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Your Anguilla Restaurants Reviews

Anguilla vacations vary from traveler to traveler.

Some people are avid snorkelers and scuba divers. Others can't swim, but love to sunbathe by the pool.

Some spend all of their time on a well-manicured lawn around a pool, barely budging. Others hike from one the eastern tip of the island to the western end.

But one thing remains the same for everyone..

We all eat.

And we all want to eat well.

Cooking great food is one of Anguilla's truly special expertises, Eating in Anguilla is one of its great pleasures.

Our family has told you about our experiences at all levels of Anguilla dining...

Now it's your turn. Food's a subjective thing. And not every restaurant is at the top of its game every night. So please share your Anguilla restaurant experiences...

Did you disagree with something we said?

Did we miss one of your favorites?

Share the food and pass the pototoes! Write your own review to share with future visitors to Anguilla.

It's easy. Just let us know...

Your Anguilla Restaurant Reviews

From tasting local foods and eating at beach bars to dining at five star restaurants, there is something to please all palates on Anguilla. What restaurants have you tried?

Your Anguilla Restaurant Reviews

Click on the links below to read visitors' dining experiences in Anguilla.

Which Restaurant When in Anguilla? 
  We are traveling to Anguilla in a large group (Mercedes-Benz dealers) as part of a contest winner. There will be over 65 of us in two groups. …

Anguilla Bakeries - Veya Café 
For good cheap Anguilla bakeries, Veya Café definitely qualifies. The Veya Café is downstairs from the main restaurant. Nice tranquil setting. …

Restaurant on Anguilla
Un Amore Café
Great restaurant on Anguilla - Un Amore Café delivers both food to your door step and very good eats at an Italian style eatery. It is a New York …

Gwen's Reggae Grill 
Miss winding over the sand dunes in a 4x4 to arrive at a small sandy parking - a short walk through the bushes to Gwen's on Shoal Bay . Pick up a cold …

English Rose
Good, Cheap Food in The Valley
In April 2008 we stayed at Masara (which we loved) on Katouche Bay near The Valley. Our first night we were tired from traveling and wanted something nearby …

Palm Grove Reviews 
Nat and Ethne Richardson are perfects hosts. Their restaurant on the beach is immediately a home away from home (and no dirty dishes to clean up). The …

Two Best Anguilla Restaurants in June 2007 
CAPRICE - We found Caprice after taking a wrong turn one night, and what luck! Every thing was perfect, exceptional service, food, ambience and even a …

"Caprice" and "Lucy's" 
We took our fifth trip to Anguilla in July and one of our best dinners was at Caprice Restaurant. It is a high end Italian restaurant that served the same …

"Elvis' Beach Bar" 
Hi there, This is Leslie... I, too, am making the final treks to the island. I finally have all my essentials in the apartment. Just back here in …

Mac and Hank's Retaurant, East Shoal Bay Not rated yet
Mac and Hank's restaurant, on Shoal Bay East , near Madeariman, is what I call a "true Anguilla" experience. Here is my Hanks review On May 21, 2017, …

Don't miss the home made sorbet!
 Not rated yet
A group of us were recently on Anguilla for a conference, and on one of our "free" days we did some shopping in town and then headed to da'Vida for lunch …

Nori's Favorite Anguilla Restaurants...
We Have Similar Tastes!
 Not rated yet
My wife and I will be making our yearly trip to Anguilla this coming May. This is trip #2...Haha, OK... We just got started, but we plan on making Anguilla …

Cote Mer Reader Reviews Not rated yet
UPDATE: Cote Mer has since closed. I went to Coté Mer, Island Harbour. The set up is magical, the beach, the view, the location itself, the …

Cove Castles, A Hidden Gem Not rated yet
I have been wanting to try this restaurant for a long time, and it did not disappoint, EVERYTHING was perfect. Cove Castles is reminiscent of the old …

Zara's Anguilla Not rated yet
We love the explosive flavors of Shamash, the chef at Zara's, and the cool, local atmosphere. Although there may be Anguilla restaurants with equally …

Koal Keel Reader Reviews Not rated yet
My wife and I spent 2 weeks on Anguilla in May 2007 for our anniversary. Koal Keel was by far our favorite restaurant and one of two restaurants we returned …

Bartletts For Lobsters And Rum Punch Not rated yet
We've bounced all around the Caribbean over the last 20 years. We were always searching for, and sometimes finding, however briefly, the quietest and most …

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