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Anguilla Guide To Top Eats


Here are our Top 10 Anguilla Eats...

#1. Nat's Crayfish & Johnny Cakes
The quintessential Anguilla dining experience, Nat's Palm Grove has been a favorite since we first stepped foot on Anguilla. This sandy beach shack is famous for its delectable crayfish. Extra-fresh and caught that day, Nat's delicacies are always perfectly cooked and spiced. The side dishes of coleslaw, hand-cut steak fries and piping hot Johnny cakes complete this #1 best of!

Can't Beat Nat's!
crayfish and coleslaw at palm grove in anguilla

#2. The Jerk Burger at Leon's at Malliouhana
When it comes to burgers, look no further than Leon's at Malliouhana. Their juicy burger is served inside a hand-made piping hot Johnny cake. It doesn't get better than this.

Johnny Cake Jerk Burger
Johnny Cake Jerk Burger at leons

#3. Seafood Pasta at Tasty's
Creamy and rich with seafood, Chef Dale Carty's seafood pasta is a must-try in Anguilla. There is no skimping on seafood portions here! This dish packs a whole lot of seafood flavor.

Tasty's Seafood Pasta
Anguilla restaurants, Tasty's Anguilla restaurant, Chef Dale Carty, seafood pasta dinner in Anguilla, lunch in Anguilla, breakfast in Anguilla

#4. BBQ Ribs at The Sunshine Shack
Ahhh, we dream of Garvey's ribs at the Sunshine Shack. These succulent, sweet and savory ribs fall right off the bone...!

BBQ Chicken & Ribs Combo
BBQ Chicken and ribs combo from Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill

#5. Lobster Cakes at Sharky's
The best seafood cakes you will ever have can be found at none other than Chef Lowell Hodge's family run restaurant, Sharky's. Packed with generous chunks of tasty lobster, each cake is made with love and care.

Anguilla Lobster Cakes
sharkys lobster cakes

#6. Croissants at Le Bon Pain
Flakey... buttery... made with the highest quality ingredients... these croissants are all "love at first bite." There's no beating Le Bon Pain's croissants, breads and sandwiches, too. This is a must do, through and through.

Order of pastries from Le Bon Pain
order of pasteries from the french bakery

#7. Ocean Echo's Rumzie
Time to wash it all down with our favorite rum punch on the island, Ocean Echo's fruity Rumzie.

THE Rumzie
rumzie ocean echo

#8. Nacho Supreme at Elvis'
What pairs perfectly with a tall cocktail? A hefty plate of nachos. Elvis' serves the best on-island!

Elvis' Nacho Supreme
fully loaded nachos at elvis

#9. Blanchards' Carrot Cake
When it's time for something sweet, there is no competing with Blanchards' six layer carrot cake. Moist, rich in flavor and topped with heavenly icing, this dessert will have you coming back for more and more.

Ultimate Carrot Cake
blanchards anguilla carrot cake

#10. Rum Raisin Ice Cream at Hibernia
If it's ice cream you prefer? Hibernia's rum raisin ice cream packs a potent punch!

Agree? Disagree?

Love our choices? Hate our choices? Want to list another favorite dish? Click here to share your opinions! :-)

Honorable Mentions

Over the years, during our trips to Anguilla and since moving to Anguilla, our family has gathered a big enough list of favorite Anguilla restaurants to make an Anguilla guide dedicated to eating out!

The question has always been, how do you organize this lengthy list?

The most obvious way is by price. So over the years, we've shared reviews of our...

Anguilla Guide Food

But what if we sliced and diced (so to speak) Anguilla food a different way...

Kind of like a contest of top meals!

In addition to the top 24 eats featured above, here are some of the island's very best that are also well-worth mentioning :-)

Without further ado, the honorable mentions to our Anguilla Guide To Top Eats!...

B&D's BBQ Chicken & Ribs

My Dad Chowing Down on B&D's BBQ
anguilla BBQ B&Ds

You can spend a lot on BBQ chicken and ribs at many Anguilla restaurants.

Or you can gorge on some of the best at B&D's for a fraction of the price.

B&D's is a favorite on the island!

Their chicken and ribs have a deep, smokey taste.

Here, you can get plenty of sides, too, including macaroni salad, rice and peas, fries and even Johnny cakes.

They are only open on weekends, and they sure do get busy.

I recommend going early to make sure they don't sell out of anything before you get there!

Another BBQ favorite is Ken's Pork, located in The Valley.

Their ribs are loved by many!


sandwiches geraud

I love sandwiches of all kinds.

Chicken, tuna, ham, cheese, roast beef, anything goes by me!

Sliced bread is fine, but French baguette is preferred.

Add fresh tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise... I'm in heaven.

That is the exact recipe followed by Geraud's!

For an assortment of sandwiches, there is no topping Geraud's quality and selection.


Deon was the king of breakfast on Anguilla. His perfect pancakes and crisp bacon were not only a favorite for my sister and I, but for Keith Richards (the king of rock) too! Sadly, Deon's has since closed.

Tasty's has since become our top-pick, his "Two Egg-citing" breakfast being our second favorite breakfast on the island (the first is his "Caribbean Sampler" mentioned above).

This comes with 2 eggs any style, bacon, home fries, fresh fruit, toast and your choice of coffee or bush tea.

Tasty's Two Egg-citing Breakfast
anguilla breakfast tastys

For location and quality of morning cuisine, Straw Hat can't be beat.

Straw Hat's breakfast menu has many options. From New York City bagels, to French Bread French Toast, to pancakes, to frittatas, to egg sandwiches, you are well covered here. And, the ocean-front setting is unbeatable!

Johnny Cakes

This is a tough one! For your "traditional" Anguilla Johnny Cake, battered and deep-fried, you just can't beat Veya, Tasty's being a close second.

johnny cakes

But there is more than one way to make Anguilla Johnny Cakes! For an old-fashioned Johnny Cake, baked as they were years ago, Joan and Cyril's BBQ Pit is #1.

Lunch-and-Beach Days

One of the best things to do on an Anguilla vacation is to do nothing at all... find a good spot for lunch on the beach, preferrably with comfy beach chairs, and just laze the day away. We have two favorite spots for "lunching and lounging."

The first, a more casual and affordable option, da'Vida. On Crocus Bay, the beach is good for floating and there are lots of water spots available (kayaking, snorkeling, etc.). Everything on the menu is tasty, and the options are many... whether BBQ ribs and chicken, a grilled cheese sandwich or pizza.

Lunch at Jacala
anguilla food

Our second favorite beach-lunch spot is Jacala. More expensive, with a French menu, this is THE choice for lovers of carefully executed French cuisine. Jacala is right on Meads Bay, one of the island's best big beaches. Cooling off in the water after a refreshing meal of salads and carpaccios, with a glass of rosé... there isn't a better way to spend an afternoon.


On days when I'm being more health conscious, I'm on the look out for a tasty salad, one that's not going to bore my taste buds. I found that perfect salad at Andy's...

Andy's Chicken Salad
Anguilla salad

A bed of fresh greens, onions and tomatoes, it is topped with cubes of cheese, slices of grilled chicken and crispy onion rings. OK, so the onion rings part isn't healthy, but it provides a nice crunch and contrast.

It is my favorite salad on the island!

Fish & Chips

Roy's Bayside Grill gets my vote for most delectable fish and chips, a don't-miss meal all around.

Roy's Fish & Chips
roys fish and chips anguilla

This dish can be tricky to prepare... the batter can't be too heavy, nor can it be soggy. Luckily, Roy's Bayside Grill was formerly an English pub. The English specialty? Fish and chips of course! The red snapper is wrapped in a light, crisp batter and served with yummy chips. Delicious!


Sushi? In Anguilla? I know what you're thinking... Anguilla is not a sushi destination. A few restaurants on the island are known for their sushi dishes. Our favorite for a long, long time was the Sunset Lounge at Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Sushi
viceroy sushi

With a variety of creative Anguilla-inspired rolls (one of my favorites incorporates Anguillian crayfish!) made with fresh local seafood, and your staples (sushi and sashimi plates), the options are plenty, and they are all good.

The setting is pretty phenomenal, too!


Artisan Pizza
pizza at artisan

Artisan hands down is our favorite. They make an excellent pizza pie in their all wood oven imported from none other than Napoli! (Tip: Start the meal with a meat and/or cheese plate. They are exceptional with a glass of chianti!)


Ocean Echo's Rasta Pasta
rasta pasta ocean echo

This one causes a lot of controversy!

Every person in my family has a different top choice.

My Mom loves Ocean Echo's Rasta Pasta, loaded with fresh veggies and topped with cheese.

My heart will always be loyal to Trattoria's pasta Bolognese.

And we all love Dolce Vita's hearty lasagna.

Another stand out? Lobster ravioli! Many Italian restaurants serve lobster ravioli. My Dad's favorite is from Trattoria Tramonto, which is very creamy.

Chocolate Cake

There once was a time when Zurra would "take the cake" on this one. Errr... I mean, take the cupcake. This had to be the best dessert in the universe! A warm, moist, rich chocolate cupcake, topped with equally delicious, smooth chocolate icing, filled with hot chocolate fudge and topped with vanilla ice cream. I thought I would die from happiness!

anguilla cupcake

This decadent dessert only lives on in our memories today. Head to Trattoria Tramonto in West End Anguilla for the best chocolate cake dessert, their "Chocolate Bomb."

Washing It All Down!

Hands down, Pamela's colorful smoothie shack by the Sandy Ground round about, Sea Spray, makes one of the best refreshing drinks on the island, her special smoothies.

With Anguilla-Beaches.com intern, José Vanterpool, at Sea Spray
smoothie sea spray

The best type, and the one that's the most popular with locals, is White Sands. It's made with coconut, milk, nutmeg, vanilla and topped with tasty cookie crumbs. Sweet, creamy and cool, it's a refreshingly delicious treat. For $6, the price is more than fair (you can also add rum for $2).

I've been addicted to these sweet treats right from the first sip! :-)

Now, this is just one family's opinion. And we certainly have not "tried it all." So...

Guide Us To Your Top Anguilla Eat!

Do you have an absolute favorite for a "top eat" that our family has missed? For example, do you know the #1 place for crayfish on Anguilla? We, along with all visitors to Anguilla, would love to hear about your "top eat." From fries to calamari, from burgers to rum punch, guide us to the best!

Your Anguilla Guide To Top Eats

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Click here to write your own.


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