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Anguilla Shopping...
Irie Life 2004 Update


Remaining as hip, cool, and calm as ever, up on the cliff overlooking Sandy Ground, Irie Life is still Anguilla's #1 shopping experience!

We returned to the shop in March 2004 (a few times!), and checked out their...

Sensational New Tropical Shirts
anguilla shopping

And Cool Caps
anguilla shopping

My Dad had not only burnt his feet during our Chocolat outing but the wind had also blown his Anguilla cap far, far out to sea.

He wears that baseball cap everywhere, so back to Irie Life we went. And as usual, we bought a lot more than a baseball cap. Here's my Mom trying on a fun, colorful top...

anguilla shopping

As my mom was trying out shirts, something very unusual happened...

The lady working in the store had been looking at me a lot.

Finally, she asked me if I ran "that Web site about Anguilla."

She was ecstatic, claiming that the site has brought them much business, and that the owner had told her that if I ever came into the store that the owner wanted to meet me.

Then she asked me to leave my autograph!

Wow. That sure felt funny.

We continued on shopping in the delightful atmosphere, but that was constantly on my mind.

I have to say, that doesn't happen every day. But neither does an Anguilla shopping store as special as Irie Life.

I'm so glad if this helps people find this slightly out-of-the-way, but very special store.