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Mid-Priced Anguilla Restaurants


Anguilla's restaurants call attention from all corners of the Caribbean, and even the world. High-end restaurants fly in chefs from Italy and France, some of the world's most influential people with discerning tongues dine at our eateries, restaurant experiences are executed with high attention to culinary detail.

Those high-end restaurants, naturally, come at high-end prices.

anguilla food beachside lobster

The truth is, you don't have to break the bank to eat well in Anguilla.

The island's reasonably priced restaurants leave you just as satisfied.

And, Anguilla has plenty of affordable options.

Anguilla is dotted with mid-priced restaurants run by locals with a passion for cooking and dining and by ex-pats who chucked it all in the States and Europe.

Tasty, hidden gems are in no short supply!

There are several pub-style British options.

They specialize in succulent roast dinners, fish & chips and hand-made burgers.

Some of our favorite mid-range restaurants focus on Mexican, Italian and French cuisine. Truly good eating, even high-profile celebrities frequent these spots.

Paul McCartney is known to dine at one of the very affordable Italian beach-side restaurants, Michael Jordan has been spotted at the island's Mexican restaurant... they are THAT good.

TIP: For some of our favorite restaurant dishes in Anguilla, follow our Instagram page, Anguilla Food!

Juicy Burgers
anguilla food burgers

Mexican, Italian and French restaurants serve dishes that are a little closer to home. The Caribbean-influenced restaurants have unique options, something truly different. They aren't to be missed.

These Anguillian restaurants, ones that are locally owned and operated, serve dishes native to the area. The food is always fresh and different, with menu items you can't always find "back home," from whole snapper with rice and peas, to stews, to other West Indian dishes and exotic flavors.

Caribbean Breakfast Sampler Of Saltfish and Johnny Cake
anguilla breakfast sampler tasty's

The service is always warm and genuine, too. That is one of the biggest differences we noticed when comparing Anguilla to other Caribbean islands. Anguillians are sincerely kind and friendly people.

What about location?

One of my Dad's biggest concerns when dining out is "will we be near the ocean?" He loves beachside dining. The good news is the oceanfront spots are not for reserved for high-end restaurants.

Affordable Tacos Enjoyed Beachside
anguilla food tacos on the beach

Many of the island's affordable restaurants have front row seats to tranquil seas. You don't have to be at the beach to have a great meal, though. Inland spots can be some of the funkiest and most fun places to grab a bite.

Toes-In-The-Sand Dining
anguilla rendezvous bay

$$ Restaurant Listings, Region by Region

Below you will see that we have divided the island into 3 sections, "The Center," "The East End," and "The West End," and arranged the best mid-priced restaurants accordingly.

Click the buttons below to explore restaurants in the island's three different regions.

The Center: Blowing Point, South Hill, The Valley, Sandy Ground


mini anguilla card emblem

Elvis' Beach Bar Elvis is the King of Anguilla nightlife on Anguilla! Don't miss this beach bar on Thursday nights. It is also a laid-back and inexpensive spot to laze the day away, or catch a sunset drink.


mini anguilla card emblem

Lobster House Chef George Reid, Garvey Lake and Leon Lake bring you one of the finest Caribbean dining experiences in Anguilla!


Johnno's One of Anguilla's original beach bars, this widely-loved spot is famous for its whole snapper dish and its lazy Sunday afternoons of jazz music.


da'Vida's Bayside Grill A beloved beach bar that serves up excellent beach eats, da'Vida's Bayside Grill is one of the most popular spots for a loungey, laidback afternoon on the beach. Relax away with a rum punch to the sounds of Crocus Bay waves!


SandBar's Savory Sunsets Right on Sandy Ground beach, this casual-cool beach bar features "tasty tapas" and "cool cocktails." SandBar offers world class food and a seaside setting for a low cost. Is it any wonder why SandBar is one of the island's most popular spots? You won't find another place like it!


Ferry Boat Inn Family owned and run, Ferry Boat Inn serves some of the best food on the island. From burgers (with hand-cut fries!), to their $1 wings night, to their special Thursday roasts, you can't go wrong with dinner at Ferry Boat Inn.


Oishi Delicious Asian Kitchen Run with passion and love, Oishi serves up outstanding sushi at a reasonable price. It is our neighborhood go-to for all things Asian cuisine!


Roy's Bayside Grill Roy's Place!... a sweet English pub on the beach that serves the best fish and chips on the island, and one of the best Sunday roasts, too.


Dolce Vita
A reasonably priced Italian restaurant, right on the beach, many people are calling Dolce Vita the best value Italian food on the island. My parents have dined here and have only wonderful things to say. Yuki and I love it, too!


A unique and tasty twist on nightlife in Anguilla, this lounge & bar serves up exquisite cocktails and tasty tapas!


E's Oven Searching for inexpensive Caribbean dining? E's Oven has mouth-watering food, but for half the price of Anguilla's high-end restaurants. The only tourists here are the ones "in the know."


mini anguilla card emblem

Lit Lounge Picture-perfect, with twinkling string lights and a massive wooden deck over the sand, Lit Lounge is an excellent addition to the Sandy Ground nightlife scene. This cocktail lounge serves up terrific specialty drinks, popular music events and if your stomach starts rumbling late into the night, their bar food menu is available all evening!


Waves Beachy-chic with a terrific line up of live music beats, Waves is a wonderful addition to Sandy Ground's collection of exceptional restaurants.


mini anguilla card emblem

Tasty's: A Contender For Best Breakfast Tasty's is a lovely Anguilla restaurant for an evening meal. Their prices at night are a little more expensive than they are for their oh-so-tasty breakfasts, at a reasonable price.


Andy's Located inland in Anguilla's capital, The Valley, Andy's is an affordable, family-friendly spot with an extensive menu where EVERYTHING is delicious. Don't miss their "Andy's Chicken Salad", topped with onion rings.


The East End: Shoal Bay East, Island Harbour

mini anguilla card emblem

Olas Tacos Bar & Grill Making waves for their fantastic rum punch & beach taco eats, there's a whole lot to love about Olas!


Madeariman Anguilla Restaurant... A Top Spot for a Shoal Bay Anguilla Beach Day! Shoal Bay Anguilla is known world-wide for its breath-taking beauty. Read why Madeariman is one of its best spots for a scrumptious lunch and laid back Shoal Bay beach day.


Gwen's A perfect little beachside grill, plus the most beautiful of all Caribbean beaches, plus hammocks = ABSOLUTE BLISS!


mini anguilla card emblem

Tropical Sunset Tropical Sunset is a relaxing lunch option. Set on the quieter, tucked away, western side of Shoal Bay East, this little spot serves tasty food at fair prices. With beach chairs and one of the best pina coladas on the island, it's a good choice for a beach day.


Artisan A true slice of Napoli has arrived in Anguilla. Thanks to husband and wife Juergen and Indra, perfectly prepared pizza pies (served hot from their 900° wood-burning oven) can be had regularly in their stylish east end eatery!


The Manoah Ocean Beach Club Right in the sand, The Manoah Ocean Beach Club is a first class seat on Shoal Bay East. With a touch of St. Tropez feel and a tight and excellent French menu, the entire experience is 100/100.


The West End


mini anguilla card emblem

Sharky's The man we all know and love so dearly... Mr. Lowell Hodge (formerly of Blanchards) serves up five-star level cuisine at a fraction of the price! With a charming and vibrant spot, here heart and home is full of flavor.


The Place THE place for a quiet lime on the calm side of Rendezvous Bay, this spot currently serves snacks and drinks and will be soon serving lunch and dinner.


mini anguilla card emblem

The Sunshine Shack Garvey's Sunshine Shack is loved by many visitors to Anguilla. It's no wonder why... located right in the sand on one of Anguilla's best beaches, Rendezvous Bay, the setting is hard to beat. Serving BBQ and good, cold drinks, and with Garvey's sunshine-y company, all is good when you're at the Sunshine Shack!


Blanchards Beach Shack The Blanchards have another Anguilla restaurant success... Blanchards Beach Shack, the original barefoot beach bar they intended on creating decades ago. Serving ideal beach fare, this spot is perfect for the idyllic beach day on Meads Bay.


mini anguilla card emblem

Ocean Echo Beach-side dining on Meads Bay, Ocean Echo is hard to beat. There are plenty of tasty menu options, which their chef can customize to your liking. They are still experiencing some growing pains, but have a promising future!


Bankie Banx's Beach Bar Bankie Banx's beloved beach bar, The Dune Preserve, has been extended! With a brighter dining area, and a bigger menu, this spot is without a doubt in my top favorite Anguilla restaurants.


Picante Yes, Mexican in Anguilla! You're in luck!


mini anguilla card emblem

Tipsy Turtle One of Anguilla's nightlife hotspots, do not miss this British eatery on a night out in Anguilla!


The Mill House Café The must-do brunch spot in Anguilla's West End.

Mid-Priced Restaurants in the Off Season

Starting in mid-August, most mid-range restaurants and hotels take a couple of months to close, repair and revive for the high season. By November most businesses have re-opened. Each year we publish a complete listing of all restaurants' closing and re-opening dates. More on off-season hours.


Anguilla Memories: Restaurants Gone But Fondly Remembered

Taverna This tempting tapas eatery at Arawak Beach Club will have you coming back again and again!

Flavours Executive Chef Kevin Paul brings the food fireworks to this flavorful spot overlooking Sandy Ground. Pineapple rum glazed shrimp, grilled mahi mahi with coconut rice, striploin with garlicky mashed potatoes... it goes down as one of our best meals yet.

Elite A serene and secluded location, Elite soothes the soul with its pretty views of Island Harbour, mellow music and authentic Italian cuisine.

Spice at Cap Juluca Five-star dining at moderate prices, Cap Juluca's lounge and restaurant, Spice sets a high bar. Well-executed Latin dishes are served in an elegant setting on the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the very best for its exceptional service, ambiance - and don't miss the Cubanitos!

Spice of India Welcome to Anguilla's FIRST dine-in Indian restaurant. With an extensive menu and an authentic tandoor-oven, Spice of India is a dream for lovers of Indian cuisine!

Ripples My sister, Yuki, must be the world's #1 picky eater. But Ripples has reduced her to a pile of happy blubbering... The best fish & chips, spaghetti & meatballs, and other wonderful Anguilla dining, all served up with a huge helping of happiness.

Darvin's Place Currently only serving drinks and playing music well into the night, this Anguilla nightlife spot will soon be serving tapas too. With its location overlooking Sandy Ground, it will be a go-to lounge.

Poker's Plank Anguilla's only pirate-themed restaurant is set in a building that is shaped like a ship! Their service is friendly and welcoming, and the menu has lots of options, is tasty and affordable. It's a good option for those seeking a fun dining experience, and families with young children.

The Pumphouse The Pumphouse is the "go-to" Anguilla restaurant and bar, whether you are looking for a laid back evening, or a fun-filled night of live music. From a funky atmosphere, to the warm hospitality, to the drinks and tasty food, The Pumphouse never disappoints.

Valley Bistro: A St. Martin Style Bistro on Anguilla From the same talented chefs and owners who brought you the first "St. Martin Salad on Anguilla", here is their next project. It is ideal for a delightful, daytime meal!


Cha Cha San Anguilla's only TRUE Chinese restaurant (also incorporating dishes from other Asian cultures). Beef dumplings, spring rolls, tuna tataki, chow mein, udon, General Tso's chicken, sweet and sour pork, it's all here and it's all EXCELLENT!


Café de Paris Known and loved for his outstanding French specials and reasonable prices, Ben's Café de Paris is not to be missed for breakfast or lunch. Set in a peaceful garden, the atmosphere is calm and quiet, the menu well-varied and expertly prepared.


Gwen's: Most relaxing of all Anguilla Restaurants? This page covers Gwen's original location on Upper Shoal Bay East. Since this page was written, Gwen's has re-located to lower Shoal Bay East. More on Gwen's current location here.


La Villa A little slice of St. Barth in Anguilla, La Villa brings fabulous French food to Sandy Ground. A "must" for its relaxing atmosphere, excellent service and French cuisine at a fair price.


Sarjai's Restaurant Owned and operated by Anguilla's very own award-winning chef, Chef Darren Connor, it is no surprise that this family-run restaurant is quickly establishing a reputation for its terrific unpretentious cuisine. Bring your appetite and order the steak, Chef Darren's specialty!


Romney's Restaurant & Bar An off-the-beaten path gem, Romney's Restaurant & Bar is a quality find! Beautiful blue views and excellent dishes thanks to former Straw Hat chef, Chef Kevin Paul, all at a fair price.


The NEW Le Bar One of our favorite restaurants from back in the day, owners Didier and Veronique Van have re-opened their French beach-side bistro, Le Bar! Set on Sandy Ground, with French and Anguillian dishes on the menu and a certain "joie de vivre" in the air, it is also home to the best burger on the island.


West Indies Cafe Formerly Bonjour Cafe, owner Suzan has moved from Sandy Ground and opened West Indies Cafe in the Valley. With pastries, excellent daily specials and the same warm feeling, say "bonjour" to West Indies Cafe!


BJ's Big Spring On the road to Island Harbour, BJ's Big Spring is small and easy to miss. Inside this tiny spot, French chef Ben serves good French specials at more than reasonable prices ($14 for pork tenderloin). Their bugers, pizzas and pastas are some of the best on the island, too!


Deon's Overlook More and more, Anguilla is learning out to make a mean breakfast. But if you want the best of the best? The place for omelets and pancakes and all your heart desires? Look no further...


Reggae Reef: Anguilla Sandy Ground Restaurants The Sandy Ground community is home to many beach bars, nightlife spots, and cheap restaurants that serve up delicious food. This fun spot is no exception!


Roadwell Cafe An excellent Anguilla breakfast, accompanied by butterflies.


Cote Mer: A St. Martin Salad on Anguilla One of the best parts of visiting St. Martin is the delectable French cuisine. But what happens when I can find my favorite French meal on Anguilla?


Le Bistro At Malliouhana Resort Looking for the best French fries on this British colony? We found them! Note: While a plate of fries and a couple of drinks are reasonably priced, lunch can be pricier.


Cap Juluca: A Tale Of Two Restaurants Can anyone beat the Arawak Inn's hold on our award for "best pizza on Anguilla?" Note: Cap Juluca's restaurants have been renovated since the writing of this article. At the time, their pizza was very reasonably priced. Today, though, prices tend to be higher.


Le Bar Serving by far the best burger (herb-stuffed!) on the island, Le Bar doesn't only offer excellent food. Its location, right in the middle of Shoal Bay East, is one of the best. With fun and welcoming owners, Didier and Vernoique, this is one of our favorite places to spend the afternoon. Update: Le Bar has re-opened on Sandy Ground!


Bonjour Cafe Bonjour Cafe is a quaint Anguilla restaurant, tucked into the lush, hillside near Sandy Ground. Come for the enchanting garden, a French-Caribbean menu, and one of the best cup of coffees on the island.

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