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Anguilla Hotels: The Guide...
Shoal Bay East


The red pin (below) is Shoal Bay East.

Shoal Bay East

Shoal Bay is "the" beach in Anguilla, the Caribbean, even the world. Year after year travel magazines write Shoal Bay up as one of the best in the region.

The upper half of Shoal Bay is the most popular half of the beach. Here, there is a greater concentration of eateries, beach bars and hotels. Wander further up this half of Shoal Bay, and you will be amazed by the area's raw beauty, swaying palm trees, small rays playing in the surf.

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Allamanda Beach Club

Shoal Bay

Size: Medium

Location: A two minute walk from the beach.

Description: Set in from the upper half of Shoal Bay (Shoal Bay East), Allamanda Beach Club is a short walk to one of the world's best beaches. Favorite spots like Gwen's Reggae Grill and Elodia's are right there.

Location, for the price, is certainly one of the biggest draws to Allamanda Beach Club.

The units are a bit tired, but are overall clean and comfortable, complete with Wi-Fi, air conditioning and television. Each room has a private balcony or patio (depending on whether you're on the first or second storey). There is also a small kitchen and dining area in each room, which is a bit cramped, but gets the job done if you want to eat in.

The property features a large pool and sunning area. Five-star restaurant, Zara is also on site.

The staff is kind and conscientious. They are in the office six days per week.

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Ku Hotel

Ku is temporarily closed.

Shoal Bay

Size: Medium

Location: Middle of the beach.

Description: Ku offers units with refreshing, minimalist decor, a tasty restaurant right on location, a pool... all on the best beach in the Caribbean. Click for more information on Ku Hotel in Anguilla.

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Milly's Inn

Milly's Inn

Name: Milly's Inn

Size: Medium

Location: Overlooking Shoal Bay - three minute walk to the beach.

Description: Milly's Inn is made up of a few cute units, complete with full kitchen and dining room.

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Serenity Cottages

serenity inn
Photo Credit: Serenity Cottages

Size: Medium

Location: Eastern tip of Shoal Bay.

Description: Serenity Cottages, better known as simply Serenity, is made up of several apartment style units.

These apartments are tucked away on the rocky point of the eastern tip of Shoal Bay (its far upper half, which is much quieter than the middle of the beach). Rooms are comfortable and nicely appointed. Serenity offers 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and studio size apartments. The bedrooms have balconies, are air conditioned, and each unit has television and Wi-Fi.

Rooms are serviced daily, and staff is very helpful. Serenity is one of those quiet, peaceful, hidden hotels that have a large following of long-term Anguilla travelers. Many love the caring and dedicated owner, Kenneth Rogers.

Their restaurant Serenity is on site. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. A more refined spot for dinner and lunch, it opens up right onto the sands of Shoal Bay. This hotel also has a beach bar, right in the side.

Location, tranquility, privacy... this is what makes Serenity, serenity.

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Shoal Bay Villas

Shoal Bay Villas

Size: Medium

Location: Middle of the beach.

Description: Right on Shoal Bay's sandy shores, Shoal Bay Villas is hard to beat.

Considering the location, rates are reasonable. They start at $210 in the low season, and go as high as $555 (for a 2 bedroom suite) in the high season.

Shoal Bay Villas and its lovely, accommodating staff is loved by many!

This small hotel has twelve apartment-style units. They are spacious, clean and have a certain Caribbean flair. Units have full kitchens and a comfortable living/dining space, as well as a small, private outdoor living space, too. The buildings are two floors, so do be sure to specify whether you want a top floor room or one on the ground floor.

Shaded by palm trees, you are afforded great privacy here too.

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Zemi Beach House

zemi beach house

Size: Large

Location: West end of Shoal Bay East

Description: Zemi Beach House brings a point of luxury to Shoal Bay East. With lavish suites that open up on the sand and penthouse suites that gaze out to Shoal Bay East from a perch in the sky, the accommodations are nothing short of luxurious.

With five-star facilities, including two restaurants, two pools and their captivating Zemi Thai House Spa, it is no surprise to see this luxury hotel gaining the attention of big press.

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The Manoah Boutique Hotel

Welcome to The Manoah Boutique Hotel
manoah boutique hotel on shoal bay east

Size: Small

Location: Middle of Shoal Bay East

Description: Set where the loyally-loved Ku used to be, Manoah boasts one of the best settings on Shoal Bay East. Right in the middle of one of Anguilla's best beaches, the location doesn't get better than this.

The boutique hotel features 31 rooms with a chic, Caribbean feel. 22 rooms are set inside the hotel's main building, which offer panoramic views of the beach. The remaining 9 rooms are right on the beach!

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