, contact Best Choice Car Rental at...
  • Tel.:264-584-6019
  • Email: bccarrental1@gmail.com

More car rental options to come! Stay tuned!