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How to Get to Long Bay,
Its Secret Coves & the "Stairway to Heaven"

By: Kirmani Honoré

Home to 33 white sand beaches, it's easy for some Anguilla beaches to go overlooked. Long Bay is one such beach - and perhaps one of the best kept "big beach" secrets in Anguilla.

Golden, Powdery Sand and Deep Crystal Blue Water
 Long Bay Shore

Unlike its popular neighbour Meads Bay that's just a stroll away... Long Bay has seen a lot less development. Home to only a few ultra-luxury Anguilla villas, it is a true tropical beach escape.

Take a look at the video below to see Long Bay from tip to tip.

Super quiet and serene, don't be surprised if you don't meet anyone on your visit there.


No idea, but no complaints. Long Bay and its wide, open beach and mesmerizing, blue bay are the true definition of the super serene solitude typical of most Anguilla beaches.

It's Complete Solitude and I Like It!
Long Bay Beach  Shore

And Long Bay doesn't end there...

On either side of this long stretch of powdery side, are smooth cliffs that border the bay.

The rocks are flat and passable. I recommend bringing flip flops just in case, but I personally do it barefoot.

Coastal Rocks That Border the "True" Long Bay
Long Bay Rocky Border

The rocky borders offer sensational views of Long Bay.

The View of Long Bay Just Over The Rocks
long bay view over the rocks

Not only that, but the calm waters and smooth surface make it a great drop off point for dive-snorkeling.

Calm Miniature Bays...
 Long Bay Rock Bays

Just beyond the sea rocks on the beach's west side is Long Bay's best kept secret.

Already fascinated by Long Bay's curves and shimmering-blue waters, we fell deeper in love with Long Bay when we discovered this part of the beach.

Secret Tide Pools, Just Over The Rocks...
rocky tide pools

A hidden beach with the ultimate privacy.

The hidden bay isn't always here. It largely depends on the tide and changing water levels of the Caribbean Sea. That's the interesting thing about Anguilla's North Western beaches (Meads, Barnes, Long Bay).

Long Bays Hidden Bay!
long bay tiny bay

The shape of the beaches and the sand levels are always changing. You may see this particular cove covered in sand, making a perfect beach. Or, it may be bone-dry. It all depends on the sea.

Leading up from this beach is the "Staircase to Paradise".

The Stairway, ca. 2014
the stairway on long bay

The above photo was taken circa 2014, pre-hurricane Irma. Nori and I had seen this mysterious staircase that led to a path covered in a canopy from our drone and had to find it on foot.

Finding The Staircase, ca. 2022

It still stands today!

If you continue west past this beach, the way eventually becomes too rocky to pass. If you were able to keep going, you would eventually wind up on Turtle Cove and Malliouhana.

That rocky pass always signals to me - time to turn around and head back to the main beach.

If you're planning on spending the day at Long Bay, be sure to bring chairs, umbrellas and a cooler with some water and/or other drinks. Coral Beach Bar is the only restaurant on Long Bay. They serve up a tasty lunch, but beach chairs are not included.

How To Get There

From The Valley, head West. Go past the turn to Aurora Anguilla. Before Shell Gas Station, look for your first landmark...

Rogers Well Monument
Rogers Well Monument

Take a right here.

Follow the road until its end, then take a left. A few yards down is your second landmark...

The Quintessence sign. It's hard to miss in its ornate, gold plated letters. Take a right onto that road.

Take a Right at The Quintessence Sign... You Can't Miss It!
Quintessence main road sign

At the end of the road is an intersection that veers off to the right into the bright, blue Bayers House villa.

 The Bayer House Villa

You'll notice the public beach access sign on its wall. Just follow the road down the hill and you'll be there in no time.

Follow The Road Down To The Beach...
Long Bay Public Beach Sign

The "public beach access" leads you to the center part of Long Bay, and closer to the "stairway to heaven." You can see the public beach access' location in the map below.

And Voila, You're Here!
Long Bay Beach

Long Bay Public Beach Access