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Anguilla Hotels: The Guide


This Anguilla hotels and accommodations guide shows you every Anguilla lodging option, beach-by-beach and price-by-price, from five-star hotels on Meads Bay to affordable Anguilla accommodation options in Sandy Ground.

A Hotel By Any Other Name?

Anguilla has an interesting idiosyncracy. Some "hotels" turn out to be "villas" and vice-versa. To avoid confusion, let's agree on terminology...

This hotel and accommodations guide includes any lodging that features multiple (3+), attached units and has a property manager who is on site most days of the week.

Villas are generally standalone units or, at most, there may be one adjoining unit. Someone may greet you at the airport or villa, and there will usually be someone by to clean, but you are otherwise on your own.

Bottom line? Forget the "label." Anything in this guide, from inn to resort, feels like a hotel.

Whether you're in search of Anguilla budget hotels in Anguilla, all inclusive Anguilla resorts, or the best places to honeymoon, just follow the Anguilla guide (see links and Anguilla map below).

From cheap hotels in Anguilla to 5-star Anguilla resorts (some of the finest caribbean luxury hotels), you'll find them here.

All the way from Barnes Bay in the West End to Island Harbour in the East, this Anguilla hotel guide has it all.

Use it before making your Anguilla hotel reservations for your next Anguilla holiday.

How To Use The Anguilla Hotel Guide

Step 1) Decide if you want to search by price or by hotel location.

Step 2) If you choose to search by beach, click on the links at the bottom of this page to select the beach you want to stay on. If you would prefer to search by price category, click here to see hotels in your range.

Dollar signs are based on one standard room/garden view, in the high season (excluding Christmas/New Year weeks), at double occupancy. Room rates vary considerably within each hotel, depending on time of year, room size, location, etc. Price ranges are noted as follows...

  • $ = < $100
  • $$ = $100 - 200
  • $$$ = $200 - 300
  • $$$$ = $300 - 500
  • $$$$$ = $500+

Step 3) Evaluate the information we list on the hotel.

  • Size The listing tells you how many rooms each hotel offers.
  • Location Is it on the beach? Where on the beach? Is it a walk from the beach? Or is it a drive to the beach?
  • Description A brief thumbnail of the hotel.
  • Price Click the dollar sign link for each hotel's most up-to-date rates.

Step 4) Got it narrowed down to one or two top choices? Use the final link to read detailed hotel reviews.

You can't go wrong with this simple process. Anguilla hotels vary from the sensational "Hollywood-star expensive"...

Anguilla hotels

To the ultra affordable...

Anguilla hotels

This directory helps you find your perfect choice, on your favorite beach, at a price right for you. I hope you find it useful...

OK, let's get started.

Anguilla Hotels By Location

South Shore (Facing the Caribbean Sea and St. Martin)

Sea Feather Bay   |   Long Pond Bay   |   Blowing Point - Sandy Point   |  
Rendezvous Bay Cove Bay   |   Maunday's Bay   |  
Shoal Bay West


North Shore (Facing the Open Atlantic Ocean)

Sandy Ground (Road Bay)   |   Katouche Bay   |   Crocus Bay
Shoal Bay East   |   Island Harbour   |   Barnes Bay   |   Meads Bay


Anguilla Hotels By Price

$ (<$100)

Sea View
Nature Gardens Vacation Apartments   |   Sydans


$$ ($100-200)

Brooklands Island View   |   Caribbean Sea View   |   Easy Corner Villas
Cottages at da'Vida  |   Milly's Inn
Ocean Breeze Holiday Apartments   |   West End Bay Apartments   |   Patsy's Seaside Villas


$$$ ($200-300)

Arawak Beach Club
Masara Resort   |  
Ferry Boat Inn   |   La Vue   |   Royal Palms   |   Bellavista


$$$$ ($300-500)

Anguilla Great House Beach Resort   |   Rendezvous Bay Hotel   |   Blue Waters Beach Apartments
Carimar Beach Resort   |   Nathan's Cove
Ocean Terrace Condos  |   Paradise Cove Resort   |   Serenity Cottages
Shoal Bay Villas   |   Turtle's Nest Beach Resort   |   Bella Blu   |   ArBron Villas


$$$$$ ($500+)

Cap Juluca   |  
Aurora   |   Frangipani Beach Resort
Meads Bay Beach Villas   |   Malliouhana
Four Seasons Anguilla   |   Zemi Beach House


Another Resource For Finding Cheap Anguilla Accommodations

If you are looking for Anguilla accommodations (not necessarily an Anguilla hotel experience) in the $-$$$ range, Airbnb Anguilla is an excellent place to turn to. They list a variety of affordable rentals, including private homes, apartments, condos and even rooms in houses. More on Airbnb Anguilla here.