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What comes after our Top 3 Anguilla Beaches?
... Meads Bay, Anguilla


The sweep and turquoise of Meads Bay, bookended by two spectacular resorts, is hard to beat. Cocoloba on the western promontory and Malliouhana on the eastern tip frame this magnificent sweep of one of the most majestic of all Anguilla beaches.

Malliouhana on the eastern tip...
Anguilla beaches Meads

This graceful semi-circle of white sand beach is just east of our "home beach," Barnes Bay.

It's perfect for a nice slow walk, with hot rays of sun for you to absorb, clear water to float and cool down, and beach bars at the Malliouhana and Frangiapani resorts along the way.

Anguilla beaches

Do not, I repeat do not, miss the best fries on the whole Anguilla island.

Malliouhana Hotel's beach bar is set a bit back from the sand of Meads Bay. They serve, salad, hot dogs, fish, burgers, and, like I said, fries that would make a Parisian weep with pleasure!

Continuing your walk eastward from Malliouhanna, you'll find Blanchards restaurant, famous for more than just its haute cuisine... The owners also wrote the book, A Trip to the Beach, that was responsible for our discovery of this perfect Caribbean paradise.

And you'll also pass by the Carimar Beach Club. Priscilla Sharpless, from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, wrote me to tell me all about it...

It's a wonderful, relaxing condo resort - all the units are 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, but for only one couple they close off the extra bedroom and bath. Fully equipped kitchens, lovely tropical decor, everything in top-notch condition.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped, with bougainvilla and other flowers around every unit. We can sit on our balcony, or on the beach, and watch the sunset every night.

The help (maids, gardener, etc.) have been there for years as have the office staff (Heather, Delroy , and Avon). They make dinner reservations for us, rent cars, and are always cheerful and helpful. The Manager, Fred Thompson, is a native Anguillan and has been at Carimar many years - last year he was head of the Anguilla Hotel Assoc. and has been given several awards.

We enjoy the people who stay there (we see many of the same ones each year, because many of us go the same weeks). The beach is gorgeous, and every morning they put out umbrellas and beach chairs for the guests. A perfect escape for us.

You can see the Carimar from the photo below, taken from the Malliouhana Hotel -- thanks Priscilla, for helping me out with the Carimar!

View from Malliouhana Hotel
Meads bay

Meads Bay has an idyllic swimming area for families, near the Malliouhana (you can see it in the foreground in the photo above, as well as in the photo below). We call it the swimming hole. The water is especially calm, warm, and clear, and it's pretty much secluded, semi-separated from the rest of the beach! ...

Meads Bay

You know you've found a good spot whenever it's mostly Anguillians themselves swimming there!

What does Meads Bay mean to us? Of all the Anguilla beaches, it's special for three reasons...

1) Blanchard's inspired our family to come to this paradise we had never heard of before.

2) Malliouhana fries... oooh la la!

3) A wonderful swimming hole to just float on your back and soak in the sun.

One final Anguilla photo of Meads (you can just see Cocoloba at the far point) wraps up this honorable mention for the best of all Anguilla beaches...

anguilla beaches

Up to date info on Meads here: Meads Bay Anguilla Beach Walk