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Anguilla Shopping
Yes, It Exists!


At first glance, you may think that Anguilla shopping is not this Caribbean island's #1 activity. And you'd be right. But who cares?

St. Martin, a duty free country, is a mere 20 minutes away. For many reasons, most items are much cheaper, and the shops are more exciting and varied.

But, while you have to hunt a little, you will find some truly unique shops and galleries scattered around -- yes, Anguilla shopping does exist.

My parents enjoyed many of the galleries, including Cheddie's Carving Studio. Cheddie creates beautiful driftwood sculpture. But here's my favorite place to shop...

anguilla shop Irie Life

The store is the best in Anguilla shopping... hip, cool and calm.

A radio pipes reggae music, while you browse through fashionable pants, shorts, bathing suits, caps, sandals etc.

The clothing is relaxed and breezy. Perfect for Anguilla beach weather.

Beautiful, colorful, tropical prints are a trademark of the store.

And... getting there is half the fun! The Back Road (the cliffside road to the Overlook Restaurant) is breath taking, with a staggering panorama of Sandy Ground and Road Bay!...

Sandy Ground Harbor
view of Sandy Ground

It's easy to miss Irie Life while driving on this road. Why? Because we all look left, towards Sandy Ground, while the Irie Life sign and store are on the right! We passed right by it... twice!

Also, Irie Life is not located right on the road. Rather, we found this fun-filled store tucked away behind another charming gift shop (although the owner of that store rarely seems to be in -- if the door is locked, ring the bell -- it's a nice gift shop).

So just remember -- from the road, you only see a small Irie sign and a gift shop out front (you have to hunt to go Anguilla shopping!). You don't actually see this from the Back Road...

Anguilla shop Irie front

Everyone in the family found something fun and interesting to wear here.

But, there's something you ought to know...

Even though I truly loved this one of a kind shop, my Dad loved it much more than I did!

He loved the pants, shirts, caps, the atmosphere - everything!

He bought half the store each time we went!

Dad Enjoying his Cap!
dad cap
(Update on Irie Life and and Dad's hat.)

For a full report, there's more on Irie Life here!

Most Caribbean islands are filled with street after crowded street of duty free electronic & jewelery shops. Not Anguilla though!

Like I said, St. Martin has many more shops and we especially loved the french side. Finding neat shops like Irie Life and Cheddie's is more fun, though. "Anguilla shopping" is sort of like tripping over unexpected gems, rather than trekking from one well-merchandised store to another.

Other Anguilla Shopping Favorites

mini anguilla card emblem

Tranquilitee: Anguilla T-Shirts
Custom made, these soothingly-soft Anguilla t-shirts bring you Caribbean calm 24x7. Tranquilitee's first collection features 5 hand-painted Anguilla water color scenes, each printed on a 100% cotton t-shirt with a touch of stretchiness for the ultimate in soothing comfort.

mini anguilla card emblem

Limin' Boutique
Owned and run by Ken and Renee Reinl, Limin' Boutique carries unique and authentic Anguillian and Caribbean souvenirs hand-made in the region. Beachy and breezy, this shop has such a fresh feel, reminiscent of beach-side shops up in the Northeast and Nantucket.

Caribbean Soaps & Sundries
What began as a hobby for founder Carrol Shannon has grown into a thriving business. Producing hand-crafted, island-made soaps, scented candles and a whole range of body care products, Caribbean Soaps & Sundries' products make for sweet and special gifts and souvenirs.

mini anguilla card emblem

The only store of its kind on the island, Megasavers offers a wide variety of goods from pool and beach toys to homeware, all at a discounted price for members. With shipments arriving regularly, they have a terrific selection of items.

mini anguilla card emblem

Anguilla Sea Salt Company
Offering a 100% Anguillian-made product, Anguilla Sea Salt sources and creates ready-to-eat salt from Anguilla's oceans right in Island Harbour. A family owned and operated business, it's a unique souvenir sold in a charming West Indian-style cottage.

mini anguilla card emblem

The Gift Box
Step into Olivia Lake's workshop, The Gift Box, for a varied offering of high quality gift baskets fit for every occasion.

Gadget City
Gadget City is Anguilla's go-to tech shop. They carry a wide variety of items, all at competitive prices. If you're looking for a WiFi spot (serving complimentary coffee and tea), or need access to a printer, they've got you covered for that, too.

mini anguilla card emblem

Petals Boutique on Meads Bay
Petals offers a refreshing Anguilla shopping experience on Meads Bay. Pretty as a picture, this chic boutique carries everything from trendy beach wear to locally made and Anguilla-inspired crafts.

mini anguilla card emblem

Sea Spray Boutique
A colorful one stop shop for artisan crafts, Anguilla souvenirs and sweet smoothies. Stop in for a sip and a chat with Sea Spray's owner, Pam!

Bijoux Boutique
A charming shop in Sandy Ground, Bijoux Boutique catches the eye with its pretty decor. Go inside to find many items for children, women and a few for men too.

mini anguilla card emblem

Cheddie's Gallery
Our favorite Anguilla sculpture.

Lynne's Gallery
Our favorite Anguilla art.

mini anguilla card emblem

The Gallery & Print Shop
A store of our own :-) Anguilla Beaches' Gallery & Print Shop is an online collection of some of your favorite Anguilla photos, seen on our Instagram and in the Newsletter. This digital shop brings you prints and ready-to-hang canvas versions. Here's to bringing "Anguilla blue" home!

Those are our favorite shopping haunts. Now it's your turn...

What's Your Favorite Anguilla Shop?

Have you discovered a special store, hidden gem, resort boutique on Anguilla? I'm sure I'm not the only one who is always on the look out for great shops for our next visit. Share with your fellow shoppers! We'd love some great tips and stories, too.

Your Anguilla Shopping Tips And Stories

Click on the links below to read shopping tips and stories written by other visitors to Anguilla.

The Estate Hope Art Studio on Crocus Hill 
This is the place to find hand made heirloom quality quilts of all kinds! I am Carol Richardson, the quiltmaker and artist. Since many of our guests …

Miss Jimmy's Artist Retreat on Roaches Hill 
"You have your brushes, you have your colours, you paint paradise, then in you go." Miss Jimmy's house, originally built in 1937, is situated on a …

Why Knot and Irie Life are the real deal Not rated yet
The only time we leave the beach during the day is for a trip to Irie Life or Why Knot . Great people and wonderful clothes! Nori's Reply : Fabiana's …

Why Knot @ The Beach, Crocus Bay Not rated yet
Thank you for sharing your Why Knot experience @ the beach, Crocus Bay, da'Vida . You have a fabulous family and your company is very easy to keep. …

Delightful Devonish Art Gallery Not rated yet
I stayed in Anguilla for a month in 2000 while taking a class through my college, Hartwick College, in New York. We worked at Courtney Devonish's art studio …

Click here to write your own.


More on Anguilla Shopping...

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ARCHIVES: Gone But Not Forgotten

Exotic Plus
Get the goat!

da'Vida's Gift Shop
If you come looking for Why Knot, you will find da'Vida's gift shop! It has a nice assortment of beach cover ups, sandals, and small gifts. Worth a visit if you are having lunch at da'Vida's Bayside Grill.

Boopsie's Boutique on Island Holidays
Looking for trendy wear on Anguilla? Boopsie's Boutique is one of a kind, rivalling even the most fashionable shops in Canada's fashion capital, Montreal!

Why Knot Visit Anguilla?
Fabiana Liburd designs the most classic Anguilla souvenir, perfect for everyday use on your visit to Anguilla and filled with the warmest memories upon your return home. Don't miss "Why Knot," at da'Vida on Crocus Bay!

Barlett's (Currently = Sea Spray Boutique)
Fun, funky, tasty and refreshing! What more could a girl want?

Preacher Boy's road side shop and bar...
An off-the-wall jumble of ocean debris and flamboyant personality!