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Katouche Bay Rocks

by Tiffany
(North Side, Anguilla)

View from above Katouche Anguilla

View from above Katouche Anguilla

It's the most beautiful bay in Anguilla and walking along this Anguilla beach you will find the path to the Iguana Cave.

Nori's Reply: Katouche Bay is a magnificent sight and from the cliffs above the view is breath taking.

This photo is particularly interesting. You snapped it on quite an eerie day, with the fog rolling in off of the Atlantic ocean. The sea also appears to be surging, considering the waves below.

Past the Southern end of Katouche Bay (past the opening towards the cave and beyond what looks like the end of the beach) there are many pretty secret, hidden beaches. As you said, Tiffany, there are rocks between the main Katouche Bay and these hidden beaches.

You have to do a slight climb up and down these rocks, but it's not arduous and it's well worth it when you see a small spit of sand, all to yourself!

Ahhhh, Katouche Bay is a magical place. From the cave, to the beach, to the hidden beaches...

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