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Anguilla Weather...
The Best in the Caribbean


Our family has the worst luck with vacation weather. So, on the way to Anguilla for our very first time, we wondered which would prevail... Anguilla weather (renowned for high sun and little rain) or our bad weather magnet. For example...

We go to New York City, it rains all five days. We go to Nova Scotia, all we see is fog. We go to Florida in December, temperatures drop to an all-time low.

Let's just say that the weather gods do not smile upon us. We have the worst luck. End of story.

Postcard-Perfect Anguilla Weather
anguilla weather in august

However, that doesn't stop us from travelling. We had read all of the Anguilla books. We knew the famous Anguilla weather should be on our side. Still, we held our breath when we first set foot on the island. That evening, things seemed to be off to a good start.

The plane had landed (always the best of all starts). We were in our cozy villa. The night sky was clear, the Milky Way flowing across it. The moon glistened off the ocean, lighting up the surf. We walked blissfully along the beach to a nearby restaurant caressed by the warm gentle tradewinds, confident that Anguilla weather had won the day.

However, within five minutes of sitting down at the beach-side restaurant...

Torrential rains.

Thunder, trillions of decibels loud, rumbled across the sea.

Chain lightning out over the rough seas.

Our faces dropped. We jumped to the conclusion that this was typical weather. The next ten days we would probably be trapped inside with a checkers board.

I'm sure you have already guessed, however, that this story has a happy ending...

The following morning, all was clear...

The storm had disappeared as quickly as it hit.

Since that first experience, we have come to known and fall in love with Anguilla weather. Almost always sunny, it doesn't get better than this. Sure, you might get the occasional drizzle or rain shower but they're gone within minutes, leaving a rainbow behind.

Best Weather In The Caribbean

Anguilla has the best weather in the Caribbean, and it's one of the sunniest islands.

Proven Fact: Anguilla's Weather is Stunning and One of a Kind!
 anguilla average weather

Total rainfall averages about 39" a year. Even its "rainy season" (September-October), is mostly sunny.

Of course it can't avoid all tropical storms. (This particular tropical storm in the photo below came complete with a waterspout!)

Waterspout Anguilla

(Note: A waterspout is a "tropical tornado." They rarely touch land. They are amazing to see, but of no danger... unless you are out to sea like that sailboat in the photo.)

You will often see intense rain storms out to sea, even over St. Martin, yet, when it comes to Anguilla...

Nothing but wide, sweeping, crystal, clear views. Classic Anguilla weather!

Crystal Clear Views of St. Martin Every Day!
view of St. Martin from Anguilla

Another fact of life when it comes to Anguilla weather?...

Anguilla Hurricanes

The island has had their fair share of hurricanes.

For over 20 years, the most infamous was Hurricane Luis in September 1995, a category 4-5 that slowed down and hung over the island for 24 hours.

What happened during Luis? Power lines were knocked out. Johnno's on Sandy Ground was carried away. Cap Juluca was almost lost. Some seaside villas were seriously damaged and many inland wooden structures were destroyed. The damage was significant. Luckily, no one was killed and the island recovered relatively quickly. Anguilla's construction industry switched to concrete, at which they have become adept.

This was the first hurricane to hit Anguilla since 1965 (Hurricane Donna). A few others passed over following Luis, including Lenny in 1999, which submerged The Vally in several feet of water.

And then there was Hurricane Irma which devastated Anguilla and its neighboring islands in September 2017.

It was the most harrowing storm to ever hit our beloved island. A category 5 hurricane with 185 mph winds, the storm destroyed most of the island's electrical system and impaired a majority of its structures. Following Hurricane Irma, hundreds jumped into action to help. We owe a deep gratitude of thanks to all who helped bring our beloved island back. More on Hurricane Irma here.

Hurricane season is between June and November. If you're on the island in the late summer (August-October), you know it. Everyone talks about the latest tropical depression.

When one of those turn into a hurricane with Anguilla in its projected path, the only sounds you hear are the knock, knock, knock of hammers nailing their shutters closed tight.

Even then, we'd not hesitate to visit Anguilla in hurricane season. The chances of experiencing one while on vacation are rare. And, the weather in August produces some of the most beautiful, sparkling-clear seas...

August in Anguilla
  the weather in august, in anguilla

Every prime vacation spot has their spell of bad weather. But speaking of Anguilla weather in general, a grey day occurs, on average, 0.0001/365 days per year.

To summarize Anguilla weather...

Everyday Is Paradise
beautiful anguilla weather

When I first saw photos like these of Anguilla, I laughed. Can anywhere on this planet be as stunning as they seem in photographs, on one day, let alone most days?

And then you spend 24 hours on the island, and realize the photos don't even come close to capturing Anguilla's beauty.

Anguilla weather is perfect!

Month-By-Month Anguilla Weather

For your short-term vacation needs, the best site for up to date and accurate weather reports is PassageWeather.com. To get weather reports for Anguilla on Passage Weather, visit their site and click the red box in the middle left of the screen (the box over the Caribbean region).

Click on The Box Over "Anguilla"
passage weather site

Another set of maps will appear. Click the tiny orange box (over Anguilla).

You will then see three tabs. Click the one that says Visibility and scroll down to Precipitation. You can change the drop down menu to your date and that will give you an idea of precipitation. It's an excellent and highly detailed site, used commonly by sailors traveling the Caribbean.

Click "Visibility" Tab
 passage weather site

For your longer-term vacation plans, you can pretty much count on weather in Anguilla being perfect. This month-by-month Anguilla weather forecast will help you make such decisions as whether you need to pack a light sweater for the evenings...

December Anguilla Weather: The start of the high season, "coolest" time of the year.

January Weather: Mid-high season.

February Weather: Still, mid-high season, starting to get warmer.

March Weather: End of the high season.

April Weather: Beginning of the shoulder season, the heat is picking up.

May Weather: A tropical spring.
Click here to read more about May's stormy circumstances.

June Weather: The start of summer.

July Weather: More summer sun.

August Weather: Carnival time and hot.

September Weather: Quiet and the hottest month of the year.

October Weather: The "rainiest" (a relative term here in sunny Anguilla) month of the year.

November Weather: Gearing up to do it all over again!