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Do you have your Tranquilitee? 👕💗🌴


How Can You Save
10% On Your Anguilla Vacation?

Use The Anguilla Card...

(Already own the Anguilla Card? Click here to renew).

the anguilla card
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The Anguilla Card saves you 10% at every point of your Anguilla vacation, including discounts on...

Nori, just returned home <sigh> from our first "Anguilla Card vacation." It was flawless. The Card was waiting for us at our villa as promised.

My husband and I saved way more than the value of the card and it's cool to turn in "The Card" with your credit card - feels very "VIPish." Thank you, great idea!

-Daffy 2, from Philadelphia, PA
TripAdvisor Anguilla Destination Expert

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Nori, just returned home <sigh> from our first "Anguilla Card vacation." It was flawless. The Card was waiting for us at our villa as promised.

My husband and I saved way more than the value of the card and it's cool to turn in "The Card" with your credit card - feels very "VIPish." Thank you, great idea!

-Daffy 2, from Philadelphia, PA
TripAdvisor Anguilla Destination Expert

  • Transit to/from St. Maarten (SXM) ... boat transfer, plane transfer
  • Sleep... villas, hotels
  • Eating and drinking... restaurants, bars
  • Things to do... boat charters, rental cars, aerial tours, shops, etc.

The Card quickly pays for itself, many times over.

That is if you are a "couple."

What about groups?

The More, The Merrier

If you are a family or group, The Card covers you and whoever is with you on vacation, up to a party of 6 (on the same check or credit card).

Group With The Anguilla Card on Meads Bay
Family on Meads Bay with The Anguilla Card
(The real card is much smaller!)

So your savings multiply!

"Couple" or "group," it adds up fast. For example, if you stay at a participating hotel or villa, you save hundreds of dollars before you even arrive.

If you stay elsewhere, you still save several times the price of The Card (see our Guarantee). Why?

It's because you save on virtually everything you do, from breakfast to boat tours, from transit to Anguilla to transport within it.

And new Partners are joining regularly.

About those savings...

Note: All price savings quoted below are examples of the 10% Anguilla Card discount received at Participating Partners.


Nat at Palm Grove Picture your family of 4 lunching, beaching, snoozing at Garvey's Sunshine Shack on Rendezvous Bay. Hand Garvey your discount card. Depending on what you eat and drink, you save $20-$30!

Repeat over the next 10 days for meals at JULIAN'S, da'Vida, Ocean Echo, Roy's (including breakfast), restaurants at Four Seasons, Belmond Cap Juluca and Tasty's.

Total savings, just on meals, for your family's week in Anguilla?

$150-200. Meals alone save you much more than the price of The Card.

Of course, you need a place to sleep...

Hotels, Resorts and Villas

Turtles Nest From hotels like the low-price, high-value Turtle's Nest, to the luxurious Tequila Sunrise Villa, the Card has you covered.

Stay at one of our Participating Partner hotels or villas and save anywhere from $200-1,000 (or more).

Naturally, there is much more to an Anguilla vacation than superb accommodations and gold-medal cuisine. Continuing with our example of a family of 4, let's get you onto, and around, the island...


calypso charter

  • To and from San Juan (SJU) via Tradewind Aviation? Take $60-70 off the airfare. Or, if you are arriving and leaving by ferry (to and from St. Maarten SXM), save $40-50 with Calypso Charters.
  • There are discounts for traveling within Anguilla, too....
  • Out for the day at Sandy Island? Save another $40-80.
  • At the end of your stay, turn in your Island Car Rental. Save a final $30-60.

Your air-car-boat savings add up to $100-300.

Sleep. Eat. Transport. Check, check and check. But you're not quite done. There are even discounts for things to do while you are in Anguilla (with more Partners to come)...

Things To Do

cheddie richardson carving of a rooster

Ready for a luxuriating spa experience? $30-100 saved at the award-winning Spa by CuisinArt.

Shopping? Save $10 at SeaSpray on souvenirs for the folks back home. Save another $20-200 on a masterpiece carving by Mr. Devonish .

Total? Save $20-200 on shopping.

Grand Total Savings?


That was an example for a family of 4. The card covers everyone traveling with the Card Holder, from "2 on a honeymoon" and up to a group of 6 traveling together.

Welcome to...

Life With The Anguilla Card

Valid for any number of visits to Anguilla for an entire year from date of purchase, savings can amount to many hundreds, even thousands of dollars. And yet...

The price of The Anguilla Card is only $49 (including hotel/villa delivery).

The size of a credit card, The Anguilla Card slides right into your wallet. High quality, made right here in Anguilla, it makes a pretty keepsake. And most importantly, it comes with...

The Double Your Money Guarantee and Our Refund Policy

We guarantee that you will save at least twice the price of the card...

If you do not save at least $100 with your 2020 Anguilla Card, your 2021 card is on me (free).

One Card Holder noted, "an investment that is guaranteed to double my money? Easy choice."

Also, if you change your mind about your purchase within 30 days of placing your order (for any reason), we will refund you in full.

How To Use It, Even BEFORE You Arrive

You receive the digital version (a PDF file) of your Anguilla Card within 24 hours of submitting your order. Use the digital version of your Anguilla Card to book your hotel, villa, airfare, car rental, tours and more before you arrive.

Your physical Anguilla Card will be waiting for you at your villa or hotel on your day of arrival. When you are on-island, simply present your digital or physical Anguilla Card at time of payment.

Our Participating Partners will apply your 10% discount.

Speaking of our Partners, who are they? They are among the best!

Participating Partners

We regularly add new Partners, offering more ways for you to save.

The Anguilla Card started with 22 Partners in 2013. Today, in 2020, the Card has 87 Partners!

Click any Partner button below for information about each (those marked as "NEW" are the most recent additions).


card transport logos


*Note: Certain specific terms apply for accommodations and transport Partners (in addition to the general terms). Click here for full Terms of Service.

As Mentioned In...

Supported by the official Anguilla Tourist Board and loved by Card Holders, click below for some of the reviews and comments about The Card...

press for the anguilla card
(click for more

Join The Club!

1. Skip down to purchase the Anguilla Card. Your purchase includes...

  • The Anguilla Card itself, naturally, and...
  • a subscription to the Anguilla Card Holder e-newsletter, which delivers unique deals from our Participating Partners, announcements about new Partners, and little-known savings tips (ex., cash saves you 10% at one grocery store). Published to News.ai on a one/two-week delay, you get to act on the latest Partner news first!
  • special events such as giveaways and contests, solely for Card Holders.
  • direct access to Anguilla Beaches' Card Support.

2. After your purchase, you receive a confirming email, along with a request for your photo. Any clear photo of you will do - we will crop it as needed.

3. Within 24 hours of sending the photo, we email your digital version of the Anguilla Card (.PDF format). Use that Card before you arrive on-island (ex., to book your villa or hotel, car rental, etc.).

4. Send us your date of arrival, along with the name of your hotel or villa. We will make sure your physical Anguilla Card is waiting for you. Just ask your villa manager or the front desk for it.


Start Your Anguilla Savings Now For Only $49.

Start Your Anguilla Savings Now For Only $49.

Click the PayPal button below to purchase...

(*By clicking the "PayPal" button, you agree to the Terms of Service)

If you do not have a PayPal account, take a moment to sign up now (it's free).

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