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Air Travel to Anguilla


Planning a trip to Anguilla? There are two main ways to get here...

1) Fly to St. Maarten and ferry over to Anguilla,

2) Air travel to Anguilla direct from Miami, St. Maarten or San Juan.

From the west coast and east coast of the US and Canada, we have made the trek to Anguilla both ways.

We love the Anguilla airport. Arriving there has its own special Caribbean charm.

And flying into St. Maarten and taking the ferry over is a fast and cheap way to get to Anguilla. It has become a favorite way to "get here."

Hopefully, you'll find these two ways to be most useful, too.

Before we begin...

A Favorite Way To Travel to Anguilla

If you live in Paris, getting to Anguilla through air travel is a breeze (on a breeze, actually). Why?

Anguilla From The Air
flying into anguilla

Because St. Martin is a french Caribbean island that lies just a few miles south of Anguilla. France flies jumbo jets, loaded with tourists, so you can get some great discount air fares to St. Martin.

Air France Landing at The Famous Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM)
air france landing at SXM over maho beach at princess juliana airport

Those jets are also packed with french wine, foie gras and all kinds of other french goodies, which is why St. Martin is our favorite day trip from Anguilla.

So, if you're coming to Anguilla from Europe, the best way is air travel through Paris (or Amsterdam, as you will see on this region-by-region explanation of the best ways to fly to Anguilla). Then simply ride your plane tickets non-stop into St. Martin.

From there, we highly recommend an Anguilla ferry to get to Anguilla.

What If You Are Flying to Anguilla from North America

There are three routes to explore.

Route #1: Fly to Anguilla via Miami

American Airlines flies direct from Miami to Anguilla in-season. Check rates and connection times. This is the most direct option.

Route #2: Fly to St. Maarten

Our favorite option, based on convenience and affordability.

Catch a direct flight from your nearest major airport to Princess Juliana Airport in "St. Maarten" (the Dutch side). Many airlines fly direct into "SXM" daily and weekly. It's the best way to travel to Anguilla from the east coast of the US and Canada.

Just 1 flight to St. Maarten, and then 1 ferry over to Anguilla. Easy, done.

More here on catching the Anguilla ferry once you get to SXM (St. Maarten).

Approaching Princess Juliana International Airport
air france approaching princess juliana airport SXM

Route #3: Fly to San Juan

Another option to explore is flying into Puerto Rico's Caribbean hub, San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. Most major US airlines fly into San Juan daily. It is the best way to travel to Anguilla from the west coast of Canada and the US. It can also be a convenient option if you are flying from the east coast, depending on your city of departure.

Departing San Juan
departing san juan aboard silver airways

From San Juan, Anguilla is a direct flight away. Silver Airways, Cape Air and Tradewind Aviation fly from San Juan to Anguilla weekly.

NOTE: The San Juan-Anguilla leg is often a close connection. Generally, these airlines leave San Juan too early to connect on to Anguilla in the same day. An overnight in San Juan is often required.

The exception? Tradewind Aviation.

Flying Into Anguilla Aboard Tradewind Aviation
flying into anguilla airport aboard tradewind

Tradewind's schedule times with the arrival of major airlines into San Juan. Not only are its times convenient, the luxury airline provides a host of other perks. For example, when you book with United, you can book all the way through to Anguilla on major booking engines like Expedia (use Anguilla's airport code = AXA).

Your ticket also includes access to Tradewind's private San Juan lounge...

Tradewind's Lounge in San Juan
tradewind lounge in san juan airport

... snacks and light in-flight fare all roundout the Tradewind experience. How to make the luxurious flight more affordable? Read below.

How to Fly to Anguilla From San Juan & Save 10%
With Tradewind Aviation

Tradewind Aviation flies between San Juan and Anguilla December through April.

anguilla card emblem

Inside Tradewind's Pilatus PC-12
tradewind landing in caribbean
Photo courtesy of Tradewind

The ultimate in comfort, Tradewind's modern Pilatus PC-12 aircraft (flown by two pilots) is pressurized and completely air conditioned.

The flights include complimentary drinks (including wine and beer) and snacks. The cherry on top? You even have access to their private lounge in San Juan!

Inside Tradewind's Pilatus PC-12
tradewind pilatus pc-12
Photo courtesy of Tradewind

Save 10% on your Tradewind flight when you use your Anguilla Card! Click here to get your Anguilla Card.

Air Travel to Anguilla Airport Direct

When you arrive at Anguilla's airport? Prepare to relax.

Anguilla's Clayton J. Lloyd airport is a different story to St. Maarten and San Juan. No 747s or other jumbos land here.

Here's why...

anguilla's clayton j lloyd international airport

That is the entire airport. It's a picture-perfect, charming little Caribbean airport, the kind you see in movies. Friendly. Cozy.

If you spend a while watching the comings and goings, you will notice that most flights to and from AXA are prop planes. Exotic-sounding Caribbean airlines raise romantic images of Caribbean island hopping.

More Options For Air Travel to Anguilla

There are other ways to access Anguilla directly via the air. Other Caribbean islands, like St. Thomas have flights into AXA directly weekly.

Travellers coming from the UK often choose to fly through Antigua and St. Maarten.

Savvier visitors (American and European) choose to fly into St. Maarten (SXM), and then either take a boat across, or fly directly into Anguilla's airport (8 minutes).

Taxiing at Clayton J. Lloyd Airport
anguilla air services landing SXM

Otherwise, air travel directly to Anguilla is through Miami and Puerto Rico.

Today, it is Tradewind Aviation, Cape Air and Silver Airlines who fly to Anguilla regularly, with Silver being the most affordable option from San Juan and Tradewind being the most convenient (made more affordable when use your Anguilla Card to book). Many North American tourists choose to access Anguilla via this route, the last flight of which is via San Juan (an 60 minute flight).

Otherwise, if you live in the northeast U.S. or in Montreal or Toronto, seasonal charters to St. Martin are popular. You won't find any charters into Anguilla, but do check for flights in your area to SXM. Charter flights often run at deep discount air fares.

It's The Extra Hop That Makes Anguilla Special

Yes, it can be a hassle to get to Anguilla. It's also the "barrier" that keeps Anguilla so special. No "package tour" jumbos or "mass market beaches." No cruise ships, casinos, or fast-food chains.

In short, Anguilla is still an authentic Caribbean island.

It's worth that little bit of extra bother when...

  • you can have even the most popular beach in Anguilla (the best beaches in the Caribbean at that) almost all to yourself
  • you have a friendly chat with the genuine and warm Anguillian people
  • your children love Ken's ribs instead of wanting more McDonald's
  • everywhere you go is still "the real deal."

Closer and Cheaper Than You Realize

Air travel to Anguilla is very rarely a one-step process. Many Anguillians think there should be a major international airport and big jumbo jets should start flying into the island.

But a major airport in Anguilla would spoil the island. Anguilla would lose all the little things that make it the special magical place that it is. We have always been more than happy to take that extra flight to Anguilla.

In fact, St. Maarten's major airport (SXM) serves Anguilla admirably well. It's as close to Anguilla as your own international airport is to your home.

Approaching Anguilla
approaching anguilla

Special Tip: Travel Direct with Aurora Anguilla

Special tip for those traveling from the east coast of the United States!

Another direct and easy option is traveling with Aurora Anguilla. The iconic five-star hotel has its very own fleet of jets that fly direct to the island from White Plains, NY and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

anguilla jet
Photos: Aurora Anguilla

It doesn't get easier than this!

More on Aurora's flights to Anguilla here.

More Anguilla Airport and Travel Information

1) The Best Way to Fly to Anguilla
Traveling to Anguilla? Don't fly into Anguilla directly (airport code AXA)! Here is the best way to fly to Anguilla...

2) How To Get To Anguilla, Fastest and Cheapest
Region-by-region detailed tips to get to Anguilla, including routes that can save your hundreds of dollars, several hours and even overnight stops.

3) Anguilla Airport Update
July 4 2010 marks a significant change in Anguilla airport history. The Anguilla airport has changed its official name. "Wallblake Airport" is no more. Today, Anguilla's airport is the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport.

4) Flights to Anguilla From St. Maarten: Climbing aboard Anguilla Air Services
Captain Carl Thomas and his airline, Anguilla Air Services, helped my Mom and Dad out of a tight spot. This flight from Anguilla to St. Maarten (and St. Maarten to Anguilla) has become their favorite way of air travel to Anguilla.

Anguilla Air Services depature times vary according to the season and day of the week. The earliest flight usually departs Anguilla at 10:30-11AM (morning flight) with second and third flights of the day at 12-1PM and around 2PM. Return flights from St. Maarten to Anguilla begin around 1PM with final flight around 3:30-4:40PM. Check their webpage for up-to-date information.

5) Anguilla Flights: Anguilla Air Services
Captain Carl Thomas ensures your safety and security aboard his well maintained aircrafts. He flies to many different islands in the Caribbean, but our favorite Anguilla flight? The aerial tour of Anguilla! It's a must-do on every Anguilla vacation.

6) Trans Anguilla Airways: Getting to St. Barths
The only British-certified airline on the island, Trans Anguilla Airways is as safe and professional as they come. They offer a variety of services, including a more affordable flight to St. Barths that runs a few days per week. Now, getting to the ever-cool St. Barths is easier than ever!

mini anguilla card emblem

7) Tradewind Aviation
With regularly-scheduled flights direct from San Juan (SJU) to Anguilla (AXA), Tradewind brings you to Anguilla in style in their luxurious 8 seater planes, complete with beverages and light fare on board.

8) Seaborne Airlines
Another option to fly from San Juan to Anguilla, Seaborne is an affordable alternative. Visit their website for their most up to date schedule.

9) Use The Cheapest Flight-to-Anguilla Finder To find your best route to Anguilla, use the Cheapest Flight-to-Anguilla Finder! It compares flights from your starting airport to both Anguilla's airport and to St. Maarten's airport. From there? Book the cheapest, quickest route. Find convenient and cheap flights to Anguilla here. Happy flying!

For Those Who Prefer Boats Or Saving Approx. $20...

Anguilla Ferry & Charters
After landing in Princess Juliana International Airport in SXM, take a cab to Marigot. Then catch the regularly scheduled, public Anguilla ferry. Or, book an Anguilla charter from St. Maarten's Dutch side, from the pier right near the airport.

ARCHIVES: Anguilla Air Travel

All pages below are Anguilla Beaches Archive pages. They are not kept up to date.

1) Wallblake Anguilla Airport (AXA)
Before the big 2005 update, the Anguilla airport (Wallblake airport) was really just a teeny Caribbean airport. No 747s, or even 737s, allowed!

2) 2005 Anguilla Airport Update
Since I first wrote this page, the Anguilla airport (especially the runway) has received quite a makeover! Click here for the Anguilla Airport 2005 update, including new information about the fastest, cheapest and most relaxed way to get to Anguilla now. Anguilla airport's charming "teeniness" otherwise remains the same.

3) Cape Air Anguilla Flights From San Juan
Massachusetts airline, Cape Air, now offers two daily Anguilla flights to and from Puerto Rico.

4) Anguilla Airways, From San Juan Direct to the Anguilla Airport
Flying to Anguilla directly has always been a challenge. Montreal-JFK, JFK-San Juan, San Juan-Anguilla was always a long day. The trip became impossible once American Eagle started cutting their flights from San Juan to Anguilla. But now there is a new Anguilla airline that flies direct from San Juan three times a day. Sounds like a great options!

5) Corail Helicopters
The ultimate way to travel in style (and most efficiently) from St. Maarten's airport? Hop from Princess Juliana Airport to Anguilla's Clayton J. Lloyd International airport aboard Corail Helicopters! More on Corail Helicopters' airport transfers here.

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