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Anguilla Airport:
Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport


The Anguilla airport has long been known as "Wallblake Airport," named after the island's famous plantation owner.

A great change took place July 4 2010. The Anguilla airport was renamed...

Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport
Clayton J. Lloyd

Clayton J. Lloyd

Captain Clayton J. Lloyd was the island's first pilot and the first man on Anguilla to own an airplane.

Captain Lloyd started flying in the 60s and 70s. He regularly carried passengers to St. Thomas and St. Maarten.

He also provided a search and rescue service and an emergency service for patients who needed to be airlifted out of Anguilla for medical attention.

Captain Lloyd sadly died doing what he loved in 1977 when a fire started aboard one of his planes during take off, igniting everything in a matter of minutes. There were no survivors.

July 4 2010 marks Captain Lloyd's 68th birthday and a colossal celebration where this pioneer, the man who brought air travel to Anguilla, was awarded widely deserved recognition for his efforts and for his forward looking spirit. He will be remembered for generations to come, the Anguilla airport a reminder of his great significance.

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