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Savannah Bay Since The 70s!

by Alice
(Weslaco, TX)

I first visited Savannah Bay in November, 1970! I still remember my first walk over to Savannah Bay from the coral rocks at Sile Bay. Since then, I have always approached Savannah Bay through the dunes. Back in 1970, there was little vegetation on the dunes.

This bay has it all. Great snorkeling on both ends... Some body surfing waves at the bend, and an ideal swimming area right in the middle. It's perfect all around!

When we lived in Anguilla, in the Pond Ground, my sons and I walked to Savannah Bay nearly every day. My younger son learned to swim and snorkel there. Both of them, now in their 30s, have fond memories of Savannah... I have picked Nickers there for jewelry, we've watched the kite-surfer there... wonderful fun!

Still, it's not a hot tourist spot. Savannah Bay remains the most comfortable family beach.

Nori's Reply: What wonderful Savannay Bay memories you have, Alice! I've always noticed some bigger waves out in the distance, from the shore of Savannah... I'll have to muster up some courage and try body surfing on my next visit there. Savannah Bay sure is a spectacular beach. And, how can you go wrong with Nat's right there?

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Jun 29, 2010
savannah bay
by: chantel holcomb

I to loved savannah bay. spent many years on anguilla and named my first born Savannah! loved watching her run and play on the beach. memories we will never forget. cant wait to get back someday.

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