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Garvey's Sunshine Shack...
A Popular, Sandy Anguilla Beach Bar
Right on Rendezvous Bay


By: Kristin Bourne

As the sun beats down on Rendezvous Bay beach, sunshine beams from Garvey and his Sunshine Shack, too!

Welcome to The Sunshine Shack
Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill bar

The Sunshine Shack, locally referred to as "Garvey's", is co-owned and operated by a man who brightens everyone's day with his smile. Garvey is welcoming and sweet-talking. He is chipper, he even sings while he works!

The Man Himself...
Mr. Garvey Lake
Sunshine Shack, Anguilla beach bar, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla, Garvey Lake

So, what exactly is the Sunshine Shack? Press "play" below for a look at an afternoon at Garvey's :-)

"Inside" The Sunshine Shack

anguilla card emblem

Small, wooden, painted white, and decorated with local scenes and accented with reds, greens, and golds, the Sunshine Shack is a cute, humble watering hole.

Sunshine Shack Grilling Area & View
Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill area and seating

It sits on the sugary sand of one of Anguilla's most glorious beaches, Rendezvous Bay. If you'd like, you can "take a walk" down Rendezvous Bay, here.

Rustic stools, chairs, and tables are under and surrounding the covered bar area.

Sunshine Shack Bar
Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill bar and seating area

Beach chairs and umbrellas are available if you want to spend the afternoon and lounge.

Sunshine Shack Rendezvous Beach View
Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill bar beach view

At the Sunshine Shack you can refresh with ice cold beers and cocktails or refuel with lunch from the BBQ.

It is an ideal spot for an afternoon, loved and frequented by many visitors to Anguilla.

Garvey's Classic Rum Punch
Rum Punch from Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill

When it comes to drinks, there are a few cocktails that are Garvey's extra-special specialty!

The Banana Bailey's Colada (aka the BBC), the Island's Cream Dream and the ultra refreshing frozen mojito.

Garvey Preparing His Famous Frozen Mojito
Sunshine Shack, Anguilla beach bar, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla, Garvey Lake

Garvey Serenades :-)
Sunshine Shack, Anguilla beach bar, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla, Garvey Lake

Soon after drinks are served, it is not uncommon to see Garvey grab his guitar and serenade his guests.

That combination of cocktails and tunes draws many to Garvey's. The crowd at The Sunshine Shack varies.

Sometimes you'll find it has different groups of tourists from all over the world.

Locals frequent Garvey's spot, too. Elvis himself has been spotted at Garvey's on his day off.

(No, not that Elvis... the Elvis from Elvis' Beach Bar on Sandy Ground. ;-))

Garvey makes everyone feel welcomed and at home at The Sunshine Shack.

Cheers to The Sunshine Shack
frozen mojito at sunshine shack

Drinks ordered, what's for lunch?

The menu includes such items as BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs & chicken combo, lobster and broiled snapper.

Garvey's World-Class BBQ
BBQ at garveys sunshine shack

Sides include some tasty local options like rice and peas, coleslaw, green salad with avocado, plantain and fries.

Grilled Lobster & Fries With a View
Grilled lobster and fries from Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill

Food prices vary depending on whether you're coming for dinner or lunch (dinner is by reservation only), and depending on what you order.

My tip? Order the chicken & rib combo. Garvey's BBQ is unlike any other BBQ we have had yet!

BBQ Chicken & Ribs Combo
BBQ Chicken and ribs combo from Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill

The tender meat is loaded with smokey, charcoal flavor. The best part? It literally slides off the bone. There is magic in Garvey's BBQ.

Watching Garvey prepare the BBQ right there on the beach sure gets the stomach rumbling.

Garvey at The Grill
Garvey at Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill


The Best Part About The Sunshine Shack?

Garvey's Colorful Beach Bar
Adorned with Photos of Friends & License Plates
Sunshine Shack, Anguilla beach bar, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla, Garvey

... it can be anything you want it to be!

A laid-back lunch? Check.

An intimate beachside dinner? Check.

Afternoons of cocktails with live tunes? Check, check, check.

Want to join in on the live music? If you want to pick up a guitar and jam, too, please do!

In addition to scheduled weekly live music, spontaneous musical jam sessions are the norm.

You can even play a round of dominoes and cornhole, too.

And, if you want to do nothing at all... to simply relax and listen to the sound of the sea? You can do that, too at The Sunshine Shack!

Ahhh... Those Rendezvous Blues
Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill

More on The Sunshine Shack

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: The Sunshine Shack is just west of The Anguilla Great House on Rendezvous Bay.

Hours: Daily for lunch and dinner. Closed Tuesday.

Tel: 264-476-0649

Menu: Click here