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The Best Vehicle for an
Offshore Corporation


There is a plethora of financial vehicles available to the offshore business person or investor...

  • offshore corporation -- limited by shares or guarantee; public, ordinary or private
  • limited partnerships
  • US-style limited liability companies
  • equity-based arrangements such as trusts.

And there are several "tax haven" islands in the Caribbean....

  • The high-profile havens (ex., Bermuda and the Cayman Islands) are expensive and specialized.
  • Others, such as Barbados, have varying degrees of domestic taxation, which defeats the purpose.
  • And several (which I'll leave unnamed!) are just a bit on the shady, questionable side.

After much research, my bottom line "which vehicle in which island" conclusion is... incorporate an ordinary company in Anguilla.

Note from Ken, Nori's dad

Nori let me write the financial pages of her site. It's a topic that captivated me soon after I understood how Anguilla manages its own affairs.

I hope this information is useful for you. This page is not advice, just the results of my research. Please do not base any decisions upon this -- financial advice is not my profession. If you want solid, professional advice...

Nori provides a form below Malcolm Hope-Ross, a wonderful gentleman who has become friends of our family in Anguilla. They are solid professional in this field.

Anguilla's zero-tax status and offshore financial services legislation (superior, modern) is ideal for real businesses such as those that own and manage intellectual property, handle of data, make investments, etc. For more on Anguilla as the best choice in the Caribbean, click here.

Why set up an ordinary corporation for your offshore needs?

The answer is... "Keep it simple." Many offshore financial services companies will try to move you up to the most expensive, complicated solutions possible. For obvious reasons.

But the financial vehicle that you choose depends on your individual circumstances and objectives. And unless your circumstances are highly specialized and unusual, an ordinary company is all you'll need, and what you want as the vehicle for your offshore corporation.

Well, it's what I want, in any event. Again, this page is not advice, just the results of my research -- contact my friend Malcolm Hope-Ross at Counsel Limited in Anguilla, for professional help.

When I say "tax-free haven," the emphasis is on "free." Because that's what you are... free.

If you already have some knowledge about offshore corporations, you might wondering why use an ordinary company, when many people use International Business Companies ("IBCs")?

First, Anguilla has no corporate or income taxes. So offshore investors don't need a special vehicle.

Second, IBCs, due to their very nature, often cannot establish all-important mind and management. You may find yourself with a surprise tax bill from your country's fiscal authorities. But an ordinary company is, by its very definition, an offshore company registered in Anguilla. No doubts, no worries.

Third, IBCs will attract attention to your offshore corporation. They are known to authorities as vehicles for those who have something to hide. Red Flag!

Key issues that you'll need professional help with are...

  • mind and management -- it is more and more important, in today's world, to be able to demonstrate local mind and management
  • "know your customer" rules
  • suspicious transaction reporting.

Yes, it's still possible to honestly and ethically accomplish your offshore goals while satisfying all regulatory requirements. But it takes proper planning, advice and decision-making upfront. And that, dear reader, is way beyond my scope of capabilities.

The folks at Counsel Limited can take you the rest of the way. Malcolm and his family have become friends of our family...

Offshore Corporation
Malcolm Hope-Ross (far right) and family

Malcolm is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Counsel Limited. Malcolm has a professional, no-nonsense approach and is one of the most respected members of the Anguillian financial community. A true gentleman's gentleman, he has a lovely villa which he rents from time to time, too -- we've stayed there and absolutely loved it.

The folks at Counsel have extensive international managerial experience. Their practical business background in both the Caribbean and North America make Malcolm and the people at Counsel ideal to provide day-to-day Mind and Management for your offshore corporation in Anguilla (anything and everything, from strategic planning to offshore banking and other offshore financial services).

Offshore corporation
Malcolm, Donald, Janice Evoy, Fiona, & host Peter Parles

My only regret? My wife Janice and I were professional toy designers. We licensed 23 toy and game inventions to large toy companies around the world. I only wish I had met the folks at Counsel 20 years ago!

We recently received a wonderful e-mail supporting our recommendation of Malcolm and Penny (his wife)...

Many thanks for your kind assistance. We have now registered Futuro Eagles Group S.A. in Anguilla.

Penny Hope-Ross has been extremely helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Malcolm will, of course, be our Resident Director. I have registered many Offshore Companies in a number of different locations but this was by far the easiest and most pleasant to establish.

Once again, many thanks to you and Nori for your recommendation.

With very best regards,


To contact them...

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