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Petals Boutique...
A Top Anguilla-Wear Outfitter
& Souvenir Shop


Anguilla is known internationally for its five-star dining, pristine beaches and luxury villas and hotels. It is also widely known for what it does not have... Cruise ships, crowds and shopping.

That includes everything from charming boutiques to the gold and electronic shops you will find on most Caribbean islands. I will skip the gold and electronic shops every time, but I will take the charming boutique, please!

To many people's dismay, they are few and far between in Anguilla. Petals Boutique on Meads Bay at Frangipani Beach Hotel has changed that...

Welcome to Petals Boutique
petals boutique anguilla

Whether you are a local or a visitor looking for comfortable yet chic Anguilla-wear or travel-friendly souvenirs for back home, you can find it all at Petals Boutique. Jackie Pascher, our good friend and Anguilla real estate agent, even did all of her Christmas shopping at Petals!

Inside Petals Boutique

We walked into Petals Boutique and felt inspired to one day start our own boutique and clothing line!

The Frangipani family has just done it so well. They have perfectly crafted the shop's concept, choosing everything from the colors, to the logo, to the merchandise itself.

inside petals boutique anguilla


Beachy Hats on Display
petals boutique

With white-wooden ceilings, and colored in pinks and draped in pink fabrics, Petals Boutique is pretty as a petal.

It captures the essence of what an Anguilla boutique should be, and blends it with Frangipani Beach Club's rosy and friendly face.

They have many nicely arranged displays show-casing their jewelry, purses, sun hats and other accessories.

The shop carries a variety of clothing and items for around the house, which make great souvenirs.

Petals is certainly a shop for women, and for men if you are shopping for the women in your life. :-)

Petals is also one of the only places in Anguilla where you can get a rash-guard to protect yourself from the sun and surf, if you are surfing in Anguilla.

Petals Boutique For Chic Anguilla-Wear

Dressing for Anguilla's warm temperatures had long been a task I struggled with. Jeans and tank tops made with a mix of cotton and spandex are suffocating in the tropical temperatures.

Breezy linen dresses, skirts and pants are ideal for the weather in Anguilla.

Petals carries some of the leading warm-weather wear designers.

anguilla crochet top

The shop also features one of a kind Anguilla t-shirts, swim-shorts, caps and stylish lycra Anguilla shirts.

Anguilla Jerseys
anguilla top

anguilla top

There is a plethora of unique and vividly colored wraps, cover ups, tank tops, skirts, and even dresses by brands like Pitusa. You won't find these items anywhere else in Anguilla.

anguilla tops

Even the kid's selection is adorable and unique!

anguilla kids tops


Petals for Unique & Locally-Made Anguilla Souvenirs

One of our all-time favorite items at Petals is their watercolored Anguilla map pouch. Simple and cute, this pouch makes for a perfect souvenir and gift.

Anguilla Watercolored Map Pouch
anguilla soap

This print is available on greeting cards and tea towels.

Petals has also sourced locally-made products like CariBella's fragrant soaps...

CariBella Soap
anguilla soap

Anguilla Rocks...

anguilla rocks

And even super-hard-to-find items like the famous Sprocka's CDs...

anguilla sprocka cds

Whether you're in search of chic beachwear or charming Anguilla souvenirs, Petals covers it all! They deliver the perfect souvenir.

Petals is open daily and located at Frangipani. The boutique is an Anguilla Card Partner. Save 10% when you use your Anguilla Card at Petals.