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Anguilla Beaches Walk...
Tucked-Away Little Bay


Getting to this little beach takes a little effort.

Whether you hike or swim, take a charter or catch the boat with Calvin, that effort is always well rewarded. Little Bay is one of Anguilla's most special and serene beaches.

Azure waters...

An unspoiled spit of shore...

All surrounded by high cliffs...

It is right out of a postcard.

Looking Down on to Little Bay
little bay anguilla

At this bay you are almost fully surrounded by beautifully layered limestone with all shades of corals and grays.

The sand on the beach is lighter in contrast to the stone. And then there is the glowing, brilliant blue of the sea...

little bay anguilla

No wonder the Anguilla flag colors are orange, white, and blue. It must have been inspired by Little Bay!

This place is one of a kind and if you are lucky, it could be all yours for the day. Since Little Bay isn't super easy to get to, chances are there is not going to be a large amount of people there on any given day.

Beach to Ourselves!
little bay anguilla

Boats may swing by and deposit a couple snorkelers, but otherwise it's not usually a crowded place.

So, how do you get here? Click play below for our top 4 ways to get to Little Bay.

Note: Little Bay is famous for its "rope." Back in the day, "the rope" led from the beach's western cliff right down to the beach. The rope has since been removed and we don't recommend climbing without it. However, it is possible for experienced climbers.

We recommend...

Boating to Little Bay

If you are hiring a charter for the day, make arrangements to stop off at Little Bay. Also, Tradition Sailing has sails to Little Bay all the time!

Otherwise, if you want to see Little Bay and the climbing or boat charter aren't the right options for you, then opt for a ride with Calvin.

You can meet Calvin at Crocus Bay, the same beach where da'Vida is located. He is almost always sitting under the big tamarind tree where locals tend to play dominoes.

If Calvin isn't around, he has a sign posted nearby with his number on it. Give him a call and he should be able to get there quickly.

Calvin taking us to Little Bay
Anguilla beaches, Little Bay, Calvin, boat

It's a 5 minute ride over as Little Bay is the next bay over from Crocus. Keep your eyes peeled for turtles and jumping rays.

If you rather see the sea life up close, the swim from Crocus Bay to Little Bay is one of the best! Fields of sea-fans, lazy turtles, rays and starfish are regulars along the swim.

little bay anguilla

Snorkling gear is available for rent at da'Vida's at Crocus Bay. They rent kayaks, too. Kayaking is another great way to "boat" to Little Bay.

A Day at Little Bay

Besides the beauty of Little Bay, there is plenty to do, and nothing to do, too! ;-)

Granted there are no beach chairs or umbrellas, so if you opt for nothing, you will likely be doing nothing on your own towel.

Sheer perfection at Little Bay
Anguilla beaches, Little Bay, the beach

One of the main attractions here is the rock that protrudes from the waters. It's a popular spot to jump off of.

The rock is to the north east if you are standing on the beach, right under the Ani Villas property.

It is about a 5 minute swim from shore - bring a mask for the swim! The rock's ledge underwater is sometimes covered with some spiny black urchins so lookout for those with your mask.

The Rock!
Anguilla beaches, Little Bay, the rock

The climb is short and the view from the top of the rock is amazing. Some may chicken out and want to climb back down, but we do not recommend it - just jump!

The rock does curve out a bit but jump "out" and you will certainly not hit the rock!

It's plenty deep at the bottom, so don't worry about touching the sea floor, either. We have done this jump hundreds of times :-)

The rock is certainly a Little Bay highlight but the most popular thing to do here is snorkel.

Snorkeling at Little Bay

You'll hear about the great snorkeling at Little Bay. If you are a big snorkeler, click here to read more on snorkeling in Anguilla.

Long Trumpet Fish, School of Squid & Queen Parrot Fish
Anguilla beaches, Little Bay, Calvin, boat

This spot is protected due to its remoteness. Thank goodness for that. The underwater sights here are many!

That's Little Bay in a nut shell. This small stretch of beach is proof that good things come in small packages :-)

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