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Favorite Caribbean Islands & Beaches


Anguilla will always win our vote for the best of all Caribbean islands.

This Caribbean island gets a 10/10. Idyllic weather, the best Caribbean beaches, some of the top dining worldwide...

Living in Anguilla is not too tough to get used to! ;-)

One of the most exciting parts of life on the island is the easy access to other Caribbean islands. There is something magical about taking the Anguilla ferry to St. Maarten, looking at the flight boards and seeing boarding times for such exotic locations... Curaçao, Montserrat, even Port au Prince.

You wait in the WinAir gate. They call your flight and a few other people stand up with you. Together you board the bus, and take a quick ride. A walk across the tarmac to your tiny WinAir plane comes next.

The pilot tells you to put on your seat belt. The engines rev, the propellers spin.

And Then, You're Airborne!
caribbean island st. maarten airport

What an exhilarating sensation!

Caribbean islands are picture perfect from the sky. Soaring high above, I always think, "This isn't reality, this must be some kind of movie magic!" It's unreal.

And once you are there?

Caribbean Dreaming
best caribbean islands

Prepare for an interesting adventure that will vary from the Caribbean island you were visiting before, in its people's character, its terrain, climate, food, traditions and, of course, culture.

caribbean island st. barth beach
Breathtaking St. Barth Blues

Island hopping is an exciting way to travel! Caribbean islands inspire such amazing imagery and are so intriguing. There is so much to discover and experience!

The cost factor is also attractive: prices for flights, hotels and dining don't have to be outrageous if you do it right. And travel time between Caribbean islands tends to be pretty speedy.

(Of course it depends on the island, some are more expensive than others, ie. St. Barth!)

We are working on putting more Caribbean stamps in the passport. He he!

If you have any recommendations on traveling to other Caribbean islands please click here to share your stories. We would love to hear all about your trips. We are always looking for travel tips and information about different islands!

Here are the islands we have visited so far...

Our Favorite Caribbean Islands

Antigua & Barbuda
Antigua & Barbuda's blue waters took our breath away! With 300+ beaches, you will fall in love with these stretches of sand, too.

St. Barth's Best Beaches
We just can't get enough of this island paradise! Louise and I return to St. Barth for shopping, eats and of course, discovering the best beaches.

Best Beaches in Curaçao
Who would have guessed that another Caribbean island's beaches could take our breath away? Louise shares her favorite beaches in bluuuetiful Curaçao.

Best Beaches in Aruba
Just when we thought we had fallen in love with Curaçao, its sister island, Aruba, took our breath away all over again. Click the link below for Louise's recommendations on where to beach, eat & shop.

The British Virgin Islands
With over 60 isles, choosing which islands to visit is key when planning a Virgin Island vacation. Some of our highly recommended stops? Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda are all must-seas. Click here for our BVI beach guide.

Best Panama Beaches
Calling all beach lovers! Panama boasts some of the most unique beaches in the Caribbean. Undiscovered and largely undeveloped, Panama's beaches are real life screensavers.

St. Martin and St. Maarten
Sint Maarten is the second Caribbean island my family visited, after Anguilla. This half French, half Dutch island is full of beautiful, mountainous scenery and mouthwatering restaurants. It makes for a wonderful getaway and for a delightful day trip when on an Anguilla vacation.

St. Martin Restaurants (French Side)

  • Yellow Beach Restaurant on Pinel Island
    A micro-slice of paradise, Pinel Island is heaven on earth. Set just offshore of St. Martin, Pinel is home to two restaurants. Yellow Beach has become one of our favorites for a long, leisurely lunch with some of the best views in St. Martin.
  • Lunch at Ocean 82
    Grand Case, with its uniquely French-Caribbean vibe, is a must-see on a day trip to St. Martin. Serving lunch all day (one of the few French restaurants that do), Ocean 82 is a convenient spot for an elegant-yet-laidback meal of French food and wine. And, overlooking Grand Case beach, with Anguilla in the distance, its setting is one of the best.
  • Bistrot Caraibes
    On Grand Case's central road, Bistrot Caraibes is a cut above the rest. Owners Thibault and Amaury Meziere have created one of the ultimate five-star French-Caribbean dining experiences. From the menu (featuring favorites like ultra-fresh Lobster Thermidor), to the refined-yet-cozy setting that's right in the heart of Grand Case's cool-Caribbean vibe, it's our #1 choice.
  • La Playa Restaurant & Bar
    A tasty seat on Orient Bay's beautiful blue beach.
  • Kontiki Beach
    An eye-catching lunch spot on Orient Bay.
  • Coco Beach
    Arguably the best dining experience on Orient Bay.
  • Bacchus
    Saint Martin's fine dining jewel.

St. Maarten Restaurants (Dutch Side)

  • Jai's Contemporary Indian Cuisine
    A favorite for Chef's exquisite contemporary twists on traditional Indian dishes.
  • Alina Restaurant
    The BEST Asian cuisine in St. Maarten.
  • Pizza Italy
    Craving an authentic slice? Look no further than Pizza Italy in Simpson Bay, St. Maarten.
  • Buonanotte
    One of our top spots for Italian cuisine in St. Maarten.
  • Top Carrot
    A top spot for a fresh lunch bite in St. Maarten.
  • Sublime Resto Bar
    Fine dining and excellent cuisine in Maho.
  • Sale & Pepe
    One of the top 3 dining experiences in all of Sint Maarten.
  • Bamboo House
    This Sint Maarten favorite for Asian cuisine stands the test of time!
  • Movida Rotisserie & Grill
    One of our "go-to's" for a night out on the town in Simpson Bay, Movida Rotisserie & Grill is high-value in every way.
  • Tao Garden
    This neighborhood favorite serves up authentic Thai cuisine at prices that won't break the bank!
  • SALT at The Morgan Resort & Spa
    Fine dining at the newest luxury resort in St. Maarten.
  • Buccaneer Beach Bar
    Home to excellent weekly specials and the JUICIEST burger in Sint Maarten.

St. Martin Hotels & Activities

  • Hotel L'Esplanade
    Set overlooking Grand Case, the Caribbean Sea and Anguilla in the distance, Hotel L'Esplanade is an idyllic hotel with a terrific location. Right near the most fun part of St. Martin, Grand Case, with spacious and nicely appointed suites, we call Hotel L'Esplanade home on long weekends in St. Martin!
  • St. Martin Surf
    St. Martin is home to a variety of surfing breaks, from ones ideal for beginners wanting to improve, to those perfect for the more intermediate and advanced. With St. Martin surfer Franck Rigal of SXM Surf Explorer as your surf guide and teacher, taking a surf lesson, surrounded by St. Martin's exotic scenery of turquoise seas and mountainous terrain, is a fun and unique way to spend an afternoon.

Archives: Previous Caribbean Trips

St. Martin - 2003-2017 Trips

Puerto Rico - 2012 Trip
When visiting Anguilla, most people think of Puerto Rico as a necessary stop along the way, using Puerto Rico's Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport as a regional hub. However, at a flight time of only 40 minutes from St. Maarten, Puerto Rico can also be an excellent weekend trip for the unique experience of Old San Juan and surfing in Rincón.

  • Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Until recently we had never stepped foot in San Juan, despite having touched down in its major airport several times to catch a connecting flight to Anguilla. On a recent trip, we decided to call Old San Juan home for a few days. A vibrant, genuine and historic district, Old San Juan now sits firmly on our list of top favorite spots in the world!
  • El Convento's Gloria Vanderbilt Suite
    ... And, in Old San Juan, there's no better place to stay than El Convento. Centrally located, with five-star service and a dedicated team who ensure a smooth vacation, El Convento can't be beat. Luxurious in the most elegant way, their Gloria Vanderbilt Suite is the most coveted of all, often hosting some of the biggest stars and celebrities when they are in San Juan.
  • Surfing Rincón
    The surf capital of the Caribbean, Rincón is known around the globe for its 20-30' winter waves. The site of pro competitions and home to some serious surfers, a trip to Puerto Rico isn't complete without a visit to this laid-back surf-town.

Tortola, BVI - 2012 Trip

  • Surfing Tortola, BVI
    After a few days surfing Tortola, BVI, one thing quickly became clear... this is the place to spend a couple of weeks if you want to really improve your surfing game. When the conditions are right, Tortola brings world-class, head-high waves, from gradual rollers to the more critical and steep. With a variety of waves suited for different levels of skill, Tortola is a laidback surfing paradise!
  • Frenchmans Cay Resort in Tortola
    Set on the small and scenic Frenchmans Cay, Frenchmans Cay Resort is a top-choice boutique hotel. Made up of just nine stand-alone villas, sprawled across a large, lush property, privacy and peace is well afforded. Between the nicely maintained and fresh rooms, the views out to both the mountains of St. John and Tortola, the resort's private beach, pool and restaurant, you feel right at home at Frenchmans Cay Resort.
  • The Clubhouse at Frenchmans Cay Resort
    Serving a mouthwatering and creative breakfast daily to guests at Frenchmans Cay Resort, Chef Paul Mason's morning creations tempted us to return for dinner. Twice! Accenting classic dishes with Caribbean flavors and that which is available locally, the meals were expertly prepared, the flavors on-point. The price was right, and the service was warm and friendly, right in keeping with the whole feel of Frenchmans Cay.

Barbados Vacation - 2006 Trip
Barbados is an island we know well, but only secondhand. Many friends and family have been visiting the island for years. It was finally time for the Evoy family to experience the British-influenced, bustling Windward island, the Caribbean's most Easterly point.

St. Lucia - 2006 Trip
This alluring Windward island has long been in on our must-visit Caribbean island list. What is more captivating than the mysterious Pitons? The picture-perfect crescent moon sandy beaches? This volcanic island had sat on our list for too long. Finally, we climbed aboard LIAT to experience St. Lucia.

Saba - 2008 Trip
I heard about Saba before I knew about Anguilla. It always struck me as being an enigmatic island, a volcanic rock, hiding in the clouds, in the middle of the sea. Despite it's mysterious nature it is only 15 miles from St. Maarten, and inexpensive, too. Curiosity got the better of me, and I took a trip with a friend.

St. Barts - 2008 Trip
Ok, ok. So this wasn't a daytrip, it was a three-day-trip! But many people do go over just for the afternoon. If you have the time, a trip to the land of luxury is well worth it!

A Special St. Barths Story
Held annually in St. Barths, the West Indies Regatta is indeed picturesque. We spent a few days in St. Barths with some of the most historic boats in the Caribbean, including Anguilla's very own, Tradition! The West Indies Regatta in St. Barths

Love Another Caribbean Island?

I am so curious about other Caribbean islands. They seem so mysterious and intriguing...

I would love to hear all about your travels to other islands and tips about where to eat, stay, what to do and how to get there!

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