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Favorite Anguilla Beaches


33 magnificent Anguilla beaches.

"Choose one."

Certainly there can be no harder task than to name the single best from so many perfect, yet different, beaches.

For all Anguilla Beaches watch here...

How can you pick just one special favorite from Anguilla's 33 beaches? Let's cheat a bit and pick five, each for a different reason...

Infinite Blue Waters of Meads Bay
infinite blue waters of meads bay anguilla


For our Top 5 Anguilla Beaches, watch here...


1) Scenic Shoal Bay East

This is a 2-mile strand of perfect white sand. It has been named the world's best beach (not just the Caribbean's!) by many top tourist magazines and authorities.

infinite blue waters of shoal bay anguilla

We love walking this beach. The sand is so powdery and stretches a mile, comes to a point with some fantastic reefs, and then goes another mile.

Several good beach bars, not to mention terrific, open-air restaurants sit right on the beach. This beach is also known for its outstanding snorkeling!

More on Shoal Bay.

2) Relaxing Rendezvous Bay

One of the most popular beaches in the region, Rendezvous Bay has been voted the #1 beach in the Caribbean time and time again. One look at those crystal clear blue waters and you SEA why!

Let’s "Rendezvous"
rendezvous bay anguilla

This beach is favored for long, easy walks. Mornings strolls here are quiet and magical. A gentle sea breeze blows through, keeping you cool as you walk. Gaze at the mesmerizing, peaceful ocean waves…

Rendezvous should really be called RendezVIEW :-)
rendezvous bay anguilla

Out in the distance, neighboring island, St. Martin stands tall with its alluring tropical mountains.

Around 11:30am the beach gets busier. The main attraction?

Grilled Lobster & Fries With a View at Sunshine Shack!
rendezvous bay anguilla

This charming restaurant right on the white sands of Rendezvous Bay is the perfect spot to eat, drink and laze away the day. Serving up tasty BBQ and drinks all afternoon long, Sunshine Shack is a must vist!

More on Rendezvous Bay.

3) Magnificent Meads Bay

Meads Bay’s beauty is one of a kind. It is Louise's personal favorite.

Crystal-clear blue water stretches for as far as the eye can see over the bay’s sandy bottom. The result? Infinite turquoise waters that shimmer an extra-special azure hue.

Paradise is Here!
Meads bay anguilla

Meads Bay has become a destination over the years. It's now home to many high-end resorts, hotels, villas and 5-star restaurants! (Click here for full video tour of Meads Bay). During high season, Meads Bay is lined in million dollar yachts and enjoyed by celebrities.

Its popularity makes sense from the moment you see its waters...

Meads bay anguilla

Our favorite spot on Meads? Nims Nook, a magical cove at the beach's Eastern corner, right under Malliouhana.

Happiest on Meads
rendezvous bay anguilla

This little inlet is perfect for an afternoon float.

More on Meads Bay.


4) Marvelous Maundays Bay

A pristine semi-circle of fluffy white sand, Maunday's Bay is picture-perfect.

Hello Maundays Bay!
Meads bay anguilla

The beach is home to one property, LVMH Belmond's Cap Juluca. One of the top luxury resorts in the entire Caribbean, Maunday's Bay has become synonymous with the five-star hotel.

Meads bay anguilla

With white sands, blue waters and a view of St. Martin, too, the scenery is ahhh-mazing!


5) Beautiful Barnes Bay

Here, you are snuggled in among some of the most luxurious villas in the entire world. Barnes Bay is a favorite of the jet set! Robert Deniro, Billy Crystal and even Robin Williams have all stayed at the luxury villas that line the western side of this beach.

Barnes Bay anguilla

At the beach's eastern end? None other than the exquisite Four Seasons resort! From end to end, this beach exudes privacy, calm and total relaxation.

The snorkeling here is great too!

The beach is a wonderful fine powder, no rocks or coarse shells as some of the others have. And, as you can see, it's simply beautiful...

Barnes Bay anguilla

Most of all though, I really feel comfortable on this beach. For years, Barnes Bay has been a family favorite of ours.

My sister and I swam & played here every day and
we even got mom into the water!

Nori and Yuki at Barnes Beach

Of all of the 33 Anguilla beaches, these are our top 5.

The Best Caribbean Beach? Here's Anguilla's #1!

Considered to have the best Caribbean beaches by visitors and "experts," the question long on my mind has been...

What's the #1 Anguilla beach?

... my personal favorites aside. ;-)

We compiled a list of favorites, asking you to cast your vote. Here are the results for BEST Anguilla beach and what can very well be considered to be the best Caribbean beach, too.

Free to cast your vote via the link above!  

More Beautiful Anguilla Beaches

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Anguilla Cays
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The Western Tip & Anguillita
One of Anguilla's most magical secret beaches on the island's far west end.

Kristin's Anguilla Beaches Beach Walks...
Kristin Bourne reports on each of her long beach walks, providing an in-depth look at Anguilla's most pristine beaches!

  • Sandy Ground Beach: Sandy Ground beach truly captures the essence of Anguilla... From the history and island flavor, the bustle of boats, the tasty eateries, local bars, and nightlife, Sandy Ground is one of the best Anguilla beaches.
  • Shoal Bay Anguilla Beach: The top-ranked beach in Anguilla, the Caribbean and even the world. My friend Kristin Bourne takes us on a virtual walking tour of the beach from west to east, stopping in at every establishment.
  • Meads Bay Anguilla: Meads Bay is one of the island's most wide, expansive and visually impressive beaches. With many options for accommodations and restaurants, it's no wonder why Meads Bay is a loyally loved beach.
  • Little Bay Anguilla: Little Bay is one of Anguilla's most remote and rewarding beaches, accessed only by rope or by boat. It is a special spot for relaxing, snorkeling and more adventurous pursuits too, like rock-diving!
  • Rendezvous Bay Anguilla: Rendezvous Bay is amongst Anguilla's most impressive big beaches. Long, wide and expansive, with sparkling seas, soft sand and a St. Martin backdrop, this beach soothes the soul. It is also home to the world's #1 beach bar, as rated by CNN.
  • Island Harbour: Island Harbour is a charming fishing village located on the island's east side. Pretty fishing boats dot its crystal clear waters, local children sail Sunfish, and picturesque Scilly Cay lies in the distance. Surrounded by a few tasty eateries, Island Harbour is not to be missed.
  • Cove Bay: Home to just one establishment (Smokey's restaurant) and one wharf, Cove Bay is an untouched gem. With clear views to St. Martin, calm seas, smooth sands and rolling dunes, it's not hard to see why "The Cove" is loved by all.
  • Shoal Bay West: Not to be confused with its ever popular cousin, Shoal Bay East, Shoal Bay West is tucked on the complete opposite end of the island. Smaller in size, it is equal in beauty with a completely different view, pace and feel.
  • Barnes Bay: Tranquil and upscale, though many businesses call Barnes Bay's shores home (Four Seasons Anguilla, Mango's Seaside Grill, Caribella and a number of private villas), you rarely spot other beach goers on this slice of Anguilla perfection.
  • Captain's Bay: Hard to get to and notorious for its big waves and powerful undertow, Captain's Bay is an undiscovered gem. With just one villa gracing its shores, it's the perfect spot to watch the waves roll in, marvel at whales playing in the bay (if you get lucky and depending on the season!) and simply get absorbed in the beach's natural beauty.
  • Savannah Bay: Big, beautiful, remote, natural... Savannah Bay is a rarity in today's day and age. Anguilla's least developed sandy beach, visit for a day of beach walks, beachcombing and delicious crayfish lunch at the only establishment on the beach - Nat's.

Other Hidden Gems & Popular Favorite Anguilla Beaches

Anguilla's Unknown Waters
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That about covers our favorite Anguilla beaches...

What's Your Favorite Anguilla Beach?

When all is said and done, Anguilla is about its beaches. Each is flawless, perfect in its own way, each with its own character that causes each of us to have a favorite. What's yours?

Your Favorite Anguilla Beaches

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