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Anguilla Weather in April:
Last Call

After April, Anguilla calms right down.

Easter weekend comes and goes, and so do all of the island's visitors.

As the hustle and bustle fades away, Anguilla weather gets warmer and the seas settle...

Anguilla weather
Shoal Bay, April

This time of year is really the "last call" for most travelers to Anguilla. Ask any hotelier or Anguilla villa owner and they will tell you that most activity drops off after Easter weekend.

It's no wonder why, really.

Back home, spring is starting, the sun is beginning to peak out from behind cloudy skies, just as Anguilla starts to heat up, too! But all of the ice hasn't melted yet (in Montreal, anyway!) and temperatures in Anguilla in April aren't reaching record highs...

Average High in April: 86°F
Average Low in April: 75°F
Average Temp. in April: 79°F
Average Rain in April: 3"

Although seasons in Anguilla are not as distinct as in New York or Montreal, there is definitely a sense of spring in April in Anguilla. The air is slightly more humid, the days a tad hotter.

Summer is coming!

Anguilla travel tip: No need for sweaters now! Just tees, tanks and maybe a light long sleeve.

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