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Anguilla's Cays...
Our Offshore Gems


By: Kirmani Honoré

Anguilla is an island chock-full of hidden mysteries waiting to be discovered by the more adventurous.

From hikes, to cave exploration and snorkeling along the reef systems that are teeming with life, we love exploring every nook and cranny of this island.

Did you know that the natural wonder of Anguilla doesn't stop on its mainland?

With seven off-shore islands, Anguilla's cays are an extension of the island's beautiful, breathtaking landscapes.

As avid explorers of Anguilla and its cays, we've put together a list of them all.

Let's explore!...

Sandy Island

First on our list is a cay that many people know... the popular Sandy Island!

Just 15 minutes from the Sandy Ground, getting there is a snap and unforgettably fun.

sandy island

This sandy cay is less than a mile long. A micro slice of paradise, Sandy Island boasts a 360 degree powdery white sand shoreline and a panomaric view of Anguilla.

This sunny sandy cay is a popular lunch spot for locals and visitors alike.

What's for lunch?

Buttery grilled lobster, seasoned pasta salad and luscious, ever-flowing rum punches. The food at Sandy Island does not disappoint. It's as unforgettable as everything else about this magical, little cay.

sandy island food

For more on Sandy Island, click here.

Tip: Prefer to take a boat charter to Sandy Island? Check out Rum & Reel here .

Prickly Pear

Next on our list is the twin-island cay of Prickly Pear.

Prickly Pear is made up of two idyllic islands. Here's a little known fact: One cay is owned by the Crown of the United Kingdom, the other is owned by Anguilla!

Further offshore than Sandy Island, Prickly Pear has a more remote and "wild" feel to it. It's famous for its big blue bay, rich in excellent snorkeling.

prickly pear aerial

When hunger calls? The Prickly Pear Restaurant serves up one of the tastiest lobsters we've ever tried!

The best way to get there? Aboard Tradition with Deb and Laurie.

Click here for more on Prickly Pear.

Scilly Cay

If you've ever driven through the colorful, quiet town of Island Harbour you may have noticed this next cay...

scilly cay water

Scilly Cay is a quiet island, set just off the Island Harbour jetty.

It's so close to Anguilla's mainland, you can literally swim there. In fact swimming competitions to Scilly Cay during Anguilla's Festival Del Mar celebrations are not unheard of!

scilly cay boat ride

The Scilly Cay Restaurant is the only property on the island. With no electricity, this is tranquility at its most relaxing.

Bask in the blue water, snorkel the perimeter of the island, and when your tummy starts rumbling...

Order up Scilly Cay's flavor-filled BBQ and an extra-potent rum punch!

scilly cay food

More on Scilly Cay here .

Scrub Island

Anguilla's most North-eastern cay, Scrub Island is next on our list. With a breaktaking mile of powdery white sand, Scrub Island has you at "hello."

Its dazzling waters mesmerize you a million hues of blue.

scrub beach aerial

Tip: Bring a picnic. There are no restaurants or businesses here. The only inhabitants are herds of wild roaming goats!

goats on scrub island

If you are coming to Scrub, be sure to bring your sense of adventure! Scrub more than delivers when it comes to adventuring! The island has gained popularity as a unique hiking destination.

Hike across the island's surreal, sci-fi-esque terraine, through droves of toxic manchineel and towering agave trees. The landscape is other-worldly! Don't miss stopping by the island's famous plane wrecks...

  scrub island plane

And the pond at Deadman's Bay...

scrub island pond

Our Anguilla Card Partner, Rum & Reel hosts exciting, informative and unforgettable excursions to this fantastical island! More on Rum & Reel's Scrub Island Adventure here.

Dog Island

Our next cay is a certified park and bird sanctuary. The name might ring a bell, but this cay largely flies under the radar.

At 8 miles away from Anguilla's mainland, Dog Island remains largely untouched and undisturbed.

Nesting Magnificent Frigate Birds...

This rugged, rocky, hilly cay nests more than 10,000 birds and some of the most exotic sea bird species in the Caribbean.

Getting there can be tricky and is largely dependent on the weather. Rum & Reel offers excursions to the coastal, beachy shores. For a deeper look inside the island, arrange a volunteer trip with the Anguilla National Trust.

Whichever way you visit, this far-away cay makes for an unforgettable excursion. With dramatic displays from the exotic sea birds soaring above and the beautiful blue water below, Dog Island is a natural beauty!

Sombrero Island

If you haven't heard of Sombrero, it's not your fault ;-)

Sombrero lies all the way out there! 33 miles North West of Anguilla to be exact!...

new sombrero lighthouse
Photo Credit: Marlene Horsford

Its high, rocky terraine made it choice #1 for the foundation of Anguilla's light house. Back in the day, this lighthouse was a beacon in an otherwise dark and lonely sea. The light would guide sailors back to Anguilla.

 old sombrero lighthouse
Photo Credit: Marlene Horsford

A 360 Sombrero Sunset...
  sombrero island sunset
Photo Credit: Marlene Horsford

While the lighthouse remains, today Sombrero is used as a sea turtle and shark monitoring site for the Anguilla National Trust.


Last on our list is Anguillita.

This tiny cay sits just off the most south-western tip of Anguilla.

Small and quaint, getting to Anguillita is half to fun. Driving through a maze of winding dirtroads to Bolly Ham Bay is the quickest way to get there.

Anguillita from Bolly Ham Bay

Enjoy this video of Louise and friends kayaking from Bolly Ham Bay to Anguillita below!

That's all she wrote when it comes to Anguilla cays! Here's hoping you get to step foot on them all :-)

Happy exploring!

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