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Anguilla Beaches Walk...
Captain's Bay


Captain’s Bay… the beach many Anguilla regulars have heard of but few have actually visited.


It’s the second farthest beach in the East End of Anguilla and it's hard to get to. There are no signs leading the way and the road to Captain's Bay is rough.

To get here, you will need to acquaint yourself with a map of Anguilla and keep your patience ;-)

Of those who succeed in experiencing Captain’s Bay, many get hooked and make it a part of their trip each time they come to Anguilla.

Why? Anguilla is a very private-feeling island. No where is "busy", but Captain’s Bay is the epitome of privacy. That may be why the only building here is a large villa named, Exclusivity.

captains bay in anguilla

Preparing For Captain’s Bay

Take anything you may need with you. Nothing convenient is close by.

Bring any or all of the following: Sunscreen, hat, sun protecting clothing, towels and beach umbrellas. This beach has little to no shade.

Pack drinks and snacks if you plan to stay a while. Please bring a garbage bag as there are no trash receptacles at Captain’s Bay. Leave only footprints.

Tip on Vehicles: SUVs are recommended. Regular cars can make this trip, but be careful over the rockier parts of the road. If you have been to Captain's Bay, feel free to leave your tips below.

Getting to Captain’s Bay

There are a couple ways to get to this remote beach. By boat, by car or most enjoyable, "hiking" there...


Here, we will highlight the the most popular route by car - via Savannah Bay. Carrying a map is very helpful during this adventure.

Tip: The best "fail safe" to find your way around is to download the Google Map app to your mobile device. Do this before you leave WiFi and keep the app open as you travel. More on Anguilla maps.

Get yourself to the entrance to Palm Grove, aka Nat’s Place. Follow along that dirt road as if you are going to Palm Grove. Take the left instead of driving straight down to Nat's.

Your first turn from the main road (Take a left).
driving to palm grove in anguilla

Note: If you accidentally miss the left and end up at Palm Grove, that’s a fantastic consolation prize. It’s even a good idea to spend some of your time there at Savannah Bay. You can get lunch and drinks before your Captains Bay excursion.

Follow along that bumpy dirt road.

With Savannah Bay being to the South and West of Captain’s Bay, as you head mostly East and as you start moving more northerly, Savannah Bay should disappear from sight.

You'll meet another fork, go left. Note you can see Exclusivity Villa from here. exclusivity villa in the distance

You will go down a slight hill as you are nearing Captain’s Bay.

Take left to the beach or right to Exclusivity exclusivity villa in the distance

At this point you can start looking for roadside parking and walk to the beach.

Welcome to Captain's Bay! looking north from captains bay

Be cautious when water is even slightly rough!

Captain’s Bay can produce strong currents that can pull you down and under, even if you are in up to your shins.

It is good to be aware of the potential dangers that Captain’s Bay has in comparison to many of Anguilla’s other beaches. We do not recommend Captains Bay for inexperienced swimmers.

If you want to go in the water, enter slowly and, since looks can be deceiving, be aware of the current.

The Beauty of Captain’s Bay

Whether you get in to the water at Captain’s Bay or not, there’s plenty to entertain you if you are an explorer, nature lover or if you just enjoy relaxing. I have even seen whales out in Captain's Bay!

Another final Captain’s Bay treat - the sunset.

Breathtaking Sunset Views
looking north from captains bay

Since the bay faces north northwest, you can catch stunning sunsets here. Sit back, relax and enjoy the many hues!...

looking north from captains bay


The red pin (below) is Captains Bay.