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Anguilla Hotels...
Shoal Bay Villas


An entire day on Shoal Bay's social shores is one of Anguilla's unique and special treats!

shoal bay beach

Lie on the soft, silky, sand...

The boiling sun warms and browns your body...

Live music and pieces of conversations stream through the gentle breeze...

Dip into the refreshing, sparkling, turquoise water...

Meet people from all walks of life...

Grab a tasty bite to eat at any of the beach bars...

Snooze, snooze, snooze...

In the lazy, late afternoon, slowly walk the length of Shoal Bay's world-famous sandy shores. No worries, no problems, no exams(!) -- everything melts away.

If you want to soak up that relaxing Shoal Bay vibe all vacation long? Look no further than...

Shoal Bay Villas
Shoal Bay Villas from the beach

With 4 villas and a total of 29 rooms, Shoal Bay Villas is an affordable hotel with a prime beach front location on Shoal Bay East.

Let's step inside...

The Rooms

The suites at Shoal Bay Villas span across 4 buildings. Room types include poolside, garden suites and ocean view rooms. Their units come as single rooms, double rooms and studios.

The double rooms are particularly comfortable. Each suite features a kitchenette equipped with a full fridge, oven, microwave and coffee maker for your own personal cup of Joe...

Equipped Kitchenettes
Shoal Bay Villas  kitchenettes

The kitchenette opens into the suite's interior living area.

Bright Windows and Lots of Light
 Shoal Bay Villas  living room

The combination of big windows and high ceilings in the second floor ocean view units give a bright and airy feel to the room.

And then, of course, there's the view...

Breezy Upstairs Balcony View
 ocean patio view

The ocean view suites bring the sand of Shoal Bay East directly to your door step! At Shoal Bay Villas you're literally on Shoal Bay East.

As such, the views from both the ground floor and elevated units (reached by stairs) offer stunning views of the white sand and blue waters of Shoal Bay East.

The Beach at Your Door Step
ocean view studio view

In addition to an interior living and dining space, the suites feature a private balcony or patio (if you are on the ground floor).

Luxurious View from the Ocean View Studio Suite
 Shoal Bay Villas studio suite

The decor is tasteful and modern with a touch of tropical flare. Colorful, the island artwork livens up the atmosphere of these hotel rooms.

High Breezy Ceilings
 Shoal Bay Villas villa room

The Property

Outside the suites, Shoal Bay Villas' grounds are pretty and well manicured. The walkways are lush, lined with colorful bougainvillea and local flowers.

Vibrant & Flowery Walkways
Shoal Bay Villas Walkway

The property features a gym and the hotel's spa.

Shoal Bay Villas Gym & Spa
Shoal Bay Villas Gym and spa

Cozy and intimate, the spa meets everyone's needs with a variety of extra-soothing massages and treatments.

Authentic Balinese Spa
Bali Spa

Using authentic Balinese techniques, Shoal Bay Villas manages once again, to provide a lot of quality, in a tight package.

Cozy and Romantic
inside spa

Last but not least, one of our favorite aspects to Shoal Bay Villas...

Chic & Private Pool
Shoal Bay Villas pool view

The hotel's private fresh water pool really calls your name. Lined with towering hedges, this pool is equal parts peaceful and private, and beautifully refreshing.

Shoal Bay Villas view of pool

Parting Thoughts on Shoal Bay Villas

Shoal Bay Villas is the beach-lovers accommodation of choice on Shoal Bay's beach.

Other hotels on Shoal Bay sit further back from the sand and have more meandering walkways from your door to the sand. This is not the case with Shoal Bay Villas. Their beachfront units open right onto the beach.

The beach at Shoal Bay Villas
the beach at shoal bay villas hotel in anguilla

For those who appreciate quiet, relaxed vibes and are in Anguilla for the beach, Shoal Bay Villas is an excellent choice at a reasonable price.

Beachfront buildings from the beach
anguilla hotel shoal bay villas location on shoal bay east

If you're interested in staying at Shoal Bay Villas when you visit Anguilla, do plan ahead. Just as Anguilla has a long list of repeat clients, Shoal Bay Villas does as well. Repeat visitors tend to book in advance, so check well ahead especially during peak season.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean both inside and out, lovely amenities, reasonable rates, directly on the beach and run by a family and staff who want your Anguilla stay to be just right...

If you're looking to stay on Shoal Bay, this is your home.

Contact Shoal Bay Villas

  • Tel.: (264) 497 2051
  • Tel. (US): (562) 366 4813
  • Email: sbvillas@anguillanet.com