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An Even More Private Piece of Anguilla...
Sandy Island, A Must-Do Anguilla Activity


By: Louise Fayet

No 747s, no package deals, no mass-marketing tourism. Anguilla is as remote and private as you can get. Well, almost. There is one Anguilla off-island cay so seductive in its idyllic-tropical-paradise beauty, taking you even further away from stress, hustle and bustle... a visit to Sandy Island is a must-do Anguilla activity.

Welcome To Sandy Island
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

A Sandy Island excursion includes a boat ride, exploring/lazing on a spit of sand in the middle of clear turquoise blue water, well-made rum punches, and fresh-from-the-grill food.

How can you not want to make time for Sandy Island when visiting Anguilla? ;-)

Stepping off on to a small piece of sand in the middle of so much blue is a dream! Swimming, sunning and sipping on rum punches... a Sandy Island experience will forever be in your memory.


For a full look at the Sandy Island experience, see the video above!

Stepping Foot on Sandy Island

anguilla card emblem

First things first, how do you get to Sandy Island?

Make your way to the Sandy Ground wharf where "Happiness," a small motor boat will meet you and take you over to Sandy Island. The boat ride is $40 per person, round trip.

Boat To Sandy Island, "Happiness"
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

"Happiness" leaves Sandy Ground every hour on the hour starting at 11am.

(You can also take a private Anguilla charter to Sandy Island).

... And We're Off!
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

This is part of the fun of Sandy Island, especially if you like boat rides. It's a pretty quick ride, almost too quick!

Hello, Sandy Island
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

The crew helps you step down on to the beach and suddenly this mini slice of paradise feels all your own.

We recommend picking out your seats for the afternoon and making your way to the bar for a cool Sandy Island cocktail!

Sandy Island Cocktails & BBQ Lunch

Painted pretty and vibrant greens, blues and oranges, the bar is picture perfect!

The Bar
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

The classic rum punch is a must. If you have heard about Sandy Island, you have likely heard about the rum punches. I have to confirm - they are not overrated.

Best Rum Punch
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

Tip: While at the bar, place your order for lunch. If the island is busy, lunch may take a a bit of time. Until it's ready? Fun in the sun calls...!

Fun In The Sun

Sandy Island has a beautiful stretch of beach, perfect for strolling. The island is also surrounded by a number of reefs. Grab your snorkel gear and check out the reefs on the island's north and west sides.

Anguilla activities, Sandy Island

The sea life around the island is breathtaking as the island's reefs are virtually untouched. Tip: Don't forget to bring your mask and flippers.

After a refreshing swim and snorkel? Lunch is served!

The menu offers appetizers like salads, mango meatballs, coconut shrimp and baby back ribs...

Sticky Ribs

Juicy ribs are lathered in a sweet and mildly spicy sauce. These are finger licking and addictive.

Main courses include grilled kebabs, lobster, grouper, snapper and...

The Crayfish Meal
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

Grilled crayfish halves are paired with a luscious butter sauce.

Another top choice? The mahi mahi...

The Mahi Mahi Meal
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

Grilled to perfection and extremely succulent, each bite of mahi is infused with lemon and black pepper. All meals are served with Sandy Island's famous pasta salad, a side salad, cole slaw and rice and peas.

Also from the seafood choices is grouper or snapper fillet.

The Snapper Fillet Meal
Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

Love BBQ ribs? You are in luck! Sandy Island's BBQ ribs are some of the best in all of Anguilla.

The BBQ Ribs Meal
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

After lunch on Sandy Island?...

Sandy Island Activities

Every Sunday, the island comes alive with Steel Pan sessions from 12-2pm.

They are the nicest of musicians, and may even give you a quick steel pan lesson!

Louise Getting A Crash Course on Steel Pan
Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunchl

Sandy Island's DJ sets a smooth Sunday mood from 2pm until closing time.

After drinks and dancing and BBQ eats? It's back to the beach!

Anguilla activities, Sandy Island

And when you're ready to head home after a beautiful day in the sun? "Happiness" will take you back to Sandy Ground.

Anguilla activities, Sandy Island, Anguilla lunch

Explore, nap, snorkel, read, eat, sunbathe, swim, all with a true sense of secludedness... it doesn't get much better than that.

I'm sure Michael Jordan can attest to that! He has visited Sandy Island, too. He actually bumped into his basketball buddy, Shaquille O'Neal, who was in Anguilla at the same time, and at Sandy Island, too! You can read more about Michael Jordan in Anguilla, here.

Sandy Island is certainly a celebrity favorite and popular with boaters visiting from St. Martin. Even ABC's popular show, "The Bachelor" came to Anguilla and held a private date on Sandy Island.

It's no wonder why... it's just about as private as you can get.

Sandy Island is one of a kind!

To make a reservation and check for opening hours call... 264 476 6534

Menu: Click here

Directions: Meet at the Sandy Ground pier.