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Anguilla Newspaper & Anguilla News


Before we lived in Anguilla, back when we would visit as tourists, my Dad would suddenly like to know all the Anguilla news. It may have been many months since we last visited, but suddenly, as soon as we arrived, he just had to be up to date on the Anguilla news.

Now that we live on the island, nothing has changed. Every Thursday, he loves to buy, sit down and read an excellent Anguilla newspaper that has been around forever...

anguilla newspaper

He reads it religiously, front-page-to-back, even the classified ads. Whatever the news may be, right down to the local garden party... he likes to get the flavor of what's going on, he says, all the nitty-gritty details of the latest "what's what."

There is another Anguilla newspaper (a free one), and the St. Maarten newspaper carries some new about Anguilla, but The Anguillian is "it," as far as he's concerned.

What would he do for news when our family was not in Anguilla?

When I first wrote this page Web page, it was November in Montreal. And if you know Montreal, November is grey, dank and dark. Oh how we'd love some warm news to remind us of the waves, heat, and sunshine of Anguilla.

While we were off-island, we'd to get our daily dose of warm Anguilla news through Mr. Bob Green's site! Bob Green used to keep a detailed "what's going on" Web site, all the news about Anguilla, right down to local garden parties. It was a charming site, and it's still fun to read, looking back at an "earlier Anguilla"...

anguilla news

Bob Green used to update Anguilla News daily, sometimes more than once per day. (He "blogged" before the word existed!) It was the site to follow...

I used to catch my dad on the site, refreshing the home page just to see the top photo that changed every time the page loaded (it doesn't do this anymore).

The colored photographs of Anguilla, the warming feel of his simple personalized logo, and friendly writing style all combined to make Dad feel right back at home in Anguilla.

Click here to read an historical Web site full of Anguilla news.

News.ai was the Anguilla news Web site in its day, starting before just about anyone in Anguilla had even heard of the "World Wide Web." It's still a wonderful and unique snapshot of what happened in Anguilla from 1995 to 2005, and still shares hyper local news stories.