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Our Favorite Anguilla Real Estate Agent...
Jackie Pascher

Jackie Pascher & Island Dream Properties
At A Glance

Ever since we first started visiting Anguilla in 2002, there has been one person our family has always loved and trusted...

Jackie Pascher.

Owner of Island Dream Properties, Jackie has been our savior both with finding and securing our Anguilla villa rentals before we moved to Anguilla in 2008, and then when we bought our "piece of paradise."

We know Jackie well. She is more than our real estate agent and go-to person for villa information. She is a dear friend.

More on Jackie, below...

Visit Jackie's Island Dream Properties website for current villa rentals, real estage listings and condos for sale.

Early Days with Jackie Pascher

During a relaxing vacation to Anguilla (well before we moved to Anguilla), my Dad's favorite Anguilla real estate agent, Jackie Pascher, called to tell us about a new restaurant in town... Flavor's!

She promised a great view, breeze, and food! She didn't have to ask twice.

Before we knew it, our car pulled up to the freshly painted charming restaurant. Our stomachs were rumbling -- we couldn't wait to dine at this restaurant, new to Anguilla and new to us, with the #1 Anguilla real estate agent!

We greeted Jackie and examined the lunch menu, while the breeze played with our hair.


My mom and my sister ordered the roti, while Dad and I ordered the fish burger, Jackie choosing the spring rolls and salad.

Once the waiter took our orders, we chatted with Jackie about Anguilla in general, and Anguilla realty in particular.

Before we moved to Anguilla in 2008, my dad ultimately wanted to winter here, so Jackie kept her eyes peeled for "that special piece of land."

We recommend her to everyone we know.

real estate agent

All the while, we enjoyed the cooling breeze and the spectacular view of Sandy Ground.

We had been so busy talking and relaxing, that we had forgotten all about our food. But, once it was on our table, we didn't forget about it for much longer.

The food was excellent -- there are not many bad Anguilla restaurants! The roti was especially fantastic, according to my mom, sister (and father who snuck a little off of my sister).

There was nothing like sitting up high, gazing at beautiful Sandy Ground and Sandy Island off in the distance, while eating a Tasty, err Flavors-ful, lunch.

My Dad said the only thing that was missing was a cigarette (he likes asking waiters for a "ciggie" after a good meal). Too bad he couldn't have one. Flavor's is no smoking!

All in all, overlooking that small detail, it was quite a successful lunch. Delicious food, great location, gentle breeze, with the #1 Anguilla real estate agent!

Since Then...

anguilla real estate agent

Jackie Pascher has remained a close family friend, and always our favorite Anguilla real estate agent.

She was there for us during our Anguilla villa rental days, and she stood by my Dad's side when he was ready to buy Anguilla real estate.

And she was there when we bought our special piece of land that we'd soon call home.

anguilla real estate agent

Since we first met Jackie, her company, Island Dream Properties has expanded to a larger central location and full-time staff. The office is located in the Tomac Plaza, just past George Hill on the main road heading west.

Step inside the plaza for an array of shops, from a french pharmacy to fast food (one of the best spots on the island for fried chicken and cole slaw)!

Up the stairs to the second floor. You can't miss her office.

Shortly after she opened her new digs, we dropped in to sneak a peak...

... And Found Everyone Hard At Work! anguilla real estate

Not wanting to be too disruptive, we said hello and made sure we caught our favorite real estate agent for lunch later. She always knows where to go!

Whenever I have lunch with her, I can't wait to do it again!

Contact Information

Jackie will make sure you are well taken care of and work with you to find the perfect spot to stay on the island, or property/home to purchase.

For more information, contact Jackie Pascher's company, Island Dream Properties, directly via phone here...

264-498-3200 (telephone)
264-498-3201 (fax)

Or, reach them by form, here...

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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