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The Manoah Boutique Hotel...
The Shimmering Sandcastle on Shoal Bay East


Loved for its fresh and modern suites, Manoah Boutique Hotel brings luxury living to Shoal Bay East!

Welcome to Manoah Boutique Hotel
manoah boutique hotel on shoal bay east

From the moment you pull up to Manoah Boutique Hotel's lobby, you enter a world grand and modern.

Entering Manoah Boutique Hotel
welcome to manoah boutique hotel

Dressed in crisp whites, shimmering tiles are interspaced with luxurious wood floors underfoot. The lobby is fresh with views of Shoal Bay blue in the distance. It is an indication of good things to come.

Lobby View
lobby view from manoah boutique hotel

A boutique property, Manoah offers 31 rooms total. 22 of the rooms are set inside the hotel's main building, which stretches 6 stories high. The remaining 9 rooms are directly on the sands of world-famous Shoal Bay East.

Let's take a look...

The Main Building's Oceanview Rooms

Set inside the "sandcastle" that sits on Shoal Bay East, Manoah's main building houses three types of rooms: standard rooms, superior rooms (standards and superiors can be joined to create 2 bedroom suites) and the presidential penthouse suite. It occupies the entire 6th floor.

The owner of Manoah is known for his successful restaurants and beach clubs in St. Martin and St. Tropez. Long-term lovers of Anguilla, he and his late wife had always dreamed of opening a hotel on Shoal Bay East.

Today, the beachfront building is named Liz in her honor. The main building is named after Deanna Mussington, a dear family friend whose career the owner helped blossom.

An interesting and touching background, we were ready to see the first room on the tour.

Standard Rooms

Behind Deanna's first door, a short hallway painted a vivid blue curves and leads you to the standard room.

Standard Room
standard oceanview room at manoah

Lavishly appointed, a floor-to-ceiling art piece makes up the room's backdrop. With sand-colored tiles underfoot, white all around and wood accent pieces, all of the elements work together to create a chic Caribbean feel.

The bedroom is complete with a television, coffee bar with mini fridge, a sumptuous bathroom and...

Standard Room Balcony
standard room balcony at manoah

The balcony features a small dining table, two chairs and a comfortable swing for long snoozes while listening to the waves of Shoal Bay.

Shoal Bay View
the shoal bay view from standard room at manoah

Tip: If it is privacy you seek, book a room on floor 2 or 3. The balconies on these floors are separated from the other balconies. If it is a panoramic view you prefer, or if you are traveling with another couple or extended family, floors 4 and 5 are open with low dividers.

Panoramic View from Manoah's Floor 4
panoramic view from floor 4 at manoah boutique hotel

Just next to the standard rooms are the...

Superior Rooms

The superior rooms feature a living room, with Venetian mirrored accent pieces and large flatscreen television.

Superior Room Living Space at Manoah
living area inside superior room at manoah

This living area opens onto a terrace that looks out to Shoal Bay East.

Next to the living area is...

The Superior Bedroom
superior room at manoah

Oversized and plush, its bathroom is equally immaculate. Elegant and encased in white, all bathrooms feature sink tub with tiled walk-in shower. The superior room's bathroom is slightly larger than the standard room's.

Luxurious Bathroom
walk in shower at manoah

When you throw open the drapes and push back the accordion-like sliding doors? It takes your breath away...

Superior Room Wrap Around Terrace
wrap around terrace at manoah

Twice the size of the standard room's terrace, the superior room's terrace wraps around to the living room. A fantastic use of space!

All rooms are elevator accessible and are just a 30 second walk to the beach.

Beachfront Rooms

In a three story building, Manoah's beachfront building is directly on the sands of Shoal Bay East. It houses 6 superior and 3 standard rooms. All are accessible by elevator.

Standard Rooms

The rooms in this building lay out similarly to the rooms in the main building. However, the beachfront rooms feature rich, hard-wood flooring and the top floors boast a lofty feel with vaulted ceilings overhead.

Beachfront Standard Room
beachfront standard room at manoah boutique hotel

The spacious bedroom opens into a spotless bathroom on one side. This awaits you on the room's opposite side...

Beachfront View of Shoal Bay East
view of shoal bay east from manoah boutique hotel

For an up-close view of Shoal Bay East, book the beachfront room.

Superior Rooms

The beachfront superior rooms open into a spacious living area with large flatscreen television.

Superior Beachfront Living Area
living room in beachfront superior room at manoah

A curved hallway leads from the living area to the room's oversized bedroom with bathroom.

Superior Beachfront Bedroom
superior bedroom at manoah

Even more striking than the view from the main building, this vivid blue view immediately grabs you.

Beachfront Superior Terrace
manoah beachfront balcony

The use of glass is a brilliant touch. Panoramic, it offers an up-close perspective of Shoal Bay East. The terrace also extends across to the living space.

Undeniably beautiful, this is your front row seat on Shoal Bay East.

Next to the beachfront building is...

The Manoah Ocean Beach Club

The hotel's bar, restaurant and pool, complete with cabanas and chaises, are part of "Manoah Ocean Beach Club."

Lunch is Served at Manoah Beach Club
lunch at manoah ocean beach club

The focal point of the resort, the space is a successful blend of French Riviera-chic and Anguilla-cool. The owner's experience of developing beach clubs in St. Martin and St. Tropez is apparent.

Dazzling Pool
pool at manoah boutique hotel

Large, with ample seating, the pool itself slopes up to its edges, making for easy wading. Another smart touch are the lounge chaises that sit directly in the pool.

In-Pool Lounge Chaises
in-pool lounge chaises at manoah

Is that not the utmost in total relaxation?

Manoah Boutique Hotel in Background
manoah boutique hotel with pool in foreground

The main building stands behind the pool. If you are staying in the main building you are only a few seconds away from cool pool delight. On the other side of the pool (the beach side), sits the hotel's restaurant and bar.

Spacious with white pillars and glimmering tiles, this bar sparkles. It opens onto the sands of Shoal Bay East where comfortable lounge chaises with umbrellas await you.

The Bar at Manoah Ocean Beach Club
the bar at manoah ocean beach club

Hotel guests and non-guests alike can enjoy the restaurant, beach and pool experience at Manoah Ocean Beach Club (a fee is charged for non-guests).

More on Manoah Ocean Beach Club.

Spa, Salon & Gym

In addition to the pool area, the hotel also offers spa (complete with steam room) and salon services to guests.

Salon at Manoah
salon at manoah

The gym is set just next to the spa...

Manoah's Gym
the gym at manoah

All in all, Manoah makes for an excellent choice on Shoal Bay East.

Manoah Boutique Hotel, Shoal Bay East
the path to shoal bay east

Caribbean-modern and chic, with easy access to the beach, Manoah offers a terrific luxury experience at a competitive price.