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Tipsy Turtle...
A Neighborhood Favorite in West End


By: Kirmani Honoré

Get ready for something turtley different!

Tipsy Turtle brings a slice of British pub life to Anguilla's West End. This open-air bar and eatery has quickly become a neighborhood favorite and nightlife hotspot, loved for its unpretentious ambience, friendly service and tasty eats.

Let's pull up a seat at Tipsy Turtle.

Tipsy Turtle At A Glance
Anguilla Tipsy Turtle Restaurants

Inside Tipsy Turtle

If you have driven through West End, chances are you have seen the Tipsy Turtle.

Tipsy Turtle by Day
 Tipsy Turtle Anguilla Daytime

Set on the side of the main road and buzzing with happy customers, Tipsy Turtle is hard to miss.

By day, the breezy restaurant entices you in with fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes. We suggest you drop in on a clear afternoon when you can see all the way to St. Maarten from their upper deck!

When the sun goes down, Tipsy Turtle wakes right up. The restaurant bursts into a swirling dance of twinkling lights, tiki torches and flowing cocktails, all wrapped in true English charm.

Tipsy Turtle by Night
Tipsy Turtle at Night

The family-style seating and English flags add to the British-pub atmosphere.

As the night goes on, patrons fill the open-air space. The atmosphere bustles with chatter, laughter and line dancing to the beat of live DJs.

Before dancing?...

Cheers to Tipsy Turtle

First things first! It's not a night at Tipsy Turtle without a drink or two. One of our top picks?...

The Blue Tranquility Iced Tea
 Tipsy Turtle restaurant cocktails

The mesmerizing shades of blue aren't the only alluring aspect to this cocktail. Made up of vodka, white rum and tequila, Blue Curaçao and lemonade, it is equal part beautiful and refreshing!

Feeling for a fruitier concoction?...

Tipsy Mai Tai
 tipsy turtle restaurant maitai

The refreshing yet tart Tipsy Mai Tai awakens your tastebuds. Its unmistakable notes of orange and pineapple all come together with a generous pour of white and dark spiced rums.

Let's Eat!

Dining at Tipsy Turtle can be summed up in four words: "That hit the spot." From bar eats, to fresh ceviche, to hearty steaks and fish & chips, everything on the menu is excellent.

To start, we recommend the...

Zesty Red Snapper Ceviche
Tipsy Turtle Food snapper ceviche

Generous cuts of fresh red snapper are mixed with finely chopped herbs and red peppers. The plate comes with a portion of "Half Moon" Johnny cakes.

Freshly fried, they are sure to please any Johnny cake connoisseur!

Another fun appetizer...

Crispy Mahi Mahi Bites
Tipsy Turtle mahi mahi bites

Coated in a flavorful batter and fried to a golden brown, these Mahi Mahi bites are served with a fresh homemade tartar sauce. We could pop these in our mouths all night long. They are addictively good!

Tipsy Turtle's appetizers don't end there. The restaurant boasts a whole Asian-inspired menu.

A refreshing choice is the...

Pearl of Asia Ceviche
Tipsy Turtle Anguilla Restaurants Wahoo Ceviche

Fresh local Wahoo is cut into thick cubes and mixed with local peppers, onions and tomatoes. The creation is steeped in a spicy marinade of cayenne pepper and limejuice, and served with a Japanese wakame salad.

Every bite is tangy, zesty, refreshing and palate-cleansing!


Steamed Pork and Cabbage Pot Stickers
Tipsy Turtle Anguilla Restaurant Gyoza Pork Cabbage

Steamed and then pan-seared, six pork gyozas are drizzled in a reduced teriyaki sauce and finished with chives and sesame seeds.

These little bundles of joy have the perfect amount of crunch and chew.

Tipsy Turtle Anguilla Restaurant Gyoza Pork Cabbage

A perfect dish for sharing, we recommend getting two orders. One serving simply isn't enough!

Sushi lovers, rejoice! This roll will knock your socks off...

The Spicy Habanero Roll
 Tipsy Turtle Spicy Habanero Roll

Made with big cuts of rich, fatty salmon and ripened-to-perfection avocado, this eye-catching roll is topped with spicy salmon and thin strips of onion tempura.

 Tipsy Turtle Spicy Habanero Roll

Our hats go off to Tipsy Turtle's chef. This roll is a knock-out. The deep flavors will make your tastebuds sing.

Rounding out the selection of Asian dishes is...

Crispy Rice
Tipsy Turtle crispy rice

Who doesn't love crispy rice? This dish is always a winner!

Tipsy Turtle crisps their rice golden brown and tops each piece with a generous helping of sumputous spicy tuna and a jalapeno.

Moving on to main dishes, you can't go wrong with the Tipsy Turtle Burger.

Local Favorite: The Tipsy Turtle Burger
Tipsy Turtle Classic Burger

A wagyu beef patty is topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon. The whole creation is sandwiched between two fluffy buns and served with fries. This oh-so-juicy burger is enough to send you into a lip-smacking food coma!

Also highly recommended is the 14oz Ribeye Steak.

Mouthwatering 14oz Ribeye Steak
Tipsy Turtle Ribeye Steak

The British know how to do beef well and this ribeye is no exception! It goes down as one of the best ribeyes on the island. Decadently sumptuous, each piece of steak gently melts in your mouth. And did we mention the homemade peppercorn sauce? Together with the steak, it is a match made in heaven!

Last but not least, it wouldn't be a British pub experience without...

Classic English Fish & Chips
 Tipsy Turtle Restaurant Fish and Chips

Lightly battered, this crispy Mahi Mahi is a reel catch! Flakey on the outside, soft and moist on the inside, these fish & chips have quickly become an island favorite.

The mouthwatering cuisine is no surprise once you meet the restaurant's owner...

Ripple's Lasting Legacy at Tipsy Turtle

Ripples, owned by Jacquie Ruan, will always be remembered as a powerhouse in shaping Sandy Ground's nightlife. Today it is Jacquie's son, Jason Chapman who carries on Ripples' tradition of good eats, warm vibes and fun times!

Meet Jason and Lucia
Jason Chapman Tipsy Turtle Anguilla

The "know-how" of creating a relaxed atmosphere for hours of endless banter has certainly been passed down from Jacquie to Jason. That also goes for Jacquie's flawless fish & chips ;-)

One of Anguilla's top spots for tasty bites and great nightlife, a huge congratulations to Jason for carrying on the family tradition!

Directions, Hours & Contact

Tipsy Turtle is located just past Four Seasons on the right hand side of the road if you are driving east.

Opening Hours: Daily 11am-12am
Telephone: 1-264-582-2181