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Anguilla News And Your Commentary


Anguilla news can be hard to find in your local newspaper (unless you live in Anguilla, of course).

If you share our desire to know what's happening in our favorite island, read on for sources of Anguilla news stories.

This Anguilla news page...

1) features the major (global) sources of Anguilla from news sources around the world

2) offers all local news from leading local Anguilla news sources

3) lets you be reporter and editorialist, too...

Yes, you can comment on the news. Even add your own Anguilla news! Do you have an Anguilla news story that you want to share with everyone? Want to add your own editorial comments about the news? If so...

Skip below to add your own Anguilla news or editorials.

Or jump right to the bottom to see what others have had to say about news on Anguilla.

First, though, here are some of the top global resources for Anguilla news...

1. Google News
For all of the latest global news pieces about Anguilla, there is no beating Google News. A search for Anguilla here brings back the newest publications and new stories about our island paradise.

2. TripAdvisor Forums
Next up, the TripAdvisor Anguilla Forum catch most local news stories and happenings. From new restaurants, to new menus, flights and other travel information, the TripAdvisor moderators and contributors do an excellent job keeping us all updated on island happenings. A huge thank you to the TripAdvisor community!

3. Facebook Groups
Over the years more and more Facebook Groups have been established, providing and sharing valuable travel information about the island. Click here for one Anguilla Connoisseurs and click here for Simona's 33 Beaches group.

Anguilla News From Local Sources

Want the nitty-gritty local flavor? Search Anguilla's two leading sources of news, The Anguillian, and Anguilla News for any topic (thanks to Google's help)! This features also searches News.ai, which was the source of information about Anguilla from 1995-2004 (it still covers small, local stories from time to time).

More Anguilla News Stories & News Sources

Now For The Fun Part...

Become part of the news!

Write your own commentary on any story you find. Have your say! Or write your own news about Anguilla! If it's news, it belongs here!

It's easy to do, and it will be read by thousands of people who subscribe to Anguilla-Beaches.com.

Do You Have An Anguilla
News Story or Commentary?

Share your news and views here! Add your own Anguilla news of importance or comment on the "headline news" above.

Your Anguilla News and Editorial Comments

Click on the links below to read Anguilla news and editoral comments that were all written by visitors to this page.

You can write or comment on the news, too. Just scroll up a bit and write your own Anguilla news. Or continue on and read what others have had to say about what's happening in Anguilla. Enjoy...

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Anguilla News: An Anguillian company, Tropical Treats, has started making Anguilla ice cream in assorted flavors. Soursop is my favorite at this moment, …

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