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Anguilla Beaches Walk...
The Top-Ranked Shoal Bay Anguilla Beach


Anguilla beaches... Flawless Anguilla beaches... The first thing that made us fall in love with Anguilla, kept us coming back, and inspired this very website.

Since our first "Anguilla love," we have discovered even more to love about Anguilla. From the warm-natured and kind people, to the five-star dining, to the culture and heritage, Anguilla is about more than just beaches. But its beaches are impossible to beat!

Here, Kristin Bourne takes us on a tour of some of her favorite Anguilla beaches.

Stop #1? Anguilla's most famous beach, Shoal Bay Anguilla beach.

More is written about Shoal Bay than any other Anguilla beach.

Consistently it ranks as one of the top beaches in not only the Caribbean, but the entire world.

It's easy to see why! There is no other way to say it... Shoal Bay Anguilla beach is beautiful, with its pinkish-hued white sand and intense turquoise water.

THIS is Shoal Bay (near "the bend")...
The top-ranked Anguilla beach! Anguilla beaches, Shoal Bay

It is a two-mile sandy beach, and you can walk from one end to the other.

It is the "busiest" beach in Anguilla for tourists. Mind you none of Anguilla's beaches could be considering "busy" or even crowded, unless we are talking about August Monday in Anguilla at Sandy Ground.

Restaurants, beach bars and hotels line Shoal Bay's shores.

It is also the site of many peaceful water sports, including snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and distance swimming.

You get the idea... Shoal Bay in itself is a destination. The beach is really divided into two parts: the lower half and the upper half.

Let me show you around, from west to east!...

Lower Shoal Bay Anguilla Beach: From Tropical Sunset to Elodia's Beach Bar

Let's start at the quieter end of Shoal Bay, at Tropical Sunset Restaurant and Bar. Tropical Sunset sits away from the cluster of restaurants and bars that form the "heart" of Shoal Bay. (The "heart" of Shoal Bay is the area where many people park and enter the beach (between Madeariman and Uncle Ernie's)).

You reach Tropical Sunset by turning left off of the main road, instead of continuing straight down to the beach.

Once off the main road, one fairly quick right at the Tropical Sunset sign leads you down the little hill to Tropical Sunset and the BEACH!

You have arrived... Ahhh... Shoal Bay Anguilla beach! It never fails to take your breath away. That BLUE water, and so much of it! All for you! It's like a dream.

Who doesn't want to dive right in on a hot day?

Tropical Sunset makes for a very comfortable place for a Shoal Bay lunch. They also make the best pina colada I've ever had! It's not fancy but it is good. They make it from scratch and don't use a mix. Just the real stuff. Don't forget to pair your drinks with their excellent seafood treats, too.

Seafood Treats at Tropical Sunset
anguilla beaches, shoal bay

Tropical Sunset is worth checking out if you want a quiet beach day. They offer umbrellas and chairs to use as well.

If you are standing at Tropical Sunset and facing the sea, farther to the west the beach is still wide and walk-able and is home to a few more businesses.

gwens new lunch spot

Gwen's famous Reggae Grill Previously on the other side of the beach, today, Gwen's has moved to the beach's west side. Still serving up the same mouthwatering BBQ lunches, and with that ever-warm and friendly vibe, you can read more on Gwen's Reggae Grill here.

Further to the west from Gwen's is the largest hotel on Shoal Bay, Zemi Beach House.

The Intimate View From
a Second Storey Beachfront Suite at Zemi Beach House
the view from the second storey beachfront suite at zemi beach

Back to Tropical Sunset, and to its right is everything else. I started walking toward everything else and noted the beach buildings along the way.

Walking toward the central Shoal Bay beach area

Between Tropical Sunset and the next establishment is just some seagrape trees and "bush".

The next business is Olas. They serve up a mean rum punch and excellent tacos.

Mojito & Passion Fruit Margarita at Olas
Rum Punch at Olas Tacos Bar & Grill

Then, there is Mac and Hanks Restaurant and Bar. I haven't been here but it is a cute little place and seems to always have people at it. Just beyond Mac and Hanks you will find Madeariman Restaurant and Beach Bar. I have spent some time here recently and have been impressed and enjoyed myself.

Beachy Blend of Sand, Surf, Shade, and Delicious Food at Madeariman!
Shoal Bay Anguilla Restaurant, Madeariman

I could hear the music from Madeariman as I walked down the beach. I wanted to stop walking and go sit down and have lunch! Everything that I've tasted from there so far has been delicious! Immediately next to Madeariman is Uncle Ernie's BBQ.

Madeariman's Fish Burger
Fish burger at Madeariman

Uncle Ernie's offers your standard BBQ chicken and ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. It's a great spot for a cheap bite to eat. Many celebs have been spotted eating here, including Uma Thurman.

The alley way of sorts that is between Madeariman and Uncle Ernie's is the more heavily used Shoal Bay entrance. Clusters of umbrellas and chairs line the beach around this part of Lower Shoal Bay. The beach furniture tends to belong to the businesses they are in front off.

The Uncle Ernie's Cheeseburger
delicious cheeseburger from uncle ernies

Let's keep walking!

Next up is Manoah, a boutique luxury hotel complete with terrific beachfront restaurant and beach/pool club. More on The Manoah Boutique Hotel.

Manoah in background, Shoal Bay blue in foreground
Anguilla beaches, Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay Villas is immediately to the east of Manoah. Shoal Bay Villas is reasonably priced and has a loyal following.

Shoal Bay Villas ocean front balcony view
shoal bay villas ocean front view

Walking on...

There is another little stretch of bush and seagrape trees before you get to Elodia's Beach Bar and Restaurant.

Since Elodia's is set apart somewhat from the "heart" of Shoal Bay, it could be considered a little more quiet.

Elodia's Beach Restaurant & Bar
elodias beach bar and restaurant on shoal bay east

Likewise as Uncle Ernie's, I've only been to Elodia's once and several years ago. I had a burger and once more, it was no Ferryboat Inn burger.

Many say they have a killer rum punch, though! And Penelope Cruz was even photographed lazing on their beach chairs during the off-season.

In Front of Elodia's Beach Restaurant & Bar
elodias beach bar and restaurant on shoal bay east

The next area on the beach is Malakh Day Spa. I visited Malakh once for a massage and it was an incredibly relaxing and reviving one. Malakh sits right on the beach. Malakh's special bonus? You are so close to the sea, you can really relax to the soothing sounds of the surf.

Heading east beyond Elodia's, I start getting close to my favorite part of Shoal Bay! I call it "the bend", it only seems natural. The bend also ranks as one of my favorite spots on all of Anguilla and there are so many incredible spots on this amazing island!

This area is a 90 degree curve that comes right to a special point in the beach and the transition between what is reference as Lower Shoal Bay to Upper Shoal Bay. You don't see many beaches shaped like Shoal Bay. The bend is an area that is so open. You can see back to Lower Shoal Bay, out to sea, over toward Island Harbour and Scrub Island, and around to Upper Shoal Bay and the Sea Rocks area. What a vista! (Take a look in the video above.)

Upper Shoal Bay Anguilla Beach: The Bend to Serenity Cottages

This is a great time to stop, take a deep breath, and fill your eyes with the invigorating scenery.

Ahhhh... this is living!

"The Bend"
Anguilla beaches, Shoal Bay,

Ok, back to the walk!

Walking to the right around the bend you see an area called Sea Rocks up on the hills to the left. There are many beautiful homes and Anguilla villas there, including Tortue Villa.

Ahead is a mostly straight stretch of beach that leads you to the remaining business on Shoal Bay, Upper Shoal Bay, to be specific.

At certain times of day the glow coming from the tuquoise water on Upper Shoal Bay is almost electric-looking!

Rounding Out The Tour of Shoal Bay...

Serenity Cottages sits at the end of Upper Shoal Bay. You literally can't go further once you see them. They seem nice and quiet, tucked away at the end of a glorious stretch of beach.

Staircase to Shoal Bay From Serenity
serenity staircase in anguilla

I can't end this page on Shoal Bay without noting the incedible sunsets you can see here! Granted there are many, many ideal spots for sunset on the special island of Anguilla, Shoal Bay is no exception.

If you are on Lower Shoal Bay, the sunset will set to your left and over the sea. If you visit on Anguilla and aren't staying on Shoal Bay, you should make sure to plan an evening to catch a sunset there.

Sunset over on of the world's greatest beaches... Yes! Don't miss it!

A warm Shoal Bay sunset, taken near Tropical Sunset.
A perfect end an Anguilla Beach Day!
Shoal Bay, Anguilla beaches, sunset

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