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Anguilla Beaches Walk...
Cove Bay

By: Kristin Bourne

Each of Anguilla's beaches has their own personality and charm.

Variations between sand, slope, views, current and color can't be denied. It's part of what makes Anguilla so unique too - a small island with so many variations of beaches - all breathtaking.

One of Anguilla's larger beaches and easy-to-walk beaches is Cove Bay.

Cove Bay, the magnificent
cove bay beach in anguilla

Cove Bay is located on the southwestern side of Anguilla. It's not quite as large as its neighboring bay to the east, Rendezvous Bay, but is similar in that it faces the same direction (overlooking St. Martin) and is shaped similarly too, especially when viewed from the air.

I like to think of Cove Bay as the second biggest of the beautifully scalloped edge of the southwestern end of Anguilla.

See the map below, if you are curious about that interestingly shaped part of the island (Cove Bay is marked).

Cove Bay


Cove Bay is mostly quiet with only one business on the entire bay - Smokey's At The Cove.

Let's start on the eastern end of Cove Bay.

The Eastern Side

Boats visiting Cove Bay
sailboats visiting cove bay

There is a small wharf on this side, one of only a handful of wharfs on the entire island.

It's mostly used by fishermen and recreationally, not industrially, so there's not high traffic to and from it and it's not noisy at all.

Also on this end, visible from the beach, is the perimeter of a collection of luxury villas that border the Greg Norman Golf course (formerly the Temenos development).

The Cove Bay wharf and St. Martin beyond
looking east on cove bay

As you move westerly along the beach from this end of Cove Bay (the beach begins near the road to the wharf), you'll come across Smokey's At The Cove in no time.

Smokey's At The Cove (from the beach)
smokeys restaurant at cove bay beach

Smokey's is a popular Anguillian family-owned restaurant and bar that opens for lunch and dinner and is most heavily frequented on Saturdays for lunch, live music and dancing.


Be sure to stop in for a Saturday "lime!"

Look out from Smokey's and you'll be facing the western side of St. Martin... it's very easy to see from Cove Bay.

The Center & Cove Pond

Public access to Cove Bay
public access to smokey's

As we continue past Smokey's chairs and umbrellas, the next notable part of Cove Bay is the public access cut through the dune.

If you walk through that path, cross the road and look left, you'll see the salt pond called Cove Pond. It stretches west to the Cap Juluca entrance road.

Cove Pond
the salt pond behind cove bay, cove pond

Let's get back to the beach! ;-)

Look left and there's Smokey's from a distance...

Looking back toward Smokey's
smokey's seen when looking east on cove bay

Look right and there nothing but sand and dune!

It's a glorious sight and one of the reasons why so many love Anguilla, and specifically "the Cove."

Nothing but dune, sand and sea!
dune sand and sea at cove bay

The Western End

What you will find depending on your timing and conditions are kitesurfers, horseback riders, walkers and swimmers.

And if you walk all the way to the far western end, you'll reach the point between Cove Bay and neighboring Maundays Bay, home to the gorgeous luxury resort, Cap Juluca.

The far southwestern end of Cove Bay (near Cap Juluca)
southwestern end of cove bay near cap juluca

Look back at how far you've come… you may have had the entire bay to yourself. It is possible!

If you are on Cove Bay as it nears sunset time, stick around. The sun sets just over the dune point to your right (if you are mid-bay and facing St. Martin). It's another spot to take in a sensational sunset in Anguilla.

Sunset time at Cove Bay
sunsets at cove bay

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