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Anguilla Beaches Walk...
Barnes Bay


By: Kristin Bourne

The beaches in Anguilla are many and each has distinct character. One thing they all share? They are all beautiful.

And, they are the main reason many choose to vacation in Anguilla, too. Private and less trafficked than most Caribbean beaches, you rarely find more than a handful of people within eyeshot on any beach.

One of the more exclusive and less visited of Anguilla's beaches is Barnes Bay on the northwestern shore of Anguilla.

Click below for some virtual Barnes Bay relaxation...

Although lined with a large resort, an intimate and affordable hotel, two restaurants and many private villas, you do not see many people on this long, straight stretch of sand.

Let's start exploring and start our sightseeing on the eastern end of Barnes Bay…

Getting to Barnes Bay

It's easy! Drive west along the main road in Anguilla and take a right when you see the sign for Mango's Restaurant. Drive down the dirt road until you see Mango's (and the beach beyond).

Beach access here at Barnes Bay is convenient and smooth, with the shoreline sloping gradually towards the water.

Welcome to Barnes Bay! (Mango's Seaside Grill is to the left)
barnes bay anguilla

Barnes Bay's Eastern Side

When you reach the beach and turn right, you are facing the eastern end of Barnes Bay, home to Anguilla's largest resort - Four Seasons Anguilla (formerly Viceroy Anguilla).

Eastern half of Barnes Bay with Four Seasons Anguilla in the distance
four seasons anguilla on barnes bay

Four Seasons Anguilla covers a portion of both Barnes Bay and neighboring beach, Meads Bay.

The Barnes Bay side of the resort is home to the resort's beachfront private villas and small day-time restaurant, the Half Shell.

Four Seasons occupies a little less than half of Barnes Bay.

Though a bit rocky, it's not a treacherous walk to that end of the beach as there is plenty of sand covering the rocks.

Half Shell Restaurant in The Distance
half shell restaurant on barnes bay

Barnes Bay's eastern side has been known to change depending on the swells and tides, and has transformed more of the years as Viceroy, who managed the property prior to Four Seasons' take over in 2016, built rock breakwaters in front of their property line.

The breakwaters have created small, shallow, clear sea pools between the rocks.

Although Barnes Bay is more of a straight walking beach, these adjustments have given this end more curve.

While facing east, look up to see the resort's main gathering spot, the Sunset Lounge.

Pivot and turn back to where you came from and you are facing West.

Heading West on Barnes Bay

On your left, private Four Seasons villas line the dune.

The Four Seasons' Private Villas
viceroy sunset lounge in distance as seen from barnes bay

Pass them and you will come across the only privately owned restaurant on Barnes Bay - Mango's.

Mango's is owned and operated by the lovely Dave and Kim Coburn. Its proximity to the sea provides some of the most soothing sounds as you dine, and their fresh seafood dishes never disappoint!

Mango's Seaside Grill
the lovely mangos restaurant on barnes bay

Beyond Mango's is high-end villa after high-end villa.

Western half of Barnes Bay
heading west on barnes bay anguilla

On this end lies a real gem of an Anguilla villa, Beach Villa Ella (see green house on left of photo below). Affordable, spacious, with all of the comforts of home, and with Barnes Bay right at your finger tips, it is one of the best value rentals in Anguilla.

Beach Villa Ella (far left of photo below)
beach villa ella in anguilla

Of the high-end villas lining the western end half of Barnes Bay is the better-known, ultra-luxurious Cerulean Villa, just next door to Beach Villa Ella.

Cerulean Villa
cerulean villa on barnes bay anguilla

Over the years Cerulean has hosted a number of celebrities and seen major renovations. Today, its Christmas rates start at $250K/week.

Between Cerulean and the last private villa on the beach is ArBron Villas.

Caribbean-style efficiency apartments, ArBron rents a number of clean units at moderate prices. The top floors offer beautiful views out to sea, and, of course, the ones on the lower level are closer to the beach.

ArBron Villas on Barnes Bay
arbron on  barnes bay anguilla

The last high-end villa seen from the beach is privately owned and is one of the more unique ones. You can easily see the center A-frame building even though it sits on a bluff above the sand.

A private residence overlooking the western end of Barnes Bay beach
private residences on barnes bay anguilla

Further along that stretch, and mostly out of sight (when looking up from the beach), is another high-end villa that was once listed for €250 million.

It truly is a posh end of Anguilla, frequented often by the jetset. You can read a family friend's story on his celebrity encounter on Barnes Bay, here.

This bluff is where Barnes Bay beach ends.

This end of the beach, unofficially referred to as the "cove" faces west and is a perfect end cap to this breathtaking stretch on Anguilla.

Western end of Barnes Bay beach
Anguilla, Anguilla beaches, beach walk, Barnes Bay

Watching the sea water flowing over Barnes' long west-side rocks is a special sight, too.

It's never easy to turn and walk away from this end of the beach!

Barnes Bay is a tranquil, upscale escape, another perfect spot to spend a quiet day at the beach. When you visit Anguilla, make a visit to Barnes Bay if you can!


The red pin (below) is Crocus Bay.

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