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The Little Anguilla Beach at Little Bay

by Colin M.
(Palm Coast, FL)

Favorite Anguilla beach byfar is the beach at Little Bay. It is always so calm and quiet, and a great place to have a good time. We spend hours floating, swimming and snorkeling.

If we are feeling energized, we climb to the top of "the rock" in the middle of the bay and jump off. The climb up is rocky, and it's a long way down (maybe 15-20'). Best way to add some excitement to the day! ;-)

There are two ways to get there... 1) Drive and climb down the cliff to the beach via rope, 2) Get dropped off by a boat right on the beach.

I have spent days and days there. I love it! My favorite Anguilla beach...

Nori's Reply: I agree, Colin!

Taking an Anguilla boat, like Gotcha!, to Little Bay always makes for a fun afternoon. My personal favorite way to "get to" Little Bay?...

Start at da'Vida's Bayside Grill with a da'Vida beach day and lunch. After lazing on their comfy chaises (post-meal nap), grab a bottle of water from the bar, rent a kayak, and paddle East (turn right) from the beach.

Kayaking to Little Bay is a peaceful experience. It's just you, the sun and the sea. And, there is nothing like pulling up on the beach, and cooling off in the turquoise sea after a good kayaking session (about a 20 minute ride)!

One more tip... If you ever get bored of jumping off the rock and are seeking something even more thrilling, there exists yet a higher rock from which you can jump...

On the cliffs (along the Eastern side of Little Bay), past "the rock" in the middle of the bay, towards the tip of Flat Cap Point, there is a "tunnel" in the cliff. You can climb up this "tunnel," about 3/4 way up the cliff. You will reach a cavernous opening that faces the sea. Don't look down! ;-)

If you do decide to do this cliffside jump, be sure you are with someone who has done it before.

Little Bay is certainly one of the best little beaches in Anguilla.

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