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Chillout Charters BVI...
Take a Chill Pill


Talk to anyone who knows the BVI's and they will say...

"To understand the Virgin Islands, you need to sea them."

Sandy Cay, BVI
sandy cay bvi

With 60 islands in its archipelago, the British Virgin Islands is a rich mix of desert islands, mountainous islands, ones that are privately owned and others that are completely uninhabited.

To help us scratch the surface and visit the region's "must sea" spots, we turned to our friends at...

Chillout Charters
chill out charters

Chillout Charters' fleet features two high-speed, sporty, sleek speed boats. Our boat for the day?...

"Chill Pill"
chill out charters

At 36', with 3 powerful engines and Captain Ricky as your guide, you are in for a day of supreme beach treats!

Note: Chillout Charters departs from Nanny Cay in Tortola. If you are not staying on Tortola, they can pick you up from whichever dock you choose.

Nanny Cay
nanny cay bvi

From the moment you cast off, you are in a state of awe. A seemingly endless number of islands surround you. Lush and green, curvaceous and calm-watered, they emerge on the horizon like a mirage.

chill out charters bvi

Our mission for the day? Visit the iconic islands close to Tortola.

First up...

Peter Island & Norman Island

Set just 15 minutes south of Tortola, we began the day at Peter Island.

Peter Island was one of the top Caribbean hot spots back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This island resort was known for delivering total exclusivity.

Arriving at Peter Island
peter island bvi

After enduring Hurricane Irma and Maria in 2017, Peter Island closed. The resort remains under construction. We can't wait for the day they throw open their doors again.

peter island bvi

Those waters will be calling us back!...

peter island bvi

Ricky suggested we move west down the island to Peter Island's Little Harbour. This gem of a beach is nestled between two emerald mountains. Private and quiet, it is no surprise that it is a favorite for mega yachts.

Little Harbour, Peter Island, BVI
snorkeling in little harbour bvi

The waters shine crystal clear, reflecting the colors of the surrounding mountains.

Keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles! Protected, this cove barely has a breath of wind. The calm conditions make for a most scenic snorkeling spot.

little harbour bvi

After soaking up the natural beauty and serene solitude of Peter Island, it is on to Norman Island for fun, sun & rum!

Norman Island, BVI
norman island

Norman Island is best known for its floating bar, Willy T. Named after William Thornton, who was born on Jost Van Dyke in 1759, this pirate-esque barge attracts tourists from all over the Virgin Islands.

When hanging out at Willy T, don't forget to look up. It is common to see rum revelers jumping from the top of the barge into the blue!

The Legendary Willy T
willy t bar bvi

Willy T isn't the only bar in the area. Pirate's Bight Restaurant & Bar sits right on the sands of Norman Island's beach.

Pirate's Bight
Pirates Bight Restaurant & Bar

It gets our vote for top Painkiller in the BVI's!

The #1 Painkiller in The BVI's
Pirates Bight Restaurant & Bar

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Painkiller is the BVI's signature drink? The British Virgin Islands is the birthplace of the iconic coconut cocktail.

That drink? With this view?...

Instant Pain Relief!
Pirates Bight Restaurant & Bar norman island bvi

Painkiller down the hatch and it is on to the northern side of Tortola for a look at two of the BVI's most eye-catching mini islands.

Sandy Spit & Sandy Cay

Peter Island and Norman Island sit on Tortola's south western side. To get to idyllic Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit, round Tortola's West End and head north.

Ricky cuts through those waters in expert time. With 3 engines, the trip is ~30 minutes. As you make the journey, don't forget to marvel at the mountains of St. John to your left.

Straight out of a movie, Sandy Spit is postcard perfect. This spit of sand and its waters of blue call to you.

Sandy Spit
sandy spit bvi

Ricky carefully made his approach, negotiating the currents while trying to get us as close as possible to the island paradise. We really have to hand it to Ricky. With him, you are in such caring hands.

sandy spit with chillout charters

Merely a half acre long, this heart-shaped islet is proof that good things come in small packages. There is something magical to standing all alone on a teeny islet in the middle of the sea, watching the waves roll in from all directions.

A "Little" Sand, Sea, Sun
sandy spit with chillout charters

This island paradise captured our hearts!

sandy spit bvi

Just next to Sandy Spit sits its 13.57 acre cousin...

Sandy Cay
sandy spit with chillout charters

Sandy Cay is a national park. Formerly owned by Laurance S. Rockefeller, he nurtured this offshore cay, employing excellent conservation management.

Palm tree planting, bird and turtle programs and reef restoration are all priorities for the team who diligently preserves the special island.

sandy cay bvi

All of that love and care shows. Every angle of Sandy Cay is rich in natural beauty.

Sandy Cay
sandy cay bvi

Jost Van Dyke

No BVI boat charter is complete without a stop at Jost Van Dyke!

jost van dyke

Jost Van Dyke may be the most famous island in all of the BVI. It is best known for its two beach bars: Foxy's in Great Harbour and Soggy Dollar on White Bay. Soggy Dollar is the birth place of the Painkiller. Not only that! This barefoot beach bar is award-winning. They routinely snag USA Today's coveted "best beach bar in the Caribbean" award.

One beach over, Foxy's is another famous name. Everyone knows Foxy's for their New Year's Eve party. It ranks as one of the biggest in the world.

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke
chill out charters jost van dyke

Once you pull up to these blue waters, the hype all makes sense.

This may be the most beautiful beach in the region. Crystal clear waters lap at a long stretch of pristine white sand. Bookended by lush mountains, the scenery is right out of a tropical dream.

A number of beach bars line the sand, attracting sailors from across the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

For lunch, check out the talk of the town, Hendo's Hideout. The nachos, burgers, salads and wraps are all excellent!

jost van dyke bvi

After tasty cuisine? More of that perfect beach scene...

jost van dyke bvi

Even with a full day on the water, we barely scratched the surface of the British Virgin Islands. One thing is for shore. We will need to return and take another Chill Pill ;-)

A huge thank you to Ricky and Chillout Charters for taking such great care of us. We can't wait to sea you again. To book your tour with Chillout Charters, see below for their contact information.


Website: Click here

Email: chilloutchartersbvi@gmail.com

Tel: 1 (284) 340-1122