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Do you have your Tranquilitee? 👕💗🌴


How to Get to Long Bay,
Its Secret Coves & the "Stairway to Heaven"

By: Kirmani Honoré

Home to 33 white sand beaches, it's easy for some Anguilla beaches to go overlooked. Long Bay is one such beach - and perhaps one of the best kept "big beach" secrets in Anguilla.

Rarely visited, it's uncommon to have to share this beach with anyone else. Long, wide and home to only a few ultra-luxury Anguilla villas, it is a true tropical beach escape. Take a look at the video below to see Long Bay from tip to tip.

Already fascinated by Long Bay's curves and shimmering-blue waters, we fell deeper in love with Long Bay when we discovered this...

... a magical secret cove tucked away on Long Bay, complete with a fascinating stairway!

When we posted the original photo to Facebook and Instagram, we received a lot of requests for its location. Via Snapchat, we tracked it down and showed you how to get there. If you missed the Snapchat story, here's how to get to that magical cove and the "stairway to heaven."

Part 1: Get to Long Bay

For years, we have been getting to Long Bay via Oliver's Restaurant parking lot. (In recent years, though, Oliver's has closed and the staircase from Oliver's to the beach has been removed.) This is not the public beach access, and Oliver's is located on the east side of Long Bay.

The "public beach access" leads you to the center part of Long Bay, and closer to the "stairway to heaven." You can see the public beach access' location in the map below.

Long Bay Public Beach Access


It is a bit tricky to get to, so here's how you get there...

Starting from Malliouhana (facing away from the beach), drive up the hill, going past Malliouhana.

Head East from Malliouhana.
passing malliouhana as we get to long bay beach

At Sarjai's, make a left turn.

Take a left at Sarjai's
take a left at sarjais to get to long bay

From there, follow the road. It curves slightly to the left, around large villas.

Follow the road
follow the big villas to get to long bay

The road then veers right and then slopes down.

Head down the hill
down the hill to long bay beach

At the bottom of the hill, follow the road right and you will see a small parking space. This is the public beach access.

Take a right and enter the parking lot.
long bay beach parking lot

Go all the way to the far wall - and then?...

Follow the path down to the beach!
path to long bay beach

Once on the sand, you're in the middle of pure desert island beach!

Sunday Escape 🐠🌴 #sundays #Anguilla #longbay #beaches #caribbean #nofilter

A photo posted by Anguilla Beaches (see CARD.ai) (@anguillabeaches) on

Powdery white sand...
sands of long bay beach

Dazzling blue water...
blue waters of long bay beach

If you're planning on spending the day at Long Bay, be sure to bring chairs, umbrellas and a cooler with some water and/or other drinks. There are no restaurants or public facilities at Long Bay. It's an idyllic spot for a picnic!

Part 2: Locate the Stairway

Long Bay? Check! Now to get to the secret cove and magical "stairway to heaven."

Once on the sands of Long Bay, take a left and head to the far western end of the beach.

To the far left of the beach...
west end of long bay beach

Follow that shoreline. It's a bit rocky, so be sure to bring walking shoes and to step carefully.

Over the sea rocks...
over the sea rocks to the stairway to heaven

About a 10 minute walk, the stairway will appear on your left.

Congrats you've made it!
the stairway to heaven on long bay

NOTE: The stairway itself is private property.

On the day that we explored, the sand had been taken away by the waves. That's the interesting thing about Anguilla's north shore beaches (Meads, Barnes, Long Bay). The shape of the beaches and the sand levels are always changing. You may see this particular cove covered in sand, making a perfect beach. Or, it may be bone-dry. It all depends on the sea.

The Stairway
the stairway on long bay

Special Bonus Beach!

Just a little ways (about 2-5 minutes) beyond the stairway is another sandy stretch, known as Turtle Cove. Keep walking and you will discover a virtually private little cove - located beneath Malliouhana. If you walk the whole length of that beach, there is another treasure waiting to be uncovered. This picture-perfect cove...

Interestingly enough, this cove, too, changes with the tides. We've seen it 10-15' deep with water and completely full of sand...

Completely fascinating, Long Bay is full of secret coves and treasures!

Don't forget to follow us on snapchat for more secret beaches and fun adventures. Our Snapchat username = AnguillaBeaches

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