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Dropsey Bay...
Hidden Anguilla Land & Beach


Ahhh, Dropsey Bay...

An Anguilla Gem
Dropsey bay anguilla beach

I still remember the day we first ever stumbled upon this unknown beach.

We were headed back to our hotel after lunch one day when my Dad suddenly announced, "Short detour folks! To unknown Anguilla land..."

We were headed westward on the Long Path Road when he took a left, just after Sandy Hill's bend. Knowing my Dad I knew this wouldn't be just a short detour. No. He had something planned...

He had been told about a secret beach, a beautiful unknown spot rich with beginner snorkeling.

So we kept following the road. It turned from asphalt to a gravelly, rocky dirt road.

The Road to Dropsey Bay
Dropsey bay road

The drive took us along the edge of the Long Pond. On the other side of the road? The open ocean.

The Atlantic Cradled By Anguilla's North Eastern Coast
LongPond bay atlantic view

As we drove, excitement built. Where could this road possibly take us?...

Eventually we took a right turn at the final bend and came upon this giant sandy hill. And what was on the other side...?

Calm Pools of Blue
dropsey bay tide pool

Still to this day I have to hand it to my Dad. This Anguilla beach is perfection!

Nicknamed "Lover's Cove," it's not hard to see how this special spot got its name. A gentle, shimmering sparkling pool sits quiet and calm. Crashing waves break on reef that lies just beyond these still waters. The reef protects you from those surging swells.

Before we jump in, let's look around...

Look east and you will see two luxury Anguilla villas, Rum Punch Villa...

To The East
East view at Dropsey Bay


Tequila Sunrise Villa
East view at Dropsey Bay

Head west along the jagged sea rocks and you will find a whole lot of dramatic cliff side about 20' up!

In perfect contrast to the calm little pool, the waters here are rough. Let me show you...

Crash! Up And Onto the Cliffs
Anguilla -- surf

... And It Fades Away

The ocean roars, slamming onto the sea rocks.

Watch out for any rogue waves and keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles, dolphins and whales in the distance. Look out for sea life, too, living in the tide pools that dot these sea rocks.

After stepping along the jagged cliff-rock? There's nothing like a nice dip into a calm, nature-made, saltwater swimming pool.

The Water is Irresistable...!
dropsey bay water

Dropsey Bay (some people call it "Jobsie Bay") is one of Anguilla's most special undiscovered beaches.

Float in the shimmering seas, enjoy excellent and easy snorkeling and the best part?

This land is so unknown you almost always have it to yourself.

Press play below to take a mental escape to Dropsey Bay.

Getting There

If you'd like to go...

Head towards Long Pond Bay driving East in the direction to Sandy Hill.

Drive past the Best Buy East Supermarket, and further past Tropical Distributors. A few yards up will be signs for Tequila Sunrise and Villa Kai.

Look out for these signs, take a right here.
how to get to dropsey bay

Turn down that road. You'll drive past sea grape bushes. Keep Long Pond to your right, and Long Pond Bay (the sea) to your left.

The road runs along the edge of Long Pond (the pond always to your right). When the road veers left, you will see a right fork. Take that right fork and park along that road. The beach is just down that path!