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Nothing "Scilly" About
This Fine Anguilla Dining


Ever since I can remember, My Dad has always avoided "tourist traps." For example, we only ever went to Disney World once... for ten hours. I guess you can say that's one of the reasons that Anguilla attracted my Dad in the first place. A place has to earn its keep to stay in our hearts. Its wonderful people, perfect beaches, and fine Anguilla dining made my parents forget about old favorites like Hawaii.

Of course, even an "off-the-beaten-path" place like Anguilla has its "must see" tourist spots. Scilly Cay is one (see below).

We had always put off a visit to this gorgeous little island that gives Island Harbour Anguilla its name...

anguilla restaurants

But we kept receiving wonderful recommendations about Scilly Cay, especially the ambience and the lobster.

"Ambience and great lobster -- we need to try it!"

To Scilly Cay!

Set on a tiny island off of the coast of idyllic Island Harbour in East End Anguilla, Scilly Cay is a gem of a spot.

scilly cay

To get there? Head to the Island Harbour pier...

If Scilly Cay's boat's not there, just wave at the island.

It'll be there in a few minutes.

This is where the Scilly Cay adventure begins!

As we approached this island of fine Anguilla dining, I thought about how Hollywood movie stars get to Scilly Cay... via helicopter! That is the other way of getting to Scilly Cay ;-)

scilly cay


The waters within the bay are always calm and we were there before we could say "Scilly Cay on a Fine Day"!

From the moment we stepped onto the dock, I thought to myself "I've never seen anything quite like this." In a word? It is breathtaking.

It's the only building on the tiny island in the middle of the bay. Its views of Island Harbour are panoramic.

No electricity here! All you hear is the lapping of water and the rustling of palms. For lunch? Grilled entrées with fresh salad and cold drinks. Being stranded on a desert island could be tougher :-)


Arriving at Scilly Cay
scilly cay anguilla

The restaurant's walls are lined with conch shells, and the trees are lush - making arches over the walk ways.

Inside Scilly Cay
scilly cay anguilla

Our waitress seated us in the shade, right by the water, with a genuine smile.

Right after ordering, we had to stretch our legs and see what we could see.

Louise Enjoying The Scilly Cay Sea Breeze
louise scilly cay anguilla

Off for a bit more exploring...

scilly cay anguilla

Scilly Cay has a little beach, usually very calm and great for snorkeling. We also found some pretty sensational driftwood.

scilly cay anguilla

Scilly Cay's menu is displayed behind the bar. They are famous for their very strong and tasty $10 rum punches.

For lunch, fresh grilled crayfish and lobster are the most popular menu items.

Grilled Crayfish
crayfish scilly cay anguilla

The plate is picture-perfect. Lobsters and crayfish are brushed with garlic butter and served with warm French garlic bread, fresh pasta salad and fruit salad. Fresh and al fresco Anguilla dining... it doesn't get better than this.

Grilled Lobster
lobster scilly cay anguilla

The menu also offers half of a grilled chicken, grilled chicken breast, brown sugar pork ribs and grilled fish. You may also get the catch of the day or choose two of the menu items as a combo meal.

Grilled Chicken Breast
chicken breast at scilly cay anguilla

Grilled Ribs
crayfish scilly cay anguilla

Tender chicken lathered in a garlic peanut sauce... it pairs perfectly with the fresh Le Bon Pain garlic bread!

For vegetarians, the team whips up a plate of green goodness.

Veggie Plate
veggie meal scilly cay anguilla

The main attraction is a curried chickpea mix with spinach, pumpkin, potato and a medley of vegetables. On the side, a colorful mixed salad, rice & peas and a fruit salad.

The treats don't end there! The Cookie Flower and Cheesecake desserts are up for grabs for those who crave something sweet.

The Cookie Flower

Now this is cookie heaven! A mixture of four types of cookies (including my favorite - Shirley cookies!) are separated by pudding (vanilla or chocolate) and topped with whipped cream, a Pirouline cookie and a cherry.

The clean, spacious, and relaxing atmosphere, all on an island of its own, with gentle tradewinds blowing... it put us at the most peaceful ease.

Seaside Dining
scilly cay anguilla

Scilly Cay is a must do on any Anguilla vacation!

With Mr. Eudoxie Wallace (c. 2004)
scilly cay anguilla


When the afternoon comes to a close and it's time to leave?

We think of Mr. Eudoxie Wallace.

The founder and original owner of Scilly Cay, Eudoxie is greatly missed since his passing in 2017.

Today, his family continues to operate the beautiful island restaurant and carry on the legacy Eudoxie established over 30 years ago.

A most memorable Anguilla dining experience, cheers to Scilly Cay and the Wallace family.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Scilly Cay is a 20 minute drive from West End Anguilla. If you're staying in the Shoal Bay area, you are only 5 minutes from Scilly Cay. See the map below for exact location.

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Hours: During the day on Wednesdays and Sundays from 11am.

Tel: 264-497-5123

Menu: Click here