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Anguilla Events, Music & Nightlife

For a tiny island, Anguilla events are in no short supply! See below for upcoming weekly events (including live music, special menus, boat races, festivals, etc.) and monthly events happening during your stay.

A Note on Live Music in Anguilla!

Many regularly scheduled events and most nightlife revolve around terrific Anguilla music. The island is home to several talented musicians, each with a unique style and vibe. From musicians performing fast-beat soca, which is very popular in the Caribbean, to calypso and reggae, you are bound to find a group who suits your taste.

Sunset Time at Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge
One of The Most Popular Spots For Night Life
sunset lounge sunset at four seasons

Bankie Banx is one of the island's most widely loved musicians. He owns the famous Dune Preserve beach bar and performs there weekly. He also hosts the big reggae festival Moonsplash each year.

Other musicians who you may regularly see at bars and restaurants here in Anguilla include Omari Banks (Bankie's son), British Dependency, AIM, Sprocka, Musical Brothers, True Intentions, Keniyah and Boss. Anguilla has a growing DJ scene as well. Often found spinning at five-star resorts and local bars alike, Anguilla's DJs keep happy patrons dancing into the wee hours. DJ Sugar is one of Anguilla's most popular as well as up and coming DJ Kue.

Pantha Vibes is another band that's on high-demand, mostly with locals. It's unlikely to catch Pantha Vibes playing watering holes like Pumphouse or high-end eateries such as Straw Hat, though. Pantha Vibes perform at many of the big beach parties and local events, like Carnival.

So, by now you might be thinking, "Who will be playing while I'm in Anguilla and where can I catch them?"

Weekly Events

Before we moved to Anguilla, we always had a hard time keeping track of live music, and other unique attractions that happen on a daily basis. To keep things simple and easy, here is some of the best of what goes on in Anguilla day-by-day...


  • Monday
    • 7-10pm 12th Avenue @ Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge
    • 7-10pm Omalie @ Cap Juluca's Cips
    • 7:30pm Omari Banks @ Veya
    • 7-10pm 12th Avenue @ Mosaic at CuisinArt
  • Tuesday
    • 430pm The Last Tea Party @ The Dune
    • 6-8pm Mystic Vybz @ Waves
    • 7-10pm AIM @ Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge
    • 7pm Daniel Conner @ Sharky's
    • 7-10pm - LOBSTER BBQ @ CuisinArt
    • 7pm Omalie 360 @ The Beach Bar & Grill at CuisinArt
    • 7:30pm 12th Avenue @ Veya
    • Trivia Night @ Roy's
  • Wednesday
    • 6:30pm $1 Wings Night @ Ferryboat Inn
    • 7pm Shey Shey @ Sunset Lounge
    • 7pm Live Music & Caribbean BBQ @ Zemi Beach House
    • 7pm String Band & Caribbean BBQ @ Cap Juluca
    • 7-10pm Daniel & Company @ The Yacht Club at The Reef (Wine & Dine event)
    • 7:30-10pm Mystic Vibes @ Mosaic at CuisinArt
    • 7:30pm Omari @ Ocean Echo
    • 7:30pm Asher Brooks @ Veya
    • 7:30pm-10pm Darrel Conner @ Madeariman
    • 9pm-12am DJ Sugar @ Elvis'
    • 945pm Bankie Banx @ The Dune
  • Thursday
    • 7pm 12th Avenue @ SandBar
    • 7pm Daniel Conner @ Sharky's
    • 7pm Omalie @ Cap Juluca Maunday's until 10pm
    • 7:30-10pm AIM @ Mosaic at CuisinArt
    • 7:30pm Sproka @ Veya
    • 8-10pm DJ Sugar @ Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge
    • 9pm-12am Musical Brothers @ Elvis'
  • Friday
    • Evening - Live Music @ Lime Keel House
    • 5pm Happy Hour with dinner specials @ Roy's
    • 6-8pm Decent Ones @ Waves
    • 7pm - DJ @ Cap Juluca Maunday's until 10pm
    • 7-10pm Daniel Connor @ Cafe Celeste at Malliouhana
    • 7:30pm Darvin Mussington @ Dolce Vita
    • 7:30pm AIM @ Veya
    • 7:30-10pm Asher & Company @ Santorini at The Clubhouse
    • 8-10pm Omalie 360 @ Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge
    • 8pm-12am Karaoke King DJ Nevarsex @ Madeariman
    • 9pm-12am DJ Kue @Elvis'
    • 945pm Bankie Banx @ The Dune
  • Saturday
    • 1-4pm Darrel Conner @ Madeariman
    • 1-4pm Musical Brothers @ The Place
    • 1-5pm DJ Deany @ Breezes at The Reef
    • 7pm - Live music @ Cips at Cap Juluca
    • 7-10pm AIM @ Roy's
    • 7-10pm Omari @ Cafe Celeste at Malliouhana
    • 7-10pm Omalie 360 @ Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge
    • 7:30pm 12th Avenue @ Veya
    • 7:30-10pm AIM @ Mosaic at CuisinArt
    • 9pm Karaoke @ Sharpy's
  • Sunday
    • 12pm-2pm Steel Pan @ Sandy Island and DJ from 2pm until close
    • 1-4pm Mystic Vybz @ Ocean Echo
    • 1-4pm DJ Sugar @ The Beach Bar & Grill at CuisinArt
    • 1-4pm Omari @ da'Vida's Bayside Grill
    • 1-4pm Live music @ Sunshine Shack
    • 1-4pm Omalie 360 @ Four Seasons' Bamboo Bar & Grill
    • 1pm The Mighty Springer & Bankie Banx @ The Dune
    • 5pm Live music @ Breezes
    • 6-9pm Boss Horse Power Band @ Breezes at The Reef
    • 7-10pm Shey Shey @ Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge
    • 7pm - Live music @ Cips at Cap Juluca
    • 7:30-10:30pm - Daniel & Company @ Santorini at The Clubhouse
    • 7:30-9:30pm Darvin Mussington @ Madeariman

Catholic Church Mass

  • Tuesday @6:15pm
  • Wednesday & Friday @7:30am
  • Saturday @6pm
  • Sunday @9am

For more detail on events, see below.


Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday

Note: Certain days of the week are known for specific super-popular events. Those events are described in-full at the very top of each day's listing of events. All listings can be found after that description and are listed in chronological order, arranged by their start time.



Sundays in Anguilla are more commonly known as Funday Sundays ;-)

There is something special in the air in Anguilla come Sunday. The atmosphere is one of total relaxation. Whether enjoying live music beach-side, snoozing in a lounge chair, dining on BBQ, or playing in the sea... Sundays are all about calm and fun.

Two of the best spots to spend a Sunday? The Dune & da'Vida!

Bankie Banx Playing at The Dune on Sunday with Brazilian Visitors...
Even Gypsy, the puppy, "sings" when Bankie plays the harmonica!
bankie banx playing at the dune preserve in Anguilla

Every Sunday, Bankie Banx's famous Dune Preserve, aka "The Dune", comes alive with local music. Bankie Banx himself, Asher & Keira, John Lloyd and visiting artists are all known to take the stage (depending on who's on-island). Bankie is known to encourage visiting musicians to take the stage, too, if they please.

Famous musicians turn up at the Dune from time to time, too. John Mayer showed up and performed at Moonsplash back in 2011. Lucky guests even had the chance to sit and listen to Bon Jovi's keyboardist, David Bryan, as he joined Bankie and company on the stage one year. This is just a tiny piece of what we love about Anguilla, you never know what the day has in store for you sometimes!

Different musical acts (featured musician changes weekly) perform gigs on the island's other coast at da'Vida on Sundays. This beach party has grown and grown in popularity over the years. With terrific food on the menu and luxurious beach chairs, one thing is for certain, you can't go wrong spending your Sunday afternoon at this Anguilla event. It is a great place to relax, take in the incredible views of Crocus Bay and hear one of Anguilla's most well-known and talented musicians.

All Sunday Events...

  • Live Music at da'Vida's Bayside Grill   Da'Vida's Bayside Grill is one of THE most popular spots for Sunday afternoons. Each Sunday afternoon ultra-popular Omari Banks take to the stage. The restaurant also boasts five-star service, tasty food and a relaxing setting right on the beach, complete with complimentary lounge chaises.
    • Located on Crocus Bay
    • 1pm-5pm
    • Tel.: 264-498-5433
  • The Scratch Band at Gwen's Reggae Bar & Grill   Join Gwen on Shoal Bay for BBQ, beer and the widely-loved "Scratch Band!"
    • Located on Shoal Bay East
    • 1pm-4pm
    • Tel.: 264-583-2120
  • Jazz at Johnno's   Calling all Anguilla jazz fans! Johnno's features live jazz every Sunday afternoon.
    • Located on Sandy Ground
    • 1pm-4pm
    • Tel.: 264-584-5272
  • Ocean Echo   On the silky smooth sands of Meads Bay, Ocean Echo hosts the talented Omalie 360 every Sunday from 1-4:30pm.
    • Located on Meads Bay
    • 1-4:30pm
    • Tel.: (264)-582-0269
  • Bankie Banx's The Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay   "Sunday School" with John Lloyd, The Mighty Springer and Bankie Banx, as well as spontaneous performances from the audience.
    • Located on the West End of Rendezvous Bay
    • 1:30-4:30pm (depending on the day, can even go as late as 8pm)
    • Tel.: 264-729-4215
  • Dad's Bar & Grill   DJ Sugar at 6pm with Boss on at 9pm. Come for drinking and dancing, right on the beach!
    • Located on Sandy Ground
    • 6pm and 9pm
    • Tel.: (264)-581-DADS (3237)
  • Darvin Mussington at Madeariman   Lovely live music at Madeariman on the beach.
    • Located on Shoal Bay East
    • 7:30-9:30pm
    • Tel.: 264-497-5750
  • AIM Band at Four Seasons Sunset Lounge   AIM Band plays Four Seasons starting at 8pm.
    • Located overlooking Barnes Bay
    • 8-10pm
    • Tel.: (264)-497 7000
  • Sax & Reggae ft. Connis and Betti V. at Sunshine Shack   Sax & Reggae at Sunshine Shack all afternoon long.
    • Located on Rendezvous Bay
    • 1-4pm
    • Tel.: (264)-476-0649


Mondays are tranquil in Anguilla. It is the perfect day for a lazy afternoon at the beach, and a relaxing evening.

  • 12th Avenue at Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge   12th Avenue sets a smooth mood every Monday night at Sunset Lounge.
    • 8-10pm
    • Tel.: (264)-497 7000
  • Veya   An intimate and soothing performance, Omari Banks is widely known and loved for his Monday evening nights at Veya when he plays acoustic.
    • Located inland in Sandy Ground
    • 7:30pm-10pm
    • Tel.: 264-498-VEYA


  • Shea Shea & Kevin at Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge   Shea Shea & Kevin take to the stage every Tuesday evening at Sunset Lounge.
    • 8-10pm
    • Tel.: (264)-497 7000
  • Veya   12th Avenue plays throughout the evening at Veya.
    • Located inland in Sandy Ground
    • 7:30pm-9:30pm
    • Tel.: 264-498-VEYA
  • DJ Sugar at Elvis'   DJ Sugar rocks the sands of Sandy Ground every Tuesday night at Elvis'.
    • 9-11pm
    • Tel.: (264)-582-5908


One of our favorite Anguilla events on Wednesday nights? Wings at Ferry Boat Inn!

Wings & A Basket of Fries!
Ferry Boat Inn Wings Night Anguilla

Wednesday Wings Night at The Ferryboat Inn is another great place where locals and tourists mingle.

The Ferryboat Inn, we all call it "FBI", sits on the beach in Blowing Point. My family are regulars to FBI and especially on Wings Night.

Marjorie McClean and her son Christian are gracious hosts. They always have something sweet and witty to say.

FBI tailors their regular dinner menu on Wednesday night as they serve up generously-sized, delicious $1 wings (plain, mild, medium, or hot).

The Wednesday night menu includes a few other FBI favorites, including the best burger on the island and perfect French Onion Soup.

Yuki Working on Her Fried Chicken Burger!
Ferry Boat Inn Wings Night Anguilla

Yuki often asks for their Fried Chicken Burger to be coated in wing sauce and completes it with their yummy blue cheese sauce.

FBI is a great spot for everyone. Singles are comfortable at the bar, there are plenty of tables for 2, and families' kids can entertain themselves in the grassy area just outside the restaurant.

It really is like a big, happy family at The Ferryboat Inn. Lots of smiles and laughs all around! Wings Night is the place to be on a Wednesday night if you are in the mood to have a laugh with Christian, eat as few or as many wings as you please, gaze out at the night lights of St. Martin, or hear the sea lapping the beach just at the restaurant's edge.

Wings Night is one of the most popular Anguilla events, especially in the high season. Make sure you get there early before the Wings fly away! ;-)

All Wednesday Events...

  • Omalie 360 at Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge   Omalie 360 puts on a sweet show every Wednesday evening at Sunset Lounge.
    • 8-10pm
    • Tel.: (264)-497 7000
  • Omari at Ocean Echo   Omari dazzles with acoustic set every Wednesday night at Ocean Echo.
    • 7-9pm
    • Tel.: (264)-582-0269
  • Caribbean Night at Zemi Beach   Live music (Mystic Vibes) at Zemi Beach's stunning beach bar on Shoal Bay East.
    • Located on Shoal Bay East
    • 7-9:30pm
    • Tel.: 264-584-0001
  • $1 Wings at The Ferryboat Inn   $1 crispy wings and a basket a fries, all washed down with a cool Carib or a rum punch, and in great company, it's a must-do on every Anguilla vacation.
    • Located on Blowing Point Beach
    • 7pm until
    • Tel.: 264-497-6613
  • Darrel Conner at Madeariman   Live music at the lively French bistro on the beach.
    • Located on Shoal Bay East
    • 7:30-10pm
    • Tel.: 264-497-5750


  • Anguilla's Jammin FREE Aquaponic Tour   See how Anguilla's Jammin's tasty jams are made via their innovative aquaponic gardens every Thursday morning 9-11am. Tastes of their jams included! To book your spot on their tour, call Anguilla's Jammin' via the phone number below.
    • Located in Shoal Bay
    • Telephone: 264-581-2040
  • DJ Sugar at Four Seasons Sunset Lounge   DJ Sugar spins everyone's favorites at Four Seasons starting at 8pm.
    • Located overlooking Barnes Bay
    • 8-11pm
    • Tel.: (264)-497-7000
  • Musical Brothers at Elvis'  Elvis' is the place to be come Thursday night!
    • Located in Sandy Ground Village
    • 9pm-12am
    • Tel.: 264-582-5908


  • Roy's   Usher in the weekend with discounted drinks and a special menu at Roy's happy hour.
    • Located in Sandy Ground
    • 5pm
    • Telephone: 264-497-2470
  • Decent Ones at Waves   Decent Ones set the weekend mood at Waves.
    • Located in Meads Bay
    • 7pm
    • Telephone: 264-729-3185
  • Karaoke King DJ Nevarsex at Madeariman   Karaoke night at Madeariman.
    • Located on Shoal Bay East
    • 8pm-12am
    • Tel.: 264-497-5750
  • Omalie at Four Seasons Sunset Lounge   Everyone's favorite Omalie plays Four Seasons starting at 8pm.
    • Located overlooking Barnes Bay
    • 8-11pm
    • Tel.: (264)-497-7000
  • DJ Kue at Elvis'   DJ Kue rocks the sand at Elvis' Friday nights.
    • Located in Sandy Ground
    • 9pm
    • Telephone: 264-582-5908
  • Veya   Set in an enchanting garden (there is even a Koi pond), Veya delivers the most magical of evenings from their glimmering tree-house setting. From the food, to the service, to the establishment itself, Veya gets it right. Friday nights they feature live music, AIM.
    • Located inland in Sandy Ground
    • 7:30pm-9:30pm
    • Tel.: 264-498-VEYA
  • Bankie Banx Unplugged at The Dune Preserve   The famous Bankie Banx performs under the star-lit skies, lasting into the night ($20 cover charge).
    • Located on the West End of Rendezvous Bay
    • From 9:45 into the night
    • Tel.: 264-729-4215


  • Musical Brothers at The Place
    • Located on Rendezvous Bay
    • 12:30pm-4pm
    • Tel.: 264-584-6501
  • Live Music at SandBar
    • Located on Sandy Ground
    • 1pm-4pm
    • Tel.: 264-498-0171
  • 264 String Band at Madeariman
    • Located on Shoal Bay East
    • 1pm-4pm
    • Tel.: 264-497-5750
  • Sax Saturdays at Garvey's Sunshine Shack   Right on the sands of Rendezvous Bay, The Concepts perform every Saturday at Garvey's beloved spot on the beach.
    • Located on Rendezvous Bay
    • 1pm-4pm
    • Tel.: 264-476-0649
  • Live Music at Breezes
    • Located on Rendezvous Bay
    • 5pm-8pm
    • Tel.: 264-498-2300
  • Mystic Vybes at Four Seasons Sunset Lounge   Mytsic Vybes sets a warm Caribbean tone at Sunset Lounge every Saturday at 7pm.
    • Located on Barnes Bay
    • 7pm until
    • Tel.: (264)-497-7000
  • Natty & The House at Roy's   Live music at Roy's all through the evening.
    • Located on Barnes Bay
    • 9pm until
    • Tel.: (264)-497-2470
  • Dad's Bar & Grill   Soca Night, with Betta Vibes Soca Band!
    • Located on Sandy Ground
    • 10:30pm
    • Tel.: (264)-581-DADS (3237)

Monthly Events

  • February
  • March
  • April
    • Festival del Mar - Easter weekend with Easter Monday boat race: April 20 + 21 2019
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • December
    • New Year's Eve (Old Year's Night) parties (stay tuned for list of NYE celebrations)

    Please note that these Anguilla events are subject to change, so please do call ahead to confirm.

    If you have other favorite Anguilla activities, events or things to do that occur regularly during the week, or know of an Anguilla establishment with daily, recurring music, events or menu specials, use the form below to share it and we will post it to the site!

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    Gone But Not Forgotten: Archived Events

    Tuesday Nights at Pumphouse

    Pumphouse kicks the island's vibe up a notch on Tuesday nights with local musician DJ Sugar packing the dance floor. It is the place to enjoy a late night of music and socializing in Anguilla.

    The vibe at The Pumphouse on a Tuesday night is a fun one.

    The Pumphouse By Day
    pumphouse by day

    My friend said when her 86-year old grandmother visited in May, she fit right in with 20-somethings, the locals, and visitors as the setting at The Pumphouse truly is one of come one, come all to this fun Anguilla event.

    My parents even caught Kelly Osbourne at The Pumphouse on a Tuesday night in late March when the band British Dependency used to play there, as she had been given a tip about how talented the local band, British Dependency was and wanted to see for herself!

    The Pumphouse draws both tourists and locals alike and is proven to be a great spot for rum punches and the Sandy Ground sea breeze. We return there time after time and The Pumphouse is always there for you when you feel like having a laid-back dinner, or being a night owl and mingling with familiar faces as well as chatting with first-timers to Anguilla. This is one of the coolest Anguilla bars for music.


    Tuesday Lobster Night at CuisinArt

    Prefer to skip drinks and dancing for fine dining? CuisinArt has you covered! Travelers to Anguilla have been emailing, mentioning that CuisinArt is a can't-miss on Tuesdays when the Anguilla resort holds an all you can eat Lobster BBQ! Yes... You read that right. All you can eat lobster.

    For $95 (plus 15% service charge) it's all you can eat all night (a steep price, but a bargain by island standards... Many Anguilla restaurants charge $50/lobster!).

    CuisinArt holds their Lobster BBQ Night pool-side by Santorini restaurant, a most elegant Caribbean-casual setting, and live music plays all night long. The restaurant is set up in "stations," including hydroponic salad station, pasta, soup, dessert, and of course the lobster station.

    One of the most popular dining experiences on the island, Boss & The Horsepower Band set a wonderful atmosphere with their live music!

    I wonder how many people only go to the lobster station? ;-)

    More on Lobster BBQ.


    Wine & Rum Tastings at Malliouhana

    Famous for their collection of fine wines and aged rums, tastings at Malliouhana are an indulgent experience indeed. Held every Tuesday and Saturday evening in their classic, timelessly elegant bar, Sunset Bar, it's not to be missed!


    The Ultimate Limin' Night at Arawak Beach Inn with Terry and Smoothie

    Arawak Beach Inn, the cozy hotel on Island Harbour, hosts a proper "lime" every Wednesday night. Local musicians Terry and Smoothie take the stage (as well as guests!) and drinks flow. Overlooking the sea, and with their cool pool at your fingertips, it makes for a terrific setting!


    Saturdays at Smokey's

    Smokey's rules for Anguilla events on Saturdays for location, entertainment, and good food. Anguilla's most popular Soca-Calypso dance band, The Musical Brothers, start up around 1pm and play until around 4pm.

    Guests of Smokey's are hosted by the owners, the Gumbs family, and sister Una is often seen there on a Saturday at lunch time.

    smokey's restaurant anguilla

    She can share so many wonderful stories about the history of the island.

    Her own father, Jeremiah Gumbs, played an important role in the Anguilla Revolution and her parents were considered some of the earlier Anguilla tourism pioneers.

    Una grew up in a family very happy to share what they knew to be was a special island.

    They pride themselves on providing a memorable Anguilla experience and have for a very long time.

    Guests are free to move about, enjoy the beach chairs and umbrellas, take a dip in the turquoise blue and inviting water of Cove Bay, drink an Arnold Palmer or sip a Carib beer under the large beach tent, or get moving and dance right in front of the band.

    Smokey's at Cove Bay
    cove bay anguilla

    Cove Bay is a fantastic walking beach. Take a stroll around the Cove looking for seashells until it is time to chow down on Smokey's tender grilled ribs and pan-seared local snapper. It is a very popular spot on Saturday so if you are hungry, order when you arrive, then enjoy all that Smokey's has to offer for the remainder of your afternoon.

    Many are known to stay until after sunset... it is a happy and fun place to be on a Saturday and the Musical Brothers make it complete as they charm you with island sounds.


    More Events

    • Epicurea - a four day celebration of golf and fine dining held at CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa
    • eleMENTAL - one of Anguilla's biggest parties on the beach

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