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Anguilla Beaches Walk...
Shoal Bay West


If you have been to Anguilla, you probably already know Shoal Bay East, one of Anguilla's most popular strips of sand.

Did you know that Shoal Bay East has a cousin?

Hello Shoal Bay West!
the turquoise of shoal bay west

Shoal Bay West couldn't be more opposite than Shoal Bay East. This quiet beach is set all the way on the western end of the island, on its southern Caribbean side.

It claims majestic views of St. Martin and is home to just a few establishments.

Let's explore Shoal Bay West...

Shoal Bay West's East Side

At the very edge of the beach, you can see Altamer's grand villas peeking out.

Altamer is one of Anguilla's most iconic collection of villas. The property is made up of three super luxury villas set right at the tip of the beach. This southeastern point is where Shoal Bay West ends and, separated by a salt pond, Cap Juluca's Maunday's Bay begins.

Altamer luxury villas

From this tip you can see the whole length of Shoal Bay West. While Shoal Bay West is not the largest bay in Anguilla, it is sweeping and vast when you look from one end to the other.

Just after Altamer, also directly on the beach, is the affordable hotel called Blue Waters Beach Apartments. It's a fantastic place to stay if you're looking for clean accommodations with a kitchen, on the beach and with tremendous views.

We Love the Lush Palms Here!
shoal bay west

A bit further down the beach you'll approach a pretty and popular restaurant, Trattoria Tramonto.

Trattoria Tramonto Italian Restaurant
trattoria tramonto on shoal bay west

Open for lunch, we've spent many relaxing hours chatting with Alan, the owner, and indulging on their delicious Italian menu.

Look out at the sea from here and you'll see what some call "Blowing Rock." Just a small spit of volcanic-type rock, it's a great area for snorkeling and diving.

Back to the beach and further west of Trattoria, you'll pass one of the island's most luxurious private villas that blends into its natural surroundings.

It was once home to Chuck Norris...

private villa on shoal bay west

A few steps away from this villa is the abandoned property once known as Covecastles.

In its heyday, Covecastles was the place to be! Everyone from Denzel Washington to Jay Z would stay in these breathtaking villas.

covecastles on the beach

Today, though they stand empty, they sure are eye catching. Their architecture is timeless.

As you walk the whole stretch of beach, a pleasant breeze always blows in. The luscious waters beckon you in for a dip as you go. Best of all? On the far west side, you will usually be the only soul here!

Looking east down Shoal Bay West from Covecastles
looking east down shoal bay east from covecastles

Beautiful, quiet, walkable and swimmable, Shoal Bay West is a serene beach dream.

To fully take in the Shoal Bay West feel, see our drone video below...