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Four Seasons Anguilla...
Sunset Lounge


Imperially perched on the imposing promontory that separates Barnes Bay from Meads, one can say that the Sunset Lounge at Four Seasons has "natural advantage."

Sunset Lounge, Four Seasons, Anguilla
four seasons sunset lounge on barnes bay anguilla

Its location is among the island's best, with deep hues of Atlantic blue surrounding the spit of land on three sides.

The Sunset Lounge occupies the western half of a peninsula that jets out of Anguilla's west end. "All west," Sunset Lounge's location makes it a top spot for majestic sunsets.

sunset at four seasons anguilla

And over...
relaxing sunset at four seasons anguilla sunset lounge

sun setting in anguilla at four seasons resort

Sunset Reminder: Sunset ranges from 5:30pm in the winter to 6:30pm in the summer. Come well in advance for the best views.

Inside Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge

Since its opening in 2009, this chic bar has been Anguilla's "it" spot. A destination for sunset, it is also the place to see and be seen long after the sun goes down.

Welcome to Sunset Lounge
the sunset lounge at four seasons anguilla

Four Seasons Anguilla was designed by internationally recognized designer, Kelly Wearstler. From the walls, to light fixtures, to accent touches, each piece was hand-picked (and in some cases hand-designed and created) for this specific property.

A successful blend of modern-cool and elegant sophistication, the design is one of a kind in the Caribbean. The Sunset Lounge is the luxury hotel's focal point. It steals the show.

Sunset Lounge's Marble Bar
the chic bar at sunset longe four seasons

Indeed, indulging in libations and light bites of trendy cuisine never looks and feels so good as it does at Sunset Lounge!

Sunset Lounge
sunset lounge bar at four seasons anguilla

Floor-to-ceiling black marble is gently offset by the use of warm wood above and travertine tiles underfoot.

Chic dining tables lay out across the expansive dining room.

Lofty Layout at Sunset Lounge
inside sunset lounge at four seasons anguilla

Choose a seat by the sea's edge for an extra-vivid view.

Far Western Corner Table at Sunset Lounge

Right on the edge of the restaurant and with an uninterrupted view of Barnes Bay, this is our favorite seat in the house.

Signature Cocktails & Asian Cuisine

The creativity of the Four Seasoned team of mixologists and bar-tenders is on full display in Sunset Lounge's cocktail menu. Innovative and inspired drinks make up the first half of Sunset Lounge's drink menu.

Passionate & Nutty Essence
sunset lounge dragons breath cocktail and bar snacks

By far the most popular is the cocktail, Passionate. An award-winning drink, Pyrat rum is mixed with cinnamon, lemon, orange bitters and is topped with an eye-popping passionfruit-Amaretto foam.

For lovers of martinis, you are in luck. They are bartender Reynaldo's specialty. His French martini is our favorite.

Berry Bliss & French Martini
sunset lounge dragons breath cocktail and bar snacks

Prefer a mocktail? Sunset Lounge's are exquisite. The Berry Bliss with blueberries, lemon juice, cranberry and cinnamon syrup hits every high note.

Going hand-in-hand with the chic setting is a menu rich in Asian flavor. Let's start with Sunset Lounge's signature sushi rolls...

The Cray Roll
cray roll sunset lounge four seasons

This dish scores big points for presentation and flavor. Crayfish is layered with BBQ eel and topped with avocado and unagi sauce. The blend of refreshing avocado and savory unagi leaves you in sushi heaven!

Another creative roll that captures local flavor...

The Valley Roll
valley roll at sunset lounge four seasons

Lobster and cucumber are rolled and topped with katakuriko. The extra-special touch? A thin slice of plantain atop each piece.

Plantain? In sushi? Surprisingly, the combination works! The flavors come together in genius fashion.

Moving on from sushi, Sunset Lounge's menu features a variety of signature plates.

Lava Shrimp
lava shrimp at sunset lounge anguilla

My Mom's favorite dish at Sunset Lounge, the lava shrimp is a Sunset Lounge "must." Bite size pieces of rock shrimp are deep fried and coated in an agave-sriracha glaze. Such a joy to pop in your mouth, we always quickly devour the entire plate.

Also on the menu is...

Nasi Goreng
four seasons sunset lounge view

A sumptuous bowl of fried rice is stacked with shrimp, chicken peanut satay, scallions, soy and vibrant veggies. The dish is finished with a fried egg.

Another favorite, crafted with the spirit of Anguilla in mind...

Johnny and Jackie Sliders
johnny and jackie sliders at sunset lounge anguilla

Your tastebuds stand at attention with these Johnny cake sliders.

Three fluffy Johnny cakes are filled with a decadent and rich Kobe burger. The burger is layered with cheddar, kimchee and pickled cucumber.

Never have you ever tasted anything quite like this! The captivating flavors and the softness of the Johnny cake keeps you coming back for another bite.

To end the evening, it's never dinner in Anguilla without a sweet treat.

Kelapa Coupe
kelapa coupe at sunset lounge anguilla

This may be the smoothest, creamiest coconut sorbet to ever touch our lips. A most refreshing way to end a perfect evening at Four Seasons.

Sunset Lounge makes for a memorable night cap to every Anguilla day.

And on that note...

Special Mention: Sunset Lounge By Day

I would be remiss if we did not mention the sheer beauty of Sunset Lounge by day.

After dinner at Sunset Lounge, return the next day to enjoy the experience all over again ;-)

When the sun comes up, Sunset Lounge's view dazzles the eye. There's no beating the panoramic views of Barnes Bay's rich blues.

Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge View of Barnes Bay
four seasons sunset lounge view

The best way to enjoy that view? With a Rainbow Roll...

Rainbow Roll
four seasons sunset lounge view

And our favorite dessert at Sunset Lounge...

Taro Sundae
four seasons sunset lounge view

Whether it is for an afternoon bite, sunset drinks or dinner long after the sun goes down, Sunset Lounge is one of our all-time favorite spots.

With excellent service, a jaw-dropping setting and terrific cocktails and cuisine, Four Seasons' Sunset Lounge is at the top of its game.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Located inside Four Seasons resort, just past the resort's boutique.

Hours: Lunch & dinner daily from 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM.

Tel: 264-497-7000

Menu: Sunset Lounge menu